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judged of you, or of man's judg. us, and with great might succour ment: yea, I judge not mine own us; that whereas, through our self. For I know nothing by my sins and wickedness, we are sore self, yet am I not bereby justified; let and hindered in running the but he that judgeth me is the race that is set before us, thy Lord. Therefore judge nothing bountiful grace and mercy may before the tine, until the Lord speedily help and deliver us, come, who both will bring to light through the satisfaction of thy the hidden things of darkness, Son our Lord: to whom, with and will make manifest the counthee and the Holy Ghost, be sels of the beart: and then shall honour and glory, world without every man have praise of God. end. Amen. The Gospel. St. Matt. xi. 2.

The Epislle. Phil. iv. 4. Now when John had heard in

REJOICE in the Lord always ; the prison the works of Christ,

and again I say, Rejoice. Let be sent two of his disciples, and your moderation be known unto said unto him, Art thou be that all men. The Lord is at hand. should come, or do we look for Be careful for nothing; but in another? Jesus answered and said every thing by prayer and sup onto them, Go, and show John plication, with ihanksgiving, let again those things which ye do your requests be made known hear and see : The blind receivelunto God. And the peace of their sight, and the lame walk, God, which passeth all underthe lepers are cleansed, and the standing, sball keep your hearts deaf hear, the dead are raised up, and minds through Christ Jesus. and the poor have the gospel The Gospel. St. John, i. 19. preached to them : is he whosoever shall not be This is the record of John

when the Jews sent Priests fended in me. And as they de- and Levites from Jerusalem to parted, Jesus began to say unto ask him, Who art thou? And he the multitude concerning John, confessed, and denied not; but What went ye out into the wild confessed, I am not the Christ. derness to see? A reed shaken And they asked him, What then? with the wind ? But what went art thou Elias? And he saith, ye out for to see? A man clothed am not. Art thou that Prophet? in soft raiment? Behold, they And he answered, No. Then that wear soft clothing are in said they unto him, Who art king's houses. But what went ye thou? that we may give an anont for to see? A prophet? yea, swer to them that sent us: What I say unto you, and more than a sayest thou of thyself ? He said, prophet. For this is be of whom I am the voice of one crying in it is written, Behold, I send my the wilderness, Make straight the messenger before thy face, which way of the Lord, as said the proshall prepare thy way before thee. phet Esaias. And they which The fourth Sunday in Advent. were sent were of the Pharisees. The Collect.

And they asked him, and said: O Lord, raise up, we pray thee, unto him, Why baptizest thou

thy power, and come among then, if thou be not that Christ, nor

Elias, neither that Prophet? John time, Thou art my Son, this day answered them, saying, I baptize have I begotten thee? And again, witb water; but there standeth I will be to him a Father, and he Cone among you, whom ye know shall be to me a Son? And again, not; he it is who, coming after when he bringeth in the first-beme, is preferred before me, whose gotten into the world, he saith, shoes latchet I am not worthy to And let all the angels of God unloose. These things were done worsliip him. And of the angels in Bethabara, beyond Jordan, he saith, Who maketh his angels where John was baptizing. spirits, and his ministers a flame

of fire. But unto the Son be The Nativity of our Lord, or the saith, Thy throne, O God, is for

Birth-day of Christ, commonly ever and ever; a sceptre of righcalled Christmas-day. teousness is the sceptre of thy The Collect.

kingdom. Thou hast loved righALMIGHTY God, who hast teousness

, and hated iniquity; given us thy only begotten therefore God, even thy God, Son to take our nature upon him, hath anointed thee with the oil of and as at this time to be born of a gladness above thy fellows. And, pure Virgin; grant that we, be- Thou, Lord, in the beginning ing regenerate and made thy hast laid the foundation of the children by adoption and grace, earth; and the heavens are the may daily be renewed by thy works of thine hands: they shall holy Spirit, through the same perish, but thou remainest ; and our Lord Jesus Christ, who liveth they all shall wax old as doth a and reigneth with thee and the garment; and as a vesture shalt same Spirit, ever one God, world thou fold them up, and they shall withont end. Amen.

be changed; but thou art the The Epistle. Heb. i. 1. same, and thy years shall not fail. GOD, who at sundry times, and The Gospel St. John, i. 1.

in divers manners, 'spake in IN the beginning was the Word, time past into the fathers by the and the Word was with God, propt:ets, hath in these last days and the Word was God. The spoken unto us by his Son, whom same was in the beginning with he hath appointed heir of all God. All things were made by things, by whom also he made the bim; and without him was not worlds; who, being the bright- any thing made, that was made. ness of his glory, and the express In him was life, and the life was image of his person, and uphold the light of men. And the light ing all things by the word of his shineth in darkness, and the power, when he had by himself darkness comprehended it not. purged our sins, sat down on the There was a man sent from God, right hand of the Majesty on whose name was John: The same high; being made so much better came fora witness, to bear witness than the angels, as he hath by in- of the light, that all men through heritance obtained a more excel- him might believe. He was not Jest name than they. For unto that light. but was sent to bear evhich of the angels said he at any witness of that light. That was

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the true light, which lighteneth (the adoption of sons. And, beevery man that cometh into the cause ye are sons, God hath sent world. He was in the world, and forth the Spirit of his Son into the world was made by bim, and your hearts, crying, Abba, Fathe world knew him not. He ther. Wherefore thou art no came unto his own, and his own more a servant, but a son; and received him not. But as many if a son, then an heir of God, as received him, to them gave he through Christ. power to become the sons of

The Gospel. St. Matt. i. 18. God, even to them that believe THE birth of Jesus Christ was on his name: Which were born, on this wise: When as his monot of blood, nor of the will of ther Mary was espoused to Jothe flesh, nor of the will of man, seph, before they came together, but of God. And the Word was she was found with child of the made fiesh, and dwelt among us, Holy Ghost. Ther: Joseph her (and we beheld his glory, the glo- husband, being a just man, and ry as of the only begotten of the not willing to make her a public Father) full of grace and truth. example, was minded to put her The Sunday after Christmas-day. away privily. But while he The Collect.

thought on these things, behold, ALMIGHTY God, who hast the angel of the Lord appeared

given us thy only begotten unto him in a dream, saying, Jo-Son to take our nature upon him, seph, thou son of David, fear not and as at this time to be born of to take unto thee Mary thy wife; a pure Virgin: grant that we,

for that which is conceived in her being regenerate and made thy is of the Holy Ghost : And she children by adoption and grace, sliall bring forth a Son, and thou may daily be renewed by thy ho- Ishalt call his name Jesus ; for he ly Spirit, through the samé our shall save bis people from their Lord Jesus Christ, who liveth sins. Now all this was done, that and reigneth with thee and the it might be fulfilled which was same Spirit, ever one God, world spoken of the Lord by the prowithout end. Amen.

phet, saying, Behold, aVirgin shall The Epistle. Gal. iv. 1. be with child, and shall bring forth NOW I say, that the heir, as a Son, and they shall call his name

long as he is a child, differeth Emmanuel, which being internothing from a servant, though preted, is, God with us. Then Johe be lord of all; but is under seph being raised from sleep, did tutors and governors, until the as the angel of the Lord had bidtime appointed of the father. den him, and took unto him his Even so we, when we were chil-wife: Andknew her not till she had dren, were in bondage under the brought forth her first-born Son; elements of the world; but when and he called his name Jesus. the fullness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son made of a The Circumcision of Christ. woman, made under the law, to

; The Collect. redeem them that weré under ALMIGHTY God, who madest the law, that we might receive thy blessed Son to be circum

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cised, and obedient to the law for this thing which is come to pass, inan; grant us the true circum- which the Lord hath inade known cision of the Spirit, that, our unto us. And they came with hearts and all our members being baste, and found Mary and Jomortified from all worldly and seph, and the babe lying in a carpal lusts, we may in all things manger. And when they had obey thy blessed will, through seen it, they made known abroad the same thy Son Jesus Christ the saying which was told them our Lord. Amen.

concerning this child. And all The Epistle. Rom. iv. 8. they that heard it wondered at BLESSED is the man to whom those things which were told

the Lord will not impute sin. them by the shepherds. But Cometh this Liessedness then Mary kept all these things, and upon the circumcision only, or pondered them in her heart. And upon the uncircumcision also ? the shepherds returned, glorifyFor we say that faith was reckon-ing and praising God for all the ed to Abraham for righteousness. things that they had heard and How was it then reckoned? when seen, as it was told unto them. he was in circumcision or in un. And when eigit days were accircumcision ? Not in circumci-complished for the circumcising sion, but in uncircumcision. And of the child, his name was called he received the sign of circumci- JESUS, which was so named of sion, a seal of the righteousness the angel before he was conceivof the faith which lie had, yet be-led in the womb. ing uncircumcised; that he might" The same Collect, Epistle, and Gospel be the father of all them that be

shall serve for every day after, unto

the Epiphany. lieve, though they be not circumcised; that righteousness might The Epiphany, or the Manifestabe imputed unto them also : And tion of Christ to the Gentiles. the father of circumcision to them

The Collect. who are not of the circumcision O God, who by the leading

of a only, but also walk in the steps of Star didst manifest thy only that faith of our father Abraham, begotten Son to the Gentiles; which he had, being yet uncir- mercifully grant that we, who cumcised. For the promise, that know thee now by faith, may afhe should be the heir of the ter this life have the fruition of world, was not to Abraham, or thy glorious Godhead, through to his seed, through the law, but Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. through the righteousness of faith. The Epistle. Ephes. iii. 1. For if they which are of the law FOR this cause, i Paul, the pribe heirs, faith is made void, and


you the promise made of none effect. Gentiles; if ye have heard of the

The Gospel. St. Luke, ii. 15. dispensation of the grace of God, AND it came to pass, as the which is given me to you-ward

angels were gone away from How that by revelation he made them into heaven, the shepherds known unto me the mystery (as I said one to another, Let us now wrote afore in few words, wherego even unto Bethlehem, and see by, when ye read, ye may understand iny knowledge in the mys- born. And they said unto him, lery of Christ) which in other in Bethlehem of Judea: For thus ages was not made known unto it is written by the prophet, And the sons of men, as it is now re-thou Bethlehein, in the land of vealed unto his holy Apostles and Juda, art not the least among the Prophets by the Spirit; that the princes of Juda; for out of thee Gentiles should be fellow-heirs, shall come a Governor that shall and of the same body, and par- rule my people Israel. Then Hetikers of his promise in Christ, rod, when he had privily called by the Gospel : whereof I was the wise men, inquired of them made a minister, according to the diligently what time the star apgift of the grace of God, given peared. And he sent them to unto me by the effectual working Bethlehem, and said, Go, and of his power. Unto me, who am search diligently for the young less than the least of all saints, is child, and when ye liave found this grace given, that I should him, bring me word again, that I preach among the Gentiles the may come and worship him also. unsearchable riches of Christ; when they had beard the king, and to make all men see what is they departed: and lo, the star the fellowship of the mystery, which they saw in the east went which from the beginning of the before them, till'it came and stood world hath been hid in God, who over where the young child was. created all things by Jesus Christ : When they saw the star, they reto the intent that now unto the joiced with exceeding great joy. principalities and powers in hea. And when they were come into venly places might be known, by the house, they saw the young .the Church, the manifold wisdom child with Mary his mother, and of God, according to the eternal fell down and worshipped him : purpose which he purposed in And when they had opened their Christ Jesuis our Lord; in whom treasures, they presented unto we have boldness and access with him gifts; gold, and frankincense, tonfidence by the faith of him. and myrrh. And being warned The Gospel. St. Matt. ii. 1.

of God in a dream, that they WHEN Jesus was born in should not return to Herod, they

Bethlehem of Judea, in the departed into their own country days of Herod the king, bebold, another way. there came wise men from the The first Sunday after the east to Jerusalem, saying, Where

Epiphany is he that is born king of the Jews?

The Collect. for we have seen his star in the Lord, we beseech thee mer east, and are come to worship cifully to receive the prayers him. When Herod the king had {of thy people who call upon thee; heard these things, he was trou- and grant that they may both per-, bled, and all Jerusalem with him. ceive and know what things they And when he had gathered all ought to do, and also inay have the chief priests and scribes of grace and power faithfully to ful. the people together he demanded fil the same, through Jesus Christ of them where Christ should be our Lord. Amen.

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