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“Truth can never be confirmed enough,
Though doubts did ever sleep."

Wahrheitsliebe zeigt sich darin, daß man überall das Gute zu finden und zu schäßen weiß.


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The time for taking the steps necessary to eradicate tuberculosis in cattle has at length arrived. The time of experiment and inquiry is past—the time of conflicting opinions and of Royal Commissions —and we at last stand on the firm ground of knowledge and fact. We know about this disease all that is necessary to give us full power over it. We know that it is not a hereditary evil in cattle, but that it is acquired by thoroughly sound animals through their being brought into contact with such as are diseased; that even contact with diseased animals does not necessarily mean infection to those that are sound, unless under the unfavourable conditionswhich are the conditions usually obtaining of overcrowding and almost continuous boxing up of the cattle in low, dark, unventilated, insanitary byres; that, given these conditions with tuberculosis present in any of the herd, the strongest and soundest animal cannot long remain unaffected. These things we know: that no sound animal should ever develop taberculosis, and that even the offspring of tuberculous parents should never become affected if kept under reasonably healthy conditions. What more is there left for us to learn ? Nothing. Nothing, at any rate, that could be of use to us in our endeavour to stamp out the disease. All that is left for us to do is to apply the knowledge we possess, and so, by the employment of the right means, get rid of this evil for ever.

There is no need here to enter fully into the question of how far tuberculosis in cattle does injury to the human race. Every one VOL. 156.-No. 1.


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