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On the same day the extraordinary consultum, instituted by the preceding decree, addressed the following proclamation to the city and Roman states.

ROMANS, The will of the greatest hero-unites you to the great em pire. It was just that the first people on earth should share the advantage of its laws and the honour of its name, with those who in former times preceded it in the path of glory: When your ancestors conquered the world, such were tho counsels of their generosity, and the results of their glory.

The love of your prosperity has alone dictated the decreo of your union. The moment chosen for its accomplishment; unfolds to you the motives that inspired it. You become a part of the French empire at a time when every sacrifice required for establishing it is perfected: you are called to the triumph, without having partaken in the dangers...

Throw a glance over the annals of your history; for a long time they contain nothing but the revivals of your misfortunes.

Your natural weakness-rendered you the easy conquest of any warrior intent to cross the Alps.

United to France, her strength becomes yours. All the evils which resulted from your weakness have ceased.

Unhappy as a nation, you were not less so as citizens. The wretchedness and unwholesomeness which existed in your cities and country, have for a long time back proved to Europe and to yourselves, that your sovereigns, divided between cares too opposite, found themselves unable to procure you that felicity you are about to obtain.

Romans! not conquered, but united; fellow citizens and not enslaved, not only our strength becomes yours, but our laws will insure you repose, as they have insured ours.

Whilst by this union you reap every blessing you were in need of, you lose none of those you possessed.

Rome continues to be the see of the visible head of the eburch; and the vatican, richly endowed, and secure from

every foreign influence, as well as above all vain terrestrial-considerations, will exhibit religion to the universe more pure, and surrounded with more splendour.

Other cases will preserve, in your monuments, the inheritance of your ancient glory; and the acts, the offspring of genius, encouraged by a great man, enriched with all the examples and models, shall no longer be constrained to seek elsewhere either the opportunity or the reward of their divine inspirations.

Such, Romans, is the future prospect that opens before you, and of which the extraordinary eonsultum is charged to prepare the foundation.

To guarantee your national debt, enliven your agriculture and arts, improve in every respect your present destiny; in short to prevent and dispel the tears which the reform of abuses has at many times caused to be shed; such are the or dørs, such is the intention of our august sovereign.

Romans! by seconding our efforts, you may render to yourselves more prompt, and to us more easy, the salutary effects of the task we are charged with for your welfare, which we have much at heart.

Rome, June 10, 1809.

The Count Miollis, Governor General,

For the Consultum,

(Gazetta Romana)


The following Proclamation will shew that religious canting is not confined to Catholic bishops, nor Connecticut governors. The Grand Sultan is a proficient in this kind of hoaxing; he can talk about the holy will of God, unbeliecers, and enemies to faith, as confidently as any of them.

· Thus is the supreme architect of the world bandied about by hypocrites and tyrants; and thus will imposture and fraud continue to insult and triumph over the common sense of mankind, till reason shall assume a bold, a commanding tone; till religion shall be placed upon its only true and legitimate basis, moral virtue.

We doubt very much that the Suprome Being ever interferes in the murdersome wars which mankind are so weak and wicked as to wage against each other. If he did, we must believe he would in this instance, join the crescent against the cross; for the war on the part of the christian emperor appears to us to have been commenced without the smallest justifiable pretext.* Mussulmen are prohibited by the Korun from undertaking a war of aggression, and permitted to fight only in self defence. “Fight for the religion of God against those who fight against you, but transgress not by attacking them first, for God loveth not the transgressors.” Korun, vol. 1, p. 34. .

The Jewish scriptures teach a doctrine somewhat differ. ent, viz: to exterminate all the enemies of God, that is, all who are not Jews. And christians, by adopting these scriptures as the word of God, have been induced too much to follow the examples therein set forth.

Issued by the Grand Sultan, at Pera, July 19, 1810.

- To my first chief of the Belief, the high Pontiff of the mortals (Mufti,) to my brave Caimacian Pacha, my eminent

* The most modest and prudent method of supplicating the Deity in war, appears to us to be according to the manner of a Scotch general, who on the eve of a battle, made the following address. ~ Blessed Laird, thou kenest fu weell, that though we are sinners, our enemies are na saints, therefore if thou be na for us, be na against us; but stand thou at a distance, and let the arm of flesh decide.

ministers, my worthy teachers and professors of theology, oxplainers of the Koran, and of tradition, my Imaus, the great of my court, my seven military corps, all Agas (Commanders) officers and soldiers, my servants, &e.

“ After my imperial greeting, it is necessary to inform you, that treacherous Muscovites, these enemies to faith, continue in their resolution, to bring their devices, which their depraved souls have invented, more in execution. They have invested imperial cities and fortresses with war, and further overrun the territory of the true believers. They are not satisfied with putting Mahomet’s adherants, without distinction of age and sex, in chains, wherever they come, and to drive many of our plundered brethren naked from their homes to seek a shelter in the wilderness, where nothing but shame, poverty, and misery follow them; but these Muscovites offer such cruel and unacceptable proposals, that it is impossible to perceive any desire of an approach in them, but on the contrary, the forerunners of their destructive designs are legible in every liné, besides a seeming challenge to an everlasting war. I for my part embrace, instead of enduring so great a shame, with a stand, and with an unbounded confidence, as the aneltor of our hope and our wel fare, the two following sentences of the Koran:

“God has in this moment left you for a while, because he knew you were weak; but if you can only count an hundred brave and courageous mon among you, then you will with the help of God, beat two hundred enemies.” In another part says God to the prophet, “ Assemble the true believers for battle round about you, if there are twenty firm and brave men, they will conquer two hundred, and if there are an hundred, they will beat a thousand."

“I intreat the assistance of the most high: I pray for the spiritual influence of the prophet; I hasten to the field of victory, ready to head in person the van guard of the Musselmeu.

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“* As soon as this my resolution will be known, prepare for thiş imperial campaign, and assist me to order every thing.

"I have only to add, that as I am marching against the enemy, it is not my aim to attribute the fruits of our vieta, ries to myself. The only aim of my ambition is to let the faith of Mahomet triumph, to frustrate the devices of our enemies, and if possible to contribute to the fulfilling of his holy will. Though my commands that publish my imperial campaign, have been made known throughout my extensive dominions, yet notwithstanding it must be received by a Ca. Hif with the present proelamation; it is to be forwarded from one end to the other of my empire,

“Every Naib, whose inhabitants of towns and villages will not immediately march, is to be suspended, and their clergyman to lose his place.

“Without losing our precious time with unnecessary discussion, with idło wishes, and with insignificant arguments by comparing the present with the past, it will be more eli, gible to be anxious of amassing ammunition and otler ne. cessary articles, and endeavour to be contented with such provisions which the time and circumstances can afford, and trust to the Almighty for victory.

«« With the purity of our designs, and only trusting to the assistance of Almighty God, let us rush to the field of battle against the unbelievers! In one word, in all our regulations and proceedings, the quickest despatch is absolutely necessary.

May Divine Providencegrant the victory to his good servants, and cover our enemies, with shame and confusion. Oh! that this may happen! The glorious issue depends upon God! From him comes all success, Victory is at hand.”

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