The Annual Register, 第 126 卷

Edmund Burke
Rivingtons, 1885

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第16页 - THE ANNOTATED BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER : being an Historical, Ritual, and Theological Commentary on the Devotional System of the Church of England.
第10页 - The Collects of the Day, An Exposition, Critical and Devotional, of the Collects appointed at the Communion. With Preliminary Essays on their Structure, Sources, and General Character ; and Appendices containing Expositions of the Discarded Collects of the First Prayer Book of 1549, and of the Collects of Morning and Evening Prayer. By Edward Meyrick Goulburn, DD, DCL, Dean of Norwich.
第402页 - Republican Administration, should be completed by the further extension of the reform system, already established by law, to all the grades of the service to which it is applicable.
第406页 - ... with reference to any means of communication by ship canal which may be constructed between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans by the way of the river San Juan de Nicaragua and either or both of the lakes of Nicaragua or Managua, to any port or place on the Pacific Ocean, the President of the United States has conferred full powers on John M.
第2页 - Receive the Holy Ghost for the Office and work of a Priest in the Church of God, now committed unto thee by the Imposition of our hands. Whose sins thou dost forgive, they are forgiven; and whose sins thou dost retain, they are retained.
第6页 - By John Henry Blunt, MA , Vicar of Kennington, Oxford, Editor of 'The Annotated Book of Common Prayer,' Author of ' Directorium Pastorale,
第402页 - It is the first duty of a good government to protect the rights and promote the interests of its own people. The largest diversity of industry is most productive of general prosperity, and of the comfort and independence of the people. We therefore demand that the imposition of duties on foreign imports shall be made, not
第10页 - An Examination of the Testimony of Primitive Times respecting the State of the Faithful Dead, and their Relationship to the Living. Crown 8vo. 6s. THE INTERMEDIATE STATE BETWEEN DEATH AND JUDGMENT. Being a Sequel to After Death.
第92页 - Scotland being at present rather better provided in this respect than either of the other countries, over 200,000, and to the Irish constituency over 400,000; or in the main, to the present aggregate constituency of the United Kingdom taken at 3,000,000, it will add 2,000,000 more, nearly twice as much as was added since 1867, and more than four times as much as was added in 1832.
第64页 - SELBORNE — To you, the honoured Chancellor of our own day, I dedicate this dramatic memorial of your great predecessor ; — which, altho' not intended in its present form to meet the exigencies of our modern theatre, has nevertheless — for so you have assured me — won your approbation.