~Prophecy~ Destiny of America!: Destiny of the World!

AuthorHouse, 2004 - 380 頁
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Life's Poetic Journey is about my journey through life from poetic eyes and a writer's heart. I took life's experiences and wrote about them as I lived them from memories stored in my mind since childhood. Every poem is a painting, each poem being a different color, and life itself is the portrait. The poet is an artist of passion, imagination, and dreams.

I wrote about people in this world who became legends, painted a colorful picture of a love for nature, and defined how the simple things in life can become the most beautiful. I learned as I grew older that life's most precious jewels are those we cannot buy. Family and friends are the diamonds in life. The least expensive jewels, but the most valuable -- the most important.

My soul's poetic journey through life will tell of inspiration, faith, and hope. If we seek the courage to move on in life through the reckless storms, as well as we do through sunshine, then faith is all we need to survive. If we believe in ourselves, we can believe in others. If we are happy with ourselves, we can make others happy. If we help ourselves, we can help others. Love is the portrait of life. We add the colors to how it's lived and learned. My poetic journey is the portrait I painted as the artist.

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