Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the English Courts of Common Law: With Tables of the Cases and Principal Matters, 第 28 卷

T. and J.W. Johnson, law booksellers, 1854

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第187页 - Defendant afterwards, under leave, reserved at the trial, moved for and obtained a rule to show cause why the verdict should not be set aside...
第111页 - Provided always, that nothing herein contained shall alter or take away or lessen the Effect of any Payment of any Principal or Interest made by any Person whatsoever...
第217页 - Justice, and of an Act passed in the Parliament of Ireland in the Sixth Year of the Reign of Queen Anne, intituled An Act for the Amendment of the Law and the better advancement of Justice...
第427页 - Nisi was obtained, calling on the plaintiff to show cause why a new trial should not be granted, upon the ground that the testimony of the woman had been improperly rejected.
第167页 - Session holden in the Eighth and Ninth Years of the Reign of King William the Third, intituled An Act for -the better preventing frivolous and vexatious Suits...
第97页 - I have humbly to move your lordship for a rule to show cause why a nonsuit should not be entered, or why the verdict entered for the plaintiff" should not be set aside, and a New Trial had.
第220页 - ... and that the judgment of the court below ought to be affirmed, with costs.
第44页 - Pollock now moved for a rule to show cause why the nonsuit should not be set aside and a new trial had. The plaintiff is entitled to recover the money paid for the shares, the consideration for the payment having totally failed.
第236页 - ... the defendant has not appealed against the conviction, where an appeal is allowed, or. if appealed against, the conviction has been affirmed, such conviction shall not afterwards be set aside or vacated in consequence of any defect of form whatever, but the construction shall be such a fair and liberal construction as will "be agreeable to the justice of the case.
第102页 - ... personal estate and effects within this realm or abroad which such prisoner may purchase, or which may revert, descend, be devised or bequeathed, or come to him...