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manufactured to order, are recorded in letters of gold, my name, my age, my battles, and heroic deeds; all embroidered by the delicate fingers of the Seraph Girl; and my leggins and moccasins were worked with porcupine quills by the same attenuated hands.

My jewels, of great value and beauty, now glittering in my ears, adorning my cap, neck, and fingers, are presents from the Vernon Family; for protecting them in the wars. This crimson scarf, which girts my loins, was imported from the best shop in Paris, as a present from Alice Vernon.

But the richest gift of all my friends, and that which I prize above all price, is this little Bible, of gilt cover and golden clasp; a present from the unfortunate Seraph Girl; for saving her life in infancy; as related in the sequel of my story. This boon from Heaven, by a seraph's hand, swells my warm and deep bosom with a higher and purer pride, than all the treasures of earth. It first taught me the good way to the Spirit Land. The first penitential tears that ever rolled down these furrowed cheeks, were shed, on hearing my beloved Alice read from that sacred book the melting story of Calvary; when the Son of the Great Spirit died on the mountain for the poor red man of the New World. This priceless treasure has laid in my bosom, its only alcove, --where the snow-white hand of Alice first placed it, as an amulet for my heart; and as a sacred memento of that seraph, who gave it, as my guide to her heavenly home; where the red men and the pale faces are of the same color.

This time-worn body is still animated by a large republican heart, hanging in the right place; embracing in its benevolence the greatest good of all. Born on the same day with Washington, I have fought by his side in all his wars; and fell by the side of the

brave Harrison, in his hard and well fought battles with the British. I have defended the red man, when oppressed by his brothers; and have fought more than one hundred pitched battles for human freedom; in which I have received as many deep-gashed


Soon after the close of the revolutionary war, in which I served as the chief of my army of braves, I was unanimously chosen Mountain Chief of all the North American Tribes; which office I still hold for the purpose of maintaining peace and order; and for the civil and religious improvement of my unfortunate and perishing people. For the last half century my time has been principally devoted to traveling and learning; under the tuition of the most learned professors of the pale faces. I read, speak, and write fluently, all the languages of the white and red man; and have made myself familiar with the arts, sciences, and literature of Europe and America.

My granite mansion, carved in one of the brows of the Rocky Mountains, has been the progressive work of many centuries; and is far more spacious, better finished, and richer furnished, than the White House at Washington. This lofty granite mountain, overlooking the valley of the Mississippi on the east, and the Pacific ocean on the west; with a broad and extensive view of the mountain range sloping to the south. was selected by my predecessors, at a very early day after the fall of the Pyramids in Paradise, as the capital of the North American Tribes; and as the residence of the principal chief,called the "MOUNTAIN CHIEF." It is a palace of unparalleled beauty and sublimity in natural scenery; and has no equal as a place of safety for national archives; affording the most extensive vision; where the watch-fires

of the surrounding tribes, blazing from the mountains, hills, and valleys, in the dim distance of leagues, can be distinctly viewed for the purposes of war or peace.

From time immemorial, the glittering dome of my mountain castle, towering high above the clouds, has been used as an observatory; where our astrologers have watched the stars, and measured the heavenly bodies, with a skill and accuracy that might well make a pale-faced astronomer blush. On the top of this time-worn dome, the American flag has proudly floated in the mountain breeze, ever since the declaration of Independence. Here in this romantic retreat, accessible only by one flight of stairs, winding spirally from the base of the mountain to the table lands surrounding the palace; entered only through a dark cave, as yet never discovered by mortal eyes, except the mountain chiefs; through which no person is ever admitted, or discharged, except blind-folded, under the guidance of a sworn, tried, and faithful brave, who officiates as doorkeeper, I have lived more than a century. My principal medium of communication with the chiefs of the American tribes, is, by carrier doves: an art well known in Indian history for centuries before the emigration of our fathers to America.

My library is extensive, and selected from all languages, ancient and modern; comprising all the principal works which gold can purchase. My mansion is provided with a philosophical apparatus, of every variety; and farnished with musical instruments of the best tone; and adorned with paintings and statues of the most distinguished masters. My daughters have been well educated, in the best European and American schools; and are not surpassed in beauty, learning, accomplish

ments, and moral excellence, by any of the pale-faces. My sons are familiar with science; and every branch of modern learning, and well qualified for the field, for the Church, or the State.

I was first converted to Christianity by the instructions of the Seraph Girl, soon after her emigration to Paradise; though I had for a long time, previous enjoyed the spiritual advice of Father Paul, a Moravian missionary, and other eminent divines. After the death of Alice, under the instructions of Father Moses, my pale - faced chaplain, a minister of eminent learning and great purity, I have made it my first and great duty, to learn the principles of moral science, and Bible religion. I have lived to see my family all embrace Christianity; and worship at the same altar, in humble reverence before the God of battles.

My beloved wife-Snowdrop-a white chiefess, and an Indian Queen, by birth, is a descendant from the Manden Tribe; and never was surpassed in beauty and moral excellence by any female, except the Scraph Girl; who was of the same age. Since the death of Alice, my dear wife has been my counsel in war and peace; and my comfort in prosperity and adversity. In her youthful vigor, her snow-white skin, rosy cheeks, and ruby lips, contrasted with her mild, large, and searching black eyes; with long raven tresses, gracefully curling on her white neck, and large swelling bosom; surmounted with a queenly cap, sparkling with gold and glittering with jewels; supported by a well-proportioned form, standing six feet in moccasins; adorned with a rich silk dress, Cashmere shawl, and other drapery of equal quality and good taste,-form a female figure unequaled in beauty, ornament, and excellence; excepting her most intimate

friend, the Seraph Girl; by whom she was converted to Christianity.

Her renowned tribe, called "The polite and friendly Mandens," have long been known in Indian history, among the native children of the American Forest, in the vast regions of the North-west, in the vicinity of the Rocky Mountains,-far beyond the reach of the influence of the European pale faces; where they have existed for centuries beyond the memory of man. They were a small tribe, living in a fortified village, near the base of the Rocky Mountains, where they cultivated the arts and sciences; enjoyed the comforts and luxuries of a respectable civilization; and were distinguished for their refinement of manners and morals.

They far excelled all the American tribes, in the beauty and elegance of their person; colored with every shade of complexion, between the usual copper color of the North American Indians, and the clear, beautiful, lovely, and pure white, of the best European blood. These surprising people were the descendants of the southern colony of Indian emigrants, whose ancestors, at an early day, emigrated from Paradise, soon after the great battle of the Lake, in the first century of the Christian era, and settled near the Rocky Mountains, on the eastern side, in the North-west Territory. During a long series of centuries, surmounting the crushing difficulties of the dark ages by their advanced civilization, they were able to defend themselves and their property against the roving and more ferocious neighboring tribes, which surrounded them on all sides; until, within a few years past, when the small-pox and the ravages of war finally overpowered and destroyed their national existence; leaving only 3


a few, who are now scattered and associated with other tribes.

From this tribe, at the close of the revolutionary war, in one of my tours to the Rocky Mountains, I selected Snowdrop, the most beautiful, amiable, and talented white girl of all her tribe, and espoused her the age of sweet fifteen, as my first, and last, and only bride. Our family consists of six sons, of the same color and mettle as their father, and six daughters, possessing the same complexion, talent, and beauty as their mother. We are now existing in our tenth generation, and our blood flows in the veins of more than one thousand descendants, from one lawful marriage; more than half of whom are usefully and happily settled throughout the American tribes.

My faithful and favorite dogs,--Lion and Tiger, the descendants of those of the same name, which I gave the Seraph Girl, whose noble blood is a mysterious cross of the greyhound, the lion, and the tiger-are still young and active as ever; though they are nearly a quarter of a century in years; a kind of longevity unknown to the science of the pale faces. They have served their master and their country, in war and peace, without ever missing a track in the hunt, or snuffing a foeman's blood in vain.

Our favorite steeds, Reindeer and Fox, descendants from Rainbow, given by me to Alice,--are animals of the best blood; and selected from a stud of more than one thousand in number, who range the meadows at the base of my mountain home. They are descended from the best Arabian chargers; and their ancestors were imported from Atlantis by our emigrant fathers, centuries before the New World was discovered by the pale faces. Though

old in years, they are young in beauty, strength and activity; and will leap a wall, scale a ditch, swim a river, charge

in battle, or measure the turf as fleetly and safely at the age of twenty-five years, as in the days of their youth.

"1. Tempt me not, stranger, with gold from the mine,
I have got treasures more precious than thine;
Freedom in forest and health in the chase,

Where the hunter sees beauty in Nature's bright face.
Then give me my arrows, and give me my bow,
In the wild woods to rove where the blue rapids flow.

2. If gold had been good, THE GREAT SPIRIT had giv'n,
That gift like his others, as freely from Heaven;-
The Lake gives me white fish, the deer gives meat,
And the toil of the capture gives slumber so sweet.
Then give me my arrows, and give me my bow,
In the wild woods to rove where the blue rapids flow.

3. Why, seek you death in the dark cave to find,

While there's Life on the hill in the health-breathing wind;
And Death parts you soon from your treasures so bright
As the gold of the sunset is lost in the night.
Then give me my arrows, and give me my bow,
In the wild woods to roye where the blue rapids flow."



"Ye sons of Freedom, wake to glory!

Hark! hark! what myriads bid you rise!
Your children, wives, and grandsires hoary,
Behold their tears, and hear their cries!
Shall lawless tyrants, mischief breeding,
With hireling host, a ruffian band,
Affright and desolate the land,
While Peace and Liberty lie bleeding?
To arms, to arms, ye brave!
The patriot sword unsheathe;

March on. march on, all hearts resolved on Liberty or death!"

THE history of the world we inhabit most naturally divides itself into eight grand periods: 1. The preliminary period; 2. The creating period; 3. The organizing period; 4. The developing period; 5. The progressive period; 6. The world's crisis; 7. The perfecting period; and 8. The Catastrophe.

The first period was eminently preparatory to all successive periods, which follow, as the sequel of this grand introduction to the world's drama. The preliminary period in the world's history, embraces those countless ages

anterior to the time of creation; reaching far back into the many millions of oblivious centuries previous to the creation of the world; over which the mind of man reels and staggers with dizziness; in the contemplation of those dateless eras of antiquity,-that arithmetic has no figures to number. In the study of this first great book of history, we learn with feelings of awe and thrilling interest, that there was a time, long anterior to the first dawnings of creation,-infinitely beyond the jurisdiction of mathematical computation,

when the Creator,-the Great First Cause, existed independently and alone in his glory; without a creature in all the limitless regions of space to hymn his praise; without a rebel in his vast dominions to question the right of his Divine Majesty.

The second great book in the world' history, recounts those long, successive periods of time, occupied by the Great Architect in creating and forming the earth; each of which, though wisely veiled from human vision, may have occupied more years than have elapsed since the creation of man. Reaching back in its mighty grasp from the creation of Adam and Eve,-our common parents, to the creation of the first seraph in Heaven, the creative period takes us by the hand and leads us down through the countless ages successively occupied in the creation of angels, principalities, and powers; whose millionary hosts have filled the heavenly citadel with their songs of praise to the present moment.

Here the mind lingers with solemn awe and reverential delight, over the many millions of centennial periods, when the Great Master Builder of the universe was engaged, in creating the original particles of matter; and moulding them into nebulous forms; as the embryo of those countless bodies and worlds, which now float through the unlimited regions of space. Nor does this interesting volume of history close its thrilling chapters here. We may still turn over its dusty leaves, and tremble with awe, as we peruse, on its successive pages, the numerous and long eras of time, while this globe was passing from its nebulous existence, through the several successive formations of the earth's crust; until it was prepared for the residence of man.

Passing from the creating period, we come to the next grand division of

the world's history: distinguished as the organizing period; and extends from the creation of our First Parents in Eden, to the fifteenth century of modern . history. During this long lapse of centuries, reaching back more than four housand years before the Saviour's birth; and numbering fourteen centuries since his advent, all nations, and all their primary institutions were organized, and commenced their embryo existence. Every moment of this long period of fifty-five centuries, was occupied in the organization of civil and religious society; and those social institutions, on which all the nations of the earth are founded.

During this long and momentous period, nations rose and fell in rapid succession; and, on their ruins, new empires and new republics arose, more powerful, more splendid, and durable; founded on principles and institutions more glorious, than their unfortunate and fallen ancestors. It was in this sad period, somber with the dark ages of antiquity, that the Otsgo nation, with thousands of other kingdoms, rose, flourished, and perished. This most melancholy chapter in the world's history, containing the lamentable tale of my father-land, is read with tearful eyes by every Red Man; as he weeps over the departed glory of his ancestors, But in the midst of his grief, the poor Indian has one consolation:-that the American Forest, and the Sandwich Islands, contain an embryo nation; which, at no very distant day, and perhaps during my life;will rule the Oceanic World; and shine as a Star of the first magnitude in the galaxy of free nations.

The developing period, which reaches from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century, has brought to light those extraordinary powers of man,--those astounding discoveries-those marvelous

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