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there are also some who call themselves saints, the Lord alone is Judge, and that from Him into and who command their servants, of whom they them flow all things which they enjoin to the wish to have great numbers, to give them the title chastising and instructing spirits, and that it apof lords, threatening them with punishment if they pears as if it was from them. omit it: they likewise forbid their servants to 1739. In the earth Jupiter, spirits speak with adore the Lord of the universe, saying that them- man, but man in his turn does not speak with selves are lords-mediators, and that they will pre- spirits, only these words when he is instructed, sent the supplications of others to the Lord of the I will do so no more : nor is it allowed him to tell universe. They call the Lord of the Universe, any one that a spirit has spoken with him, for Who is our Lord, not only the Lord, as the rest if he does this, he is afterwards punished. - E. U. do, but the supreme Lord, by reason that they call 64-75. themselves also lords. The sun of the world they 1740. Besides the spirits above mentioned, there call the Face of the Supreme Lord, and believe are also spirits who suggest contrary persuasions ; that His abode is there, wherefore they also these are they, who, during their abode in the adore the sun. The rest of the inhabitants hold world, were banished from the society of the rest thern in aversion, and are unwilling to converse on account of their wickedness. What they say with them, as well because they adore the sun, as is directly contrary to the instructions which the because they call themselves lords, and are wor- instructor spirit gave from the angels, and is to shipped by their servants as mediatory gods. this purport, that they need not live according to

1735. It is common in the earth Jupiter for instruction, but according to their own will and spirits to discourse with the inhabitants, to instruct pleasure, without any check or restraint. They them, and also to chastise them if they have done generally make their approach as soon as the evil. The reason why spirits in that earth dis- former spirits are departed ; but the men on that course with men is, because they think much about earth are aware who and what those spirits are, heaven and a life after death ; and because respec- and therefore are unconcerned about them; nevertively they are little solicitous about the present theless they are taught hereby what is evil, and life; for they know that they shall live after their consequently what is good. — É. U. 77. decease, and in a happy state according to the 1741. There are also spirits amongst those from state of their internal man, formed in the world. the earth Jupiter, whorn they call sweepers of

1736. As to what particularly concerns the chimneys, because they appear in like garments, presence of spirits with the inhabitants of Jupiter, and likewise with sooty faces; who they are, and there are some spirits who chastise, some who in- what is their nature and quality, I shall also destruct, and some who rule over them. The spirits scribe. One of these spirits carne to me, and who chastise apply themselves to the left side, and anxiously requested that I would intercede for incline themselves towards the back, and when him to be adınitted into heaven; he said, that he they are there, they press forth from inan's memory was not conscious of having done any evil, only all that he has done or thought; for this is an that he had reprimanded the inhabitants of his easy thing to spirits, inasmuch as when they earth, and that after reprimanding, he instructed come to man, they enter into all his memory. If them: he applied himself to my left side, a little they find that he has done evil, or has thought lower than the elbow, and spake as it were with a evil, they reprove hin), and also chastise him by divided faith: he had also the power of exciting pain in the joints of his feet or hands, or about pity; but all I could say in reply was, that it was the region of the belly; this also spirits can effect not in my power to help hin, for that all help with much dexterity when they are permitted ; on was from the Lord alone; nor could I intercede the approach of such spirits to man, he is struck for him, because I did not know whether it was with horror attended with fear, and hence he is useful or not; but that if he was deserving, he aware of their coming.

might have hope: at that instant he was remanded 1737. The spirits who instruct, apply themselves back amongst some upright spirits from his own also to the left side of the persons instructed, but earth, but they said that he could not be in consort more to the front; they reprove, likewise, but with them, because he differed in quality ; still, mildly, and presently teach them how they ought however, he requested with an intense desire to to live. When the instructing spirits are present, be let into heaven, and in consequence thereof he angelic spirits are present also, sitting close to the was introduced to a society of upright spirits of head, and filling it in a, peculiar manner; their this earth; but these also declared that he could presence likewise is perceived there like a mild not abide with them: he was likewise of a black and gentle aspiration, for they are afraid of man's color in the light of heaven; but he himself said perceiving the least pain or anxiety from their ap- that he was not a black color, but of a darkish proach and influx: they govern the chastising and brown. I was informed that they are such at first, instructing spirits, preventing the former from who are afterwards received ainongst those who putting man to more pain than is permitted by the constitute the province of the SEMINAL VESSELS Lord, and prompting the latter to teach what is in the Grand Man, or heaven ; for in those vestrue.

sels the semen is collected, and is encompassed 17:38. It man, after chastisement and instruction, with a covering of suitable matter, fit to preserve again does evil, or thinks to do evil, and does not the prolific principle of the semen from being discheck himself by the precepts of truth, when the sipated, but which may be put off in the neck of chastising spirit returns he is punished more the uterus, that thus what is reserved within may severely; but the angelic spirits moderate the serve for conception or the impregnation of the punishment according to the intention in what was ovulum; hence also that seminal matter has a done, and according to the will principle in what strong tendency and as it were a burning desire to was thought. Hence it may appear, that their put itself off, and leave the semen to accomplish angels, who sit at the head, exercise a species of its end: somewhat similar to this appeared likejudicatory power over man, inasmuch as they per- wise in this spirit. He came again to me, in vile init, inoderate, restrain, and operate by influx; but raiment, and again said, that he had a burning

was declared, that they do not judge, but that desire to be adınitted into heaven, and that now

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he penceived himself to be qualified for that pur- those who are to die within a year, and that they pose; it was given me to tell him, that possibly instantly prepare themselves. The inhabitants of this was a token that he would shortly be admit- that earth do not fear death, except on this acced: at that instant the angels called to him to count, that they leave their conjugial partner, their cast off his raiment, which he did immediately children, or parents, for they know that they shall with inconceivable quickness, from the vehemence live after death, and that in dying they do not quit of his desire; whereby was represented what is the life, because they go to heaven; wherefore they nature of their desires, who are in the province to do not call it dying, but being heaven-made. Such which the seminal vessels correspond. I was in- amongst them as have lived in true conjugial love, formed that such, when they are prepared for and have taken such care of their children as beheaven, are stripped of their own garments, and comes parents, do not die of diseases, but in tranare clothed with new shining raiment, and become quillity as in sleep; and thus they emigrate from angels. They are likened unto caterpillars, which the world to heaven. The age to which the inhaving passed through that vile state of their ex- habitants live, is, on an average, about thirty years, istence, are changed into nymphs, and thus into estimated according to years on our earth: it is butterflies, in which last state they are gifted with by the providence of the Lord that they die at so new clothing, and also with wings of various col- early an age, lest their numbers should increase ors, as blue, yellow, silver, or golden; at the saine beyond what that earth is capable of supporting; time they have liberty to fly in the open air as in and whereas, when they have fulfilled those years, their heaven, and to celebrate their inarriages, and they do not suffer themselves to be guided by to lay their eggs, and thus to provide for the prop- spirits and angels, like those who are not so far agation of their kind; and then also sweet and advanced in age, therefore spirits and angels se). pleasant food is allotted them from the juices and dom attend them when arrived at their thirtieth odors of various flowers.

year; they come to maturity sooner than on our 1742. Hitherto nothing has been said concerning earth ; even in the first flower of youth they conthe nature and quality of the angels who are from nect themselves in marriage, and then it is their the earth Jupiter; for they who come to the men chief delight to love the partner of such connection, of their earth, and sit at the head, are not angels in and to take care of their children; other delights their interior heaven, but are angelic spirits, or an- they indeed call delights, but respectively extergels in their exterior heaven. Presently the angels nal. — E. U. 79-84. of that earth approached, and it was given to perceive from their discourse that they differed alto

The Planet Saturn. gether from the angels of our earth; for they did 1747. The spirits from the earth Saturn appear not discourse by verbal expressions, but by ideas in front at a considerable distance, beneath in the which diffused themselves through every part of my plane of the knees, where the earth itself is; and interiors: and hence also they had an influx into when the eye is opened to see thither, a multitude the face, so that the face concurred in every par- of spirits come into view who are all from that ticular, beginning from the lips and proceeding to-earth; they are seen on this part of that earth, wards the circumference in every direction. and to the right of it. It was given, also, to dis

1743. I afterwards discoursed with the angels course with them, and thereby to discover their concerning some extraordinary particulars on our natures and qualities in respect to others; they earth, especially concerning the art of printing, are upright, and they are modest; and inasmuch concerning the Holy Word, and concerning the as they esteem themselves little, therefore they doctrinals of the Church derived from the Word; and also appear little in another life. 1 informed them, that the Word and the doctrinals 1748. In acts of divine worship they are exceed: of the Church were printed and published, and ingly humble, for on such occasions they account were thus learnt; they wondered exceedingly that themselves as nothing. They worship, our Lord, things of such a nature could be made public by and acknowledge Him as the only God: the Lord writing and printing.

also appears to them at times under an Angelic 1744. It was given to see how the spirits of that Form, and thereby as a Man, and at such times earth, when they are prepared, are taken up into the Divine (nature or principle) beams forth from heaven, and become angels; on such occasions the face and affects the mind." The inhabitants, there appear chariots and bright horses as of fire, also, when they arrive at a certain age, discourse by which tkey are carried away in like manner as with spirits, by whom they are instructed concernElias: the reason of this appearance of chariots ing the Lord, how He ought to be worshipped. and bright horses as of fire, is, because thus it is and likewise how they ought to liv represented that they are instructed and prepared attempt is made to seduce the spirits who come to enter heaven, inasmuch as chariots signify the from the earth Saturn, and to withdraw them from doctrinals of the Church, and bright horses sig- faith in the Lord, or from humiliation towards Him, nify an enlightened understanding.

and from uprightness of life, they say that they 1745. The heaven, into which they are carried would rather die; on such occasions there appear away, appears on the right to their earth, conse- in their hands little knives with which they seem quently separate from the heaven of the angels of desirous to strike their bosoms; on being questioned our earth. The angels who are in that heaven, why they do so, they say, that they would rather appear clothed in shining blue raiment, spotted die than be drawn aside from the Lord; the spirits with little stars of gold, and this by reason of their of our earth sometimes deride them on this achaving loved that color in the world, and having count, and infest them with reproaches; but their believed also that it was the very essential ce- reply is, that they are well aware they do not kill Jestial color, and especially because they are prin- themselves, and that this is only an appearance cipled in such good of love as that color corre- flowing from their will principle, inclining them sponds to.

rather to die than to be withdrawn from the worship 1746. There appeared to me a bald head, but of the Lord. only the upper part thereof, which was bony; and 1749. They said, that sometimes spirits from I was told, that such an appearance is seen by our earth come to them, and ask them what God

When any


they worship; and that the answer they give them changes; and that therefore angels and spirits may is, that they are out of their senses, and that there by such changes be apparently translated from one cannot be a greater proof of insanity than to ask place to another, and from one earth to another, what God any one worships, when there is but one even to earths at the extreme boundaries of the only God for all in the universe to worship; and universe. E. U. 125. (See also 775–789.) that they are still more beside themselves in this, 1756. At a time when I was broad awake, I that they do not acknowledge the Lord to be that was led as to the spirit by angels from the Lord one only God, and that He rules the universal to a certain earth in the universe, accompanied by heaven, and thereby the universal world ; for Who- some spirits from this orb; our progression was in soever rules heaven rules also the world, inasmuch a direction to the right, and continued for two as the world is ruled by and through heaven. hours. Near the boundary of our solar system

1750. They said, that on their earth there are there appeared first a whitish cloud, but thick ; also some who call the nocturnal light, which is and behind it a fiery sınoke ascending from a great great, the Lord, but that they are separated from chasm; it was a vast gulf separating, on that the rest, and are not tolerated by them. That side, our solar system from some other systems of nocturnal light comes from the great belt, which the starry heaven; the fiery smoke appeared at a at a distance encompasses that earth, and from the considerable distance. I was conveyed through moons which are called Saturn's satellites. the midst of it, and instantly there appeared be

1751. They related further, that another kind of neath in the chasm or gulf several men who were spirits, who go in companies, frequently come to spirits (for spirits appear all in a human form, and them, desiring to know all particulars relative to are actually inen); I also heard them discoursing their circumstances, and that by various methods with each other, but whence they were, or of they extract from them whatever they know ; they what sort, it was not given me to know; one of observed concerning these spirits, that they were them, however, told me that they were guards, to not beside themselves, only in this, that they desire prevent spirits passing from this world to any other to know so much for no other intent than to possess in the universe without having obtained leave. knowledge. They were afterwards instructed that That such was the case, was also confirmed by these spirits were from the planet Mercury, or the this circumstance, that soine spirits, who were in earth nearest the sun, and that they are delighted company, to whom it was not permitted to pass, with knowledges alone, and not so much with the when they came to that great gulf or interstice, uses thence derived.

began to cry out vehemently that they were lost 1752. The inhabitants and spirits of the planet and undone ; for they were as persons struggling Saturn have relation, in the GRAND Man, to the in the agonies of death, wherefore they halted on MIDDLE SENSE BETWEEN THE SPIRITUAL AND THE that side of the gulf, nor could they be conveyed NATURAL MAN, but to that which recedes from further; for the fiery smoke exhaling from the the natural and accedes to the spiritual.

gulf affected them powerfully with its influence, 1753. I was further informed by the spirits of and thus put them to torture. that earth respecting the consociations of the in- 1757. After I was conveyed through that great habitants, with several other particulars. They chasm, I at length arrived at a place where I said, that they live divided into families, every stopped; and iminediately there appeared to me family apart by itself; each family consisting of a spirits from above, with whom it was given to disman and his wife with their children; and that course; from their discourse, and their particular the children, when they enter the married state, manner of apprehending and explaining things, I are separated from the house, and have no further clearly perceived that they were from another earth, care about it; wherefore the spirits from that earth for they differed altogether from the spirits of our appear two and two: that they are little solicitous solar system; they also perceived from my disabout food and raiment; that they feed on the course that I came from afar. fruits and pulse which their earth produces, and 1758. After discoursing for some time on varithat they are clothed slightly, being encompassed ous subjects, I asked what God they worshipped ? with a coarse skin or coat, which repels the cold: They said, that they worshipped some angel, who moreover, that all on that earth know that they appeared to them as a divine man, being bright shall live after death ; and that on this account and shining with light; and that he instructed also they make light of their bodies, only so far as them, and gave them to perceive what they onght regards that life, which they say is to remain and to do. They said further, that they knew that the serve the Lord; it is for this reason likewise they Most High God is in the Sun of the angelic heaven, do not bury the bodies of the dead, but cast them and that He appears to His angel, and not to them; forth, and cover them with branches of forest trees, and that He is too great for them to dare to adore

1754. Being questioned concerning that great Him. The angel, whom they worshipped, was an belt, which appears from our earth to rise above angelic society, to which it was granted by the the horizon of that planet, and to vary its situations, Lord to preside over them, and to teach then the they said, that it does not appear to ihein as a belt, way of what is just and right; therefore they have but only as somewhat whitish like snow in the light from a kind of fame, which appears like a heaven in various directions.-E. U. 97-104. torch, fiery and yellow to a considerable degree;

the reason is, because they do not adore the Lord, Earths of other Solar Systems.

consequently they have not light from the Son of 1755. He who is unacquainted with the arcana of the angelic heaven, but from an angelie society, heaven, cannot believe that man is capable of see- for an angelic society, when it is granted of the ing earths so remote, and of giving any account Lord, can exhibit such a light to spirits who are of them from sensible experience: but let such a in an inferior region. That angelic society was one know, that the spaces and distances, and con- also seen by me, and was on high above them; sequent progressions, which exist in the natural there was also seen the flaming principle whence world, are, in there origin and first cause, changes the light proceeded. of the state of interior things, and that with an- 1759, As to the rest of their character, they gels and spirits they appear according to such / were modest, somewhat simple, but still under tal


erably good influence as to their thoughts. From the right. Inasmuch as remoteness in the spiritthe light which was amongst them might be con- ual world does not arise from distance of place, cluded what was the nature and quality of their but from difference of state, as was said above, intellectual principle, for the intellect is according therefore the tediousness of my progression thither. to the reception of the light which is in the heav- 1765. When I arrived thither, the earth was not ens, inasmuch as Divine Truth, proceeding from seen by me, but only the spirits who were from the Lord as a Sun, is what shines there, and ena- that earth. Those spirits were at a considerable bles the angels not only to see but also to under- height above my_head, whence they beheld me stand.

as I approached. From their state of elevation they 1760. I was instructed that the inhabitants and observed, that I was not from their earth, but from spirits of that earth, in the Grand Man, have re- some other at a greater distance; wherefore they lation to somewhat in the SPLEEN, in which I was accosted me in questions concerning various parconfirmed by an influx into the spleen whilst they ticulars, to which it was given me to reply; and were discoursing with me.

amongst other things I related to them to what 1761. Being questioned concerning the sun of earth I belonged, and what kind of earth it was; their system, which enlightens their earth, they and afterwards I spake to them concerning the said, that the sun there has a flaming appearance, other earths in our solar system; and at the same and when I represented the size of the sun of our time also concerning the spirits of the earth or earth, they said, that theirs was less; for their sun planet Mercury, in that they wander about to sevto our eyes is a star, and I was told by the angels eral earths for the purpose of procuring for themthat it was one of the lesser stars. They said also, selves knowledges of various natters; on hearing that from their earth is likewise seen the starry this they said, that they had likewise seen those heaven, and that a star larger than the rest appears spirits amongst them." to them westward, which was declared from heav- 1766. It was told me by the angels from our en to be our sun.

earth, that the inhabitants and spirits of that earth, 1762. After this my sight was opened, so that I in the Grand Man, have relation to KEENNESS could look in some degree upon their earth ; and of vision, and therefore they appear on high; and there appeared several green fields, and forests with that they are also remarkably clear sighted. In trees in full foliage, and also fleecy sheep. After- consequence of their having such relation, and of wards I saw some of the inhabitants, who were of their seeing clearly and distinctly what was bethe meaner class, clothed nearly like the country neath them, in discoursing with them I compared people in Europe. There was seen also a man them to eagles, which fly aloft, and enjoy a clear with his wife ; she appeared of handsome stature and extensive view of objects beneath ; but at this and a graceful mien, so likewise did the man; they expressed indignation, supposing that I but what surprised me, he had a stately carriage, pared them to eagles as to their rapaciousness, and and a deportment which had a semblance of consequently that I thought them wicked; but I hanghtiness, but the woman's deportment was hum- replied, that I did not liken them to eagles as to ble: I was inforined by the angels, that such is the rapaciousness, but as to sharpsightedness. fashion on that earth, and that the men, who are 1767. Being questioned concerning the God such, are beloved, because they are nevertheless Whom they worshipped, they replied, that they well disposed. I was informed likewise, that it is worshipped a God visible and invisible, a God not allowed them to have more wives than one, be visible under a Human Form, and a God, invisible cause it is contrary to the laws. The woman whom not under any form; and it was discoverable from I saw, had before her bosom a cloak or covering, their discourse, and also from the ideas of their broad enough to conceal herself behind it, which thought as communicated to me, that the visible. was so contrived that she could put her arms in it, God was our Lord Himself, and they also called and use it as a garment to cover her, and so walk Him Lord. — E. U. 137-141. about her business; it might be tucked up as to 1768. The spirits who were seen on high were the lower part, and when tucked up, and applied questioned, whether on their earth they live under to the body, it appeared like a stomacher, such as the rule of princes or kings ? to which they reare worn by the women of our earth, but the same plied, that they know not what such rule is, and also served the man for a covering, and he was that they live under themselves, being distinguished seen to take it from the woman, and apply it to into nations, fanilies, and houses: they were queshis back, and loosen the lower part, which thus tioned further, whether they are thus in a state of flowed down to his feet like a gown, and clothed security ? they replied in the affirmative, inasmuch in this manner he walked off. The things seen as one family never envies another in any respect, on that earth were not seen with the eyes of my or desires to deprive another of its just rights. body, but with the eyes of my spirit, for a spirit They expressed a degree of indignation at being inay see the things which are on any earth, when asked these questions, as arguing a suspicion of it is granted by the Lord. — E. U. 128-134. their hostility, or of their want of protection

1763. At length there was presented to my view against robbers. What, said they, have we need the hell of those who are from that earth, and very of but food and raiment, and thus to live content terrible was the appearance of the infernals seen and quiet one under another. therein, insomuch that I dare not describe their 1769. Being further questioned concerning their monstrous faces. There were seen also female earth and its produce, they said, that they had magicians, who practise direful arts; they ap- green fields, flower gardens, forests full of fruit peared clad in green, and struck me with horror. trees, and also lakes abounding with fish; and that 1764. I was afterwards led of the Lord to an they had birds of a blue color, with golden feathers,

a earth in the universe, which was farther distant and also greater and lesser animals; amongst the from our earth than the foregoing, of which we lesser they mentioned one sort, which had the back have just been speaking ; that it was farther dis- elevated like camels on our earth ; nevertheless that tant was plain from this circumstance, that I was they did not feed on their flesh, but only on the two days in being led thither, as to my spirit: this Aesh of fishes, and besides on fruits of trees and carth was to the left, whereas the former was to i pulse of the earth. They said, moreover, that t'vey


did not live in houses regularly built, but in groves, that earth made light of them, calling them marble in which amongst the leaves they made to them- images; and then related that they have more selves shelter against the rain and the heat of the magnificent objects with them, which are their

sacred temples, not built of stone, but of wood. 1770. Being questioned concerning their sun, When it was objected that these were still terreswhich appears as a star from our earth, they said, trial objects, they replied, that they were not terthat it has a fiery appearance, and not larger to restrial, but celestial, because in beholding them look at than a man's head. I was told by the an- they conceived not a terrestrial, but a celestial gels, that the star, which was their sun, was idea ; believing that they should see like objects amongst the lesser stars, not far distant from the in heaven after death. equator.

1776. They then represented their sacred tem1771. There were seen some spirits, who were ples before the spirits of our earth, who declared, like what they had been during their abode on that they never saw any thing more magnificent ; their earth as men; they had faces not unlike those and as they were seen also by myself, therefore I of the men of our earth, except that their eyes can describe them. They are constructed of trees and noses were less; this appearing to me some- not cut down, but growing in the place where what of deformity, they said, that little eyes and a they were first planted: on that earth, it seems, little nose were accounted marks of beauty with there are trees of an extraordinary size and height; them. A female was seen, clad in a gown orna- these they set in rows when young, and arrange mented with roses of various color ; I asked, whence them in such order, that they may serve, as they they were supplied with materials for clothing on grow up, to form porticoes and galleries ; in the their earth ? they answered, that they gathered mean while, by cutting and pruning the tender froin certain plants a substance which they spun shoots, they fit and prepare them to intwine one into thread ; and that immediately afterwards they with another, and join together so as to form the laid the threads in double and triple rows moisten- groundwork and floor of the temple to be coning them with a glutinous liquor, and thus giving structed, and by a side elevation to serve as walls, them consistence; afterwards they color the cloth and, being bended into an arch above, to make the thus prepared with a substance procured from roof; in this manner they construct the temple the juices of herbs. It was also shown me how with admirable art, elevating it high above the they prepare the thread; the women sit down ground ; they prepare also an ascent into it, by on the ground, and wind it by means of their continuous branches of the trees extended from toes; and when wound they draw it towards them, the trunk, and firmly connected together. Moreand with the hand spin it out to any fineness they over they adorn the temple without and within in please.

various ways, by disposing the leaves into par1772. They said also, that on that earth every ticular forms: thus they build entire groves. But husband has no more than one wife ; and that the it was not given to see the nature of the connuinber of children in a family is from ten to fif-struction of these temples within, only I was inteen. They added, that there are found likewise formed, that the light of their sun is let in by aperharlots amongst them, but that all such, after tures amongst the branches, and is every where the life of the body, when they become spirits, are transmitted through crystals, whereby the light magicians, and are cast into hell. — E. U. 143– falling on the walls is 'retracted in divers colors 147.

like those of the rainbow, particularly the colors 1773. Of a third earth in the starry heaven, the of blue and orange, which they are most fond of. locality was not made known to me. The spirits Such is the nature of their architecture, the works from thence were unwilling to think at all about whereof they prefer to the most magnificent palthe body, or even about any thing corporeal and aces of our earth. material, contrary to the spirits of our earth; hence 1777. They said further, that the inhabitants do it was that they were not willing to approach ; not dwell in high places, but on the earth in low nevertheless, after the removal of some of the cottages, by reason that high places are for the spirits of our earth, they came nearer and dis- Lord, Who is in heaven, and low places for men, coursed with me.

who are on earth. Their cottages were also 1774. They said that the men of their earth shown me; they were oblong, having within along make no account of their bodies, but only of the the walls a continued couch or bed, on which they spirit in the body, as knowing that the spirit will lie one next to another; on the side opposite to live forever, but that the body must perish; they the door was a kind of alcove, before which was said also, that several on their earth believe that a table, and behind it a fireplace, by which the the spirit of the body has existed from eternity, whole chamber is enlightened; in the fireplace and was infused into the body when they were there is not a burning fire, but a luminous wood, conceived in the womb; but they added, that now from which issues as much light as from the flame they know that it is not so, and that they repent for of a common fire ; they said, that in an evening having even entertained so false an opinion. this wood appeared as if it contained in it lighted

1775. When I asked them whether they were charcoal. willing to see any objects on our earth, informing 1778. They informed me further, that they do them that it was possible to do so through my not live in societies, but in houses apart by themeyes, they answered first, that they could not, selves: and that they are joined in societies when and afterwards that they would not, inasmuch as they meet at divine worship; and that on these they were merely terrestrial and material objects, occasions, they who are teachers walk beneath in from which they remove their thoughts as far as the temple, and the rest in piazzas at the sides; possible. Nevertheless, there were represented and that at their meetings they experience inteto their view magnificent palaces, reseinbling rior joys, arising from the sight of the temple, those in which kings and princes dwell on our and from the worship therein celebrated. earth ; for such things may be represented before 1779. In respect to divine worship, they said, spirits, and when they are represented, they appear that they acknowledged God under a Human Form, exactly as if they existed; but the spirits from consequently our Lord. I asked, what became of

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