The Poetical Works of the Rev. Dr. Edward Young: With the Life of the Author, 第 2 卷

Benjamin Johnson, Jacob Johnson, & Robert Johnson, 1805

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第 149 頁 - One sun by day, by night ten thousand shine ; And light us deep into the DEITY. How boundless in magnificence and might ! O what a confluence of ethereal fires, From urns unnumber'd, down the steep of heaven, Streams to a point, and centres in my sight ! Nor tarries there ; I feel it at my heart. My heart, at once, it humbles, and exalts; Lays it in dust, and calls it to the skies.
第 140 頁 - Mii.s fulminate in love to man ; Comets good omens are, when duly scann'd ; And, in their use, eclipses learn to shine. Man is responsible for ills receiv'd ; Those we call wretched are a chosen band, Compell'd to refuge in the right, for peace.
第 107 頁 - What stronger demonstration of the right? The present all their care, the future his. When public welfare calls, or private want, They give to Fame ; his bounty he conceals. Their virtues varnish Nature, his exalt.
第 183 頁 - Divine Instructor ! Thy first volume this For man's perusal ; all in capitals...
第 208 頁 - Through this wide waste of worlds ! this vista vast, " All sanded o'er with suns ; suns turn'd to night " Before thy feeblest beam — LOok down — down — " down, " On a poor breathing particle in dust, " Or, lower, — an immortal in his crimes. " His crimes forgive ! forgive his virtues, too ! " Those smaller faults, half converts to the right...
第 142 頁 - ... By mortals and immortals seen with awe ! A starry crown thy raven brow adorns, An azure zone thy waist ; clouds, in heaven's loom Wrought through varieties of shape and shade, In ample folds of drapery divine, Thy flowing mantle form, and, heaven throughout, Voluminously pour thy pompous train : Thy gloomy grandeurs (Nature's most august, Inspiring aspect !) claim a grateful verse ; And, like a sable curtain starr'd with gold, Drawn o'er my labours past, shall close the scene.
第 143 頁 - And spread a lustre o'er the shades of night. Feel I thy kind assent ? and shall the sun Be seen at midnight, rising in my song...
第 101 頁 - The first sure symptom of a mind in health Is rest of heart, and pleasure felt at home.
第 89 頁 - And leaves us perfect blockheads in our bliss. The clouds may drop down titles and estates; Wealth may seek us; but wisdom must be sought; Sought before all; but (how unlike all else We seek on earth !) 'tis never sought in vain.
第 74 頁 - Woe then apart (if woe apart can be From mortal man), and fortune at our nod, The gay, rich, great, triumphant, and august ! What are they \ — The most happy (strange to say ! Convince me most of human misery ; 220 1 ' Like a flag floating,