The Poetical Works of James Russell Lowell

J. R. Osgood, 1871 - 453页


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第117页 - tune, Whether we look, or whether we listen, We hear life murmur, or see it glisten; Every clod feels a stir of might, An instinct within it that reaches and And, groping blindly above it for light, Climbs to a soul in grass and flowers ; The flush of life may well be seen towers,
第117页 - Thrilling back over hills and valleys ; The cowslip startles in meadows green, The buttercup catches the sun in its chalice, And there 's never a leaf nor a blade too mean Tobe some happy creature's palace ; The little bird sits at his door in the sun, Atiltlike a blossom among the leaves, And lets his
第379页 - deep and white. Every pine and fir and hemlock Wore ermine too dear for an earl, And the poorest twig on the elm-tree Was ridged inch deep with pearl. From sheds new-roofed with Carrara Came Chanticleers muffled crow, The stiff rails were softened to swan'sdown, And still fluttered down the snow.
第195页 - and from our Milton, who says : " I cannot praise a fugitive and cloistered virtue, unexercised and unbreathed, that never sallies out and sees her adversary, but slinks out of the race where that immortal garland is
第431页 - the breast Of the unexhausted West, With stuff untainted shaped a hero new» Wise, steadfast in the strength of God, and true. How beautiful to see Once more a shepherd of mankind indeed. Who loved his charge, but never loved to lead ; One whose
第379页 - And strained the throbbing lids ; before 't was night Strange dew in royal eyes grew round and bright, Two added provinces blest Dara's sway. THE FIRST SNOW-FALL. THE snow had begun in the gloaming, And busily all the night Had been heaping field and highway With
第169页 - Agin to-morrow's i'nin'." He stood a spell on one foot fust Then stood a spell on tother, An' on which one he felt the wust He could n't ha' told ye, nuther. SATIS multis sese emptores futuros ' libri professis, Georgius Nichols, Cantabrigiensis, opus emittet de parte gravi sed adhuc neglecta
第82页 - uphold, High-hearted buccaneers, o'erjoyed An Eldorado in the grass have found, Which not the rich earth's ample that they round May match in wealth, — thou art more dear to me Than all the prouder summerblooms may be. Gold such as thine ne'er drew the Spanish prow Through the primeval hush of Indian
第169页 - An' —wal, he up and kist her. When Ma bimeby upon 'em slips, Huldy sot pale ez ashes, All kind o' smily round the lips An' teary round the lashes. Her blood riz quick, though, like the tide Down to the Bay o' Fundy, An' all I know is they wuz cried In meetin', come nex Sunday.
第83页 - And I, secure in childish piety, Listened as if I heard an angel sing With news from heaven, which he long. Fresh every day to my untainted ears When birds and flowers and I were happy peers. could bring How like a prodigal doth nature seem, When thou, for all thy gold, so common art