Will I Be Killed: For Writing the Following Contents

iUniverse, 2003年5月1日 - 684 頁
This is the 21st century. Space shuttles knock heavens gates. At the same time, fidayeen blow people out of earth in the names of those very heavens. I found it impossible to disregard or circumvent this reality. Probing into the roots of the problem, I discovered the true reason for the manifestation of a social curse that had afflicted billions of people for 14 centuries. I traced the origins, the perpetrator(s) and the ways of the progression of this barbarism. In the process, I came across a lot many villains abetting this devil in direct or indirect terms. Finally, I convinced myself that all of it has to go and set out to convince others for achieving my purpose. Fixing a societal problem, of whatsoever dimensions, requires Commonsense, Courage and Conscience in a judicious mixture. I adopted it in healthy amounts to come up with the solution. But then, my concern is- Will I be killed, for writing the contents of this book?

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