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13 Thus, Lord, thy wondrous strength My heart dissolves within my breast,


Like wax before the flame.

And thus exalt thy fame;

15 My strength, like potter's earth, u

Whilst we glad songs of praise compose
To thy Almighty name.

My tongue cleaves to my jaws;
And to the silent shades of death
My fainting soul withdraws.
16 Like blood-bounds, to surround me

MY God, my God, why leav'st thou me


O! why so far from me remov'd,
And from my loud complaint?
2 All day, but all the day unheard,
To thee do I complain;
With cries implore relief all night,
But cry all night in vain.
3 Yet thou art still the righteous Judge
Of innocence oppress'd;
And therefore Israel's praises are
Of right to thee address'd.

5 On thee our ancestors rely'd,
And thy deliv'rance found;
With pious confidence they pray'd,
And with success were crown'd.
G But I am treated like a worm;

Like none of human birth; Not only by the great revil'd,

But made the rabble's mirth.
7 With laughter all the gazing crowd
My agonies survey;

They shoot the lip, they shake the head,
And thus deriding say:
8In God he trusted, boasting oft
'That he was heaven's delight;
'Let God come down to save him now,
And own his favourite.'

9 Thou mad'st my teeming mother's

A living offspring bear;
When but a suckling at the breast,
I was thy early care.
10 Thou, guardian-like,

didst shield

from wrongs

My helpless infant days;
And since hast been my God, and guide,
Through life's bewilder'd ways.
11 Withdraw not then so far from me,
When trouble is so nigh;

O send me help! thy help, on which
I only can rely.

12 High-pamper'd bulls, a frowning

From Basan's forest met, With strength proportion'd to their rage,

Have me around beset.

13 They gape on me, and every mouth
A yawning grave appears;
The desert lion's savage roar
Less dreadful is than theirs.

14 My bloed like water's spill'd, any


Are rack'd and out of framer


* In pack'd assemblies meet:
They pierc'd my inoffensive hands;
They pierc'd my harmless feet.
17 My body's rack'd, till all my bones
Distinctly may be told;
Yet such a spectacle of woe
As pastime they behold.

18 As spoil, my garments they divide,
Lots for my vesture cast;

19 Therefore approach, O Lord, my strength,

And to my succour haste.

20 From their sharp swords protect tho


Of all but life bereft;

Nor let my darling in the power
Of cruel dogs be left.

21 To save me from the lion's jaws,
Thy present succour send;
As once, from goring unicorns,
Thou didst my life defend.
22 Then to my brethren I'll declare
The triumphs of thy name;
In presence of assembled saints
Thy glory thus proclaim:

Ye worshippers of Jacob's God, 'All you of Israel's line,


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O praise the Lord, and to your praise
Sincere obedience join.

24 He ne'er disdain'd on low distress
To cast a gracious eye;
Nor turn'd from poverty his face,
'But hears its humble cry.'


25 Thus, in thy sacred courts, will I
My cheerful thanks express;
In presence of thy saints perform
The vows of my distress.
26 The meek companions of my grief
Shall find my table spread;
And all that seek the Lord shall be
With joys immortal fed.

27 Then shall the glad converted world
To God their homage pay;
And scatter'd nations of the earth
One sov'reign Lord obey.
23 'Tis his supreme prerogative
O'er subject kings to reign
'Tis just that he should rule the world,
Who does the world sustain.

29 The rich, who are with plenty fed, '
His bounty must confess;
The sons of want, by him reliev'd,
Their gen'rous Patron bless

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With humble worship to his throne
They all for aid resort;

That pow'r, which first their beings

Can only them support.
30, 31 Then shall a chosen spotless race,
Devoted to his name,
To their admiring heirs his truth,
And glorious acts, proclaim.


THE Lord himself, the mighty Lord,

Vouchsafes to be my

The Shepherd, by whose constant care
My wants are all supply'd.

2 In tender grass he makes me feed,
And gently there repose;
Then leads me to cool shades, and where
Refreshing water flows.

3 He does my wand'ring soul reclaim,
And, to his endless praise,
Instruct with humble zeal to walk
In his most righteous ways.
4 I pass the gloomy vale of death,
From fear and danger free;
For there his aiding rod and staff
Defend and comfort me.
5 In presence of my spiteful foes
He does my table spread;
He crowns my cup with cheerful wine,
With oil anoints my head.

6 Since God doth thus his wondrous love
Through all my life extend,
That life to him I will devote,
And in his temple spend.


THE spacious earth is all the Lord's,
fulness is;

The world, and they that dwell therein,
By Sov'reign right are his.
2 He fram'd and fix'd it on


And his Almighty hand,
Upon inconstant floods, has inade
The stable fabric stand.
S But for himself, this Lord of all
One chosen seat design'd;
O! who shall to that sacred hill
Deserv'd admittance find?

4 The man, whose bands and heart are


Whose thoughts from pride are free;
Who honest poverty prefers
To gainful perjury.

5 This, this is he on whom the Lord
Shall show'r his blessings down,
Whom God, his Saviour, shall vouchsafe
With righteousness to crown.
Such is the race of saints, by whom
The sacred courts are trod;
And such the proselytes that seek
The face of Jacob's God.
Erect your heads, eternal gates;
Unfold to entertain

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9 Erect your heads, ye gates; unfold In state to entertain

The King of Glory: see! he comes
With all his shining train.

10 Who is the King of Glory? who?
The Lord of hosts renown'd;
Of glory he alone is King,
Who is with glory crown'd.
God, in I

Tift my heart and voice;

O! let me not be put to shame,
Nor let my foes rejoice.
3 Those who on thee rely,
Let no disgrace attend;
Be that the shameful lot of such
As wilfully offend.

4,5 To me thy truth impart,
And lead me in thy way;
For thou art he that brings me help;
On thee I wait all day.

6 Thy mercies, and thy love,
O Lord, recall to mind:
And graciously continue still,
As thou wert ever, kind.
7 Let all my youthful crimes
Be blotted out by thee;
And for thy wondrous goodness' sake,
In mercy think on me.
8 His mercy, and his truth,
The righteous Lord displays,
In bringing wand'ring sinners home,
And teaching them his ways.
9 He those in justice guides,
Who his direction seek;
And in his sacred paths shall lead
The humble and the meek.
10 Through all the ways of God
Both truth and mercy shine,
To such as, with religious hearts,
To his blest will incline.

PART II. 11 Since mercy is the grace, That most exalts thy fame, Forgive my heinous sin, O Lord, And so advance thy name. 12 Whoe'er, with humble fear, To God his duty pays, Shall find the Lord a faithful guide, In all his righteous ways. 13 His quiet soul with peace Shall be for ever bless'd; And by his num'rous race the land Successively possess'd. 14 For God to all his saints His secret will imparts,

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Ime, O Lord, for I the paths Of righteousness have trod; I cannot fail, who all my trust Repose on thee, my God.

W light?


Will shine the more 'tis try'd; For I have kept thy grace in view, And made thy truth my guide. 4 I never for companions took

The idle or profane;

No hypocrite, with all his arts, Could e'er my friendship gain. 5 I hate the busy plotting crew,

Who make distracted times; And shun their wicked company,

10 Who others' rights, by secret bribes Or open force, invade.

11 But I will walk in paths of truth,
And innocence pursue;
Protect me, therefore, and to me
Thy mercies, Lord, renew.
12 In spite of all assaulting foes,
I still maintain my ground;
And shall survive among thy saints,
Thy praises to resound.


HOM should I fear, since God to me

As I avoid their crimes.

6 I'll wash my hands in innocence,
And bring a heart so pure,
That when thy altar I approach,

My welcome shall secure. 7,8 My thanks I'll publish there, and tell How thy renown excels; That seat affords me most delight, In which thy honour dwells. 9 Pass not on me the sinners' doom, Who murder make their trade;

Since strongly he my life supports, What can my soul affright? 2 With fierce intent my flesh to tear, When foes beset me round, They stumbled, and their haughty crests Were made to strike the ground. 3 Through him my heart, undaunted, dares,

With mighty hosts to cope; Through him, in doubtful straits of wat, For good success I hope.

4 Henceforth, within his house to dwell I earnestly desire,

His wondrous beauty there to view,
And of his will inquire.

5 For there I may with comfort rest, In times of deep distress;

And safe, as on a rock, abide

In that secure recess:

2, 3 Search thou my heart, whose inno- In mercy my complaints receive,

Nor mequest deny.

6 Whilst God o'er all my haughty foes
My lofty head shall raise;
And I my joyful tribute bring.
With grateful songs of praise.


7 Continue, Lord, to hear my voice, Whene'er to thee I cry;

8 When us to see thy glorious face
Thou kindly dost advise;
Thy glorious face I'll always seek,'
My grateful heart replies.

9 Then hide not thou thy face, O Lori,
Nor me in wrath reject;
My God, and Saviour, leave not him
Thou didst so oft protect.

10 Though all my friends and kindred too,

Their helpless charge forsake;
Yet thou, whose love excels them all,
Wilt care and pity take.

11 Instruct me in thy paths, O Lord;
My ways directly guide;
Lest envious men, who watch my steps,
Should see me tread aside.

12 Lord, disappoint my cruel foes;
Defcat their ill desire,
Whose lying lips, and bloody hands,
Against my eace conspire.

13 I trusted that my future life

Should with thy love be crown'd; Or else my fainting soul had sunk, With sorrow compass'd round. 14 God's time with patient faith expect, Who will inspire thy breast With inward strength: do thou thy part, And leave to him the rest. PSALM XXVIII.

my rock, to thee I

In sighs consume my breath; O! answer, or I shall become Like those that sleep in death. 2 Regard my supplication, Lord, The cries that I repeat, With weeping eyes, and lifted bands, Before thy mercy-seat. 3 Let me escape the sinners' Who make a trade of ill, And ever speak the person fair, Whose blood they mean to spill. 4 According to their crimes' extent, Let justice have its course; Relentless be to them, as they


Have sinn'd without remorse.

5 Since they the works of God despise, Nor grace adore; His wrath shall utterly destroy, And build them up no more. 6 But I, with due acknowledgment, His praises will resound,

From whom the cries of my distress,
A gracious answer found.

7 My heart its confidence repos'd
In God, my strength and shield:
In him I trusted, and return'd
Triumphant from the field.

As he hath made my joys complete,
'Tis just that I should raise
The cheerful tribute of my thanks,

And thus resound his praise: 8 His aiding pow'r supports the troops, That my just cause maintain : 'Twas he advanc'd me to the throne; Tis he secures my reign. 9 Preserve thy chosen, and proceed Thine heritage to bless; With plenty prosper them, in peace; In battle, with success. PSALM XXIX.


excel, Your grateful sacrifice prepare; God's glorious actions loudly tell, His wondrous pow'r to all declare. 2 To his great name fresh altars raise; Devoutly due respect afford; Him in his holy temple praise,

Where he's with solemn state ador'd. 3 'Tis he that, with amazing noise,

The wat'ry clouds in sunder breaks; The ocean trembles at his voice, When he from heav'n in thunder


14,5 How full of pow'r his voice appears! With what majestic terror crown'd! Which from their roots tall cedlars tears, And strews their scatter'd branches round. [grow, 6 They, and the hills on which they Are sometimes hurry'd far away, And leap like hinds that bounding go, Or unicorns in youthful play. 7,8 When God, in thunder foudly speaks, And scatter'd flames of lightning sends,

The forest nods, the desert quakes, And stubborn Kadesh lowly bends. 9 He makes the hinds to cast their young,

And lays the beasts' dark coverts bare; While those that to his courts belong,

Securely sing his praises there. 10,11 God rules the angry floods on high; His boundless sway shall never cease; His saints with strength he will supply, And bless his own with constant peace.


Who didst

I'LL celebrate thy praises, Lord,
To raise my drooping head, and check
My foes' insulting joy.

2, 3 In my distress I cry'd to thee,
Who kindly didst relieve,
And from the grave's expecting jaws
My hopeless life retrieve.

4 Thus to his courts, ye saints of his
With songs of praise repair;
With me commemorate his truth,

And providential care.

5 His wrath has but a moment's reign,'
His favour no decay;
Your night of grief is recompens'd
With joy's returning day.

6 But I, in prosp'rous days presum'd;
No sudden change I fear'd;
Whilst, in my sunshine of success,
No low'ring cloud appear'd.
7 But soon I found thy favour, Lord,
My empire's only trust;
For when thou hid'st thy face, I saw
My honour laid in dust.

8 Then, as I vainly had presum'd,
My error I confess'd:
And thus with supplicating voice,

Thy mercy's throne address'd:"
9 What profit is there in my blood,
'Congeal'd by death's cold night?
'Can silent ashes speak thy praise,

'Thy wondrous truth recite? 10 Hear me, O Lord, in mercy hear, Thy wonted aid extend;

Do thou send help, on whom alone 'I can for help depend.' [scene 11 'Tis done! thou hast my mournful To songs and dances turn'd;

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To thee, the God of truth, My life, and all that's mine, (For thou preserv'dst me from youth,)

I willingly resign.

6 All vain designs I hate

Of those that trust in lies;

And still my soul, in every state,
To God for succour flies.


Those mercies thou hast shown,
I'll cheerfully express;
For thou hast seen my straits, and known
My soul in deep distress.

8 When Keilah's treach'rous race

114 But still my steadfast trust
I on thy help repose:

Whose parts can ne'er be join'd. 13 Yet sland'rous words they speak, And seem my pow'r to dread, Whilst they together counsel take, My guiltless blood to shed.

That thou, my God, art good and just,
My soul with comfort knows.

15 Whate'er events betide,

Thy wisdom times them all;
Then, Lord, thy servant safely hide
From those that seek his fall.
16 The brightness of thy face
To me, O Lord, disclose;
And, as thy mercies still increase,
Preserve me from my foes.
17 Me from dishonour save,

Who still have call'd on thee;
Let that, and silence in the grave,
The sinner's portion be.

18 Do thou their tongues restrain,
Whose breath in lies is spent;
Who false reports, with proud disdain,
Against the righteous vent.
19 How great thy mercies are
To such as fear thy name,

Which thou for those that trust thy care
Dost to the world proclaim!

my 20 Thou keep'st them in thy sight,
From proud oppressors free;
From tongues that do in strife delight,
They are preserv'd by thee.
21 With glory and renown

God's name be ever bless'd;
Whose love in Keilah's well-fenc'd town,
Was wondrously express'd!
22 I said, in hasty fight,

'I'm banish'd from thine eyes;'
Yet still thou keep'st me in thy sight,
And heard'st my earnest cries.
23 0! all ye saints, the Lord
With eager love pursue;
Who to the just will help afford,
And give the proud their due.
24 Ye that on God rely,
Courageously proceed;
For he will still your hearts supply
With strength, in time of need.

Did all my strength enclose,
Thou gav'st my feet a larger space,
To shun my watchful foes.
9 Thy mercy, Lord, display,

And hear my just complaint;
For both my soul and flesh decay,
With grief and hunger faint.
10 Sad thoughts my life oppress;
My are spent in groans;

My sins have made my strength de-H


And ev'n consum'd my bones.

11 My foes my suff'rings mock'd;

My neighbours did upbraid;
My friends, at sight of me, were shock'd,
And fled as men dismay'd.
12 Forsook by all am I,

As dead, and out of mind;
And like a shatter'd vessel lie,


ITE's blest whose sins have pardon gain'd,

No more in judgment to appear; 2 Whose guilt remission has obtain'd, And whose repentance is sincere. s While I conceal'd the fretting sore, My bones consum'd without relief; All day did I with anguish roar;

But no complaints assuag'd my grief 4 Heavy on me thy hand remain'd,

By day and night alike distress'd, Till quite of vital moisture drain'd, Like land with summer's drought op press'd.

5 No sooner I my wound disclos'd, The guilt that tortur'd me within

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