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their roofs were made of rafters; and I asked, of the north, the fires of the west, and the deluWhy are the houses here of wood ? The angel sive lights of the south ? He answered, that the replied, Because wood signifies natural good, and darkness of the north was dulness of mind and in this good were the men of the third age of the ignorance of truths; that the fires of the west were earth; and as copper also signifies natural good, loves of evil; and that the delusive lights of the therefore the age in which they lived was named south were falsifications of truth, which are spirby the ancients from copper: there are here also itual whoredoms. After this, he said, Follow me sacred buildings constructed of the wood of the to our treasure house; and we followed him, and he olive, and in the midst of them is the sanctuary, showed us the scriptures of the most ancient peowhere, in an ark, lies the Word given to the inhab- ple, that they were on tablets of wood and stone, itants of Asia before the Israelitish Word, the his- and afterwards on polished tables of wood ; and torical books of which are called the WARS OF that the second age wrote their writings on parchJehovah, and the prophetical books called ENUN- ments; and he brought me one, on which were the ciations, both mentioned by Moses, Numb. xxi. canons of the people of the first age written out 14, 15, and 27-30; this Word at the present day from their tables of stone, among which was also is lost in the kingdoms of Asia, and is retained the precept concerning marriages. Having seen (reservatam) only in Great Tartary. And then the these and other memorable things of the earliest angel led me to one of the sacred buildings, and antiquity, the angel said, It is now time for us to we looked in and saw in the midst of it that sanc- go; and then our host went out into the garden, tuary, the whole in the brightest light ; and the an- and plucked from a tree some small branches, gel said, That light is from that ancient Asiatic and bound them together, and gave them to us, Word, for all divine truth in the heavens gives saying, These branches are from a tree, which is forth light. As we were going out of the sacred a native of or peculiar to our heaven, the juice of building, we heard that it had been told in the city, which has the fragrance of balsam. We brought that two strangers were there, and that they were them down with us, and descended by the way to be examined whence they were, and what was near the east, which was not guarded; and behold, their business here; and immediately one of the the branches were changed into shining brass, and public officers ran to us, and took us before the the highest points of them into gold, as a sign that judges; and to the question, whence we were, and we had been with a nation of the third age, which what was our business, we replied, We have passed has its name from copper or brass. — C. L. 77. the grove of palm trees, and also the abodes of the giants, who are the guards of your heaven, and

Marriages of the Men of the Iron Age. afterwards the region of villas ; from which you 1362. After two days, the angel again spoke may conclude that we have come here, not of our- with me, saying, Let us complete the ages; the selves, but of the God of heaven; and the business last age remains, which has its name from iron; on which we have come is, to be instructed con- the people of this age dwell in the north, on the cerning your marriages, whether they are mono- side of the west, in the inner parts or breadthgamical or polygamical

. And they replied, What wise; all these are of the old inhabitants of Asia, are polygamical marriages? Are they not scorta- with whom was the ancient Word, and worship tory? And then the judges deputed an intelligent from it; consequently they were before the advent person to instruct us in his own house on this busi- of our Lord into the world. This is evident from ness; and he, in his house, placed his wife next the writings of the ancients, in which those times himself, and spoke thus ; We possess, preserved are so named. These ages are understood by the among us, precepts concerning marriages, from the statue seen by Nebuchadnezzar, whose head was primeval or most ancient people, who were in love of gold, the breast and arms of silver, the belly truly conjugial, and thence eminently in the virtue and thighs of brass, the legs of iron, and the feet and potency of that love while in the world, and of iron and also clay, Dan. ii. 32, 33. These things are now in a most blessed state in their own heav- the angel said to me in the way, which was conen, which is in the east: we are their posterity, tracted and anticipated by changes of state induced and they, as fathers, have given us, as their sons, in our minds according to the genius of the inhabcanons of life, amongst which is this concerning itants whom we passed; for spaces and thence dismarriages : “Sons, if you wish to love God and tances in the spiritual world are appearances acyour neighbor, and if you wish to grow wise and cording to the states of minds. When we lifted be happy to eternity, we counsel you to live mar- up our eyes, behold, we were in a forest consisting ried to one wife ; if you recede from this precept, of beeches, chestnuts and oaks; and when we every heavenly love will fly from you, and there looked around, bears were seen on the left, and with internal wisdom, and you will be exterminat- leopards on the right; at which when I wondered, ed." This precept of our fathers we have obeyed the angel said, They are not bears nor leopards, as sons, and have perceived its truth, which is, that but they are men, who guard these inhabitants of so far as any one loves his consort alone, so far he the north ; by their nostrils they perceive the spheres becomes heavenly and internal ; and that so far as of the life of those who pass by, and rush on all any one does not love his consort alone, so far he that are spiritual, because the inhabitants are natbecomes natural and external; and this man loves ural: they who only read the word, and imbibe nothing but himself and the images of his own thence nothing of doctrine, appear at a distance mind, and is mad and foolish. From these things like bears; and they who thence confirm falses, it is, that we all in this heaven live married to one appear like leopards; but they, on seeing us, turned wife; and because we are such, all the borders of away, and we passed by. Beyond the forest our heaven are guarded against polygamists, adul- there appeared thickets, and afterwards grassy terers, and whoremongers ; it' polygamists invade, plains divided into areas, and encompassed with they are cast out into the darkness of the north ; box: beyond these the earth declined into a valley, if adulterers, they are cast out into the fires of wherein were many cities; we passed by some of the west; and if whoremongers, they are cast out them, and entered into one that was large ; its into the delusive lights of the south. On hearing streets were irregular, and so were the houses ; this, I asked what he understood by the darkness these were built of bricks, with beams laid between, and plastered; in the places of public resort were can they cause in you the vision of one God? He consecrated buildings of hewn limestone, the un- replied, This is a mystery to us; somewhat of the derstructure of which was below the earth, and worship of God lies hidden in each form. And I the superstructure above: we went down into one said, You are merely corporeal sensual; you have of them by three steps, and saw round about on not a love of God, nor a love of a consort of spiritthe walls idols in various forms, and a crowd on ual origin; and these loves together form man, their knees adoring them; in the middle of the and from sensual make him heavenly. As I building was a company, above whom the tutelary spake these words, there appeared through the god of that city stood, taller by the head. As we gate, as it were, lightning; and I asked, What went out, the angel said to me, Those idols, is this? He said, Such lightning is to us a sign with the ancients who lived in the silver age, as that there will come the Ancient from the east, above described, were images representative of who teaches us concerning God, that he is one, spiritual truths and of moral virtues : and when alone omnipotent, who is the first and the last; the science of correspondences was forgotten and he also admonishes us not to worship idols, but extinct, those images first became objects of wor- only to look at them as images representative of ship, and were afterwards adored as deities, and the virtues proceeding from the one God, which hence has come idolatry. When we were come together form his worship; this Ancient one is our out of the consecrated building, we examined the Angel, whom we revere, and to whom we hearken; men and their clothing ; they had faces as of steel, he comes to us, and raises us up, when we are fallof a grayish color; and they were clothed like ing into obscure worship of God, from fantasy comedians, with mantles round about the loins, respecting images. Having heard these things, hanging from a tunic drawn close at the breast; we went out of the house and the city, and on the and on their heads were caps of twisted stuff, way, froin what we had seen in the heavens, we shaped like seamen's caps. But the angel said, came to these conclusions concerning the circle Enough of this ; let us seek some instruction con- and the progression of conjugial love : concerning cerning the marriages the people of this age: the circle, that it had passed from the east into and we entered into the house of a person of rank, the south, from the south into the west, and from who wore on his head a turreted cap; he received thence into the north; and concerning the prous kindly, and said, Come in, and let us converse gression, that it had decreased according to its pastogether. We entered into the vestibule, and sage through the circle, viz. that in the east it was there sat down; and I asked him concerning the heavenly, in the south spiritual, in the west natural, marriages of this city and country : and he said, and in the north sensual; and also that it had We do not live with one wife, but some with two decreased in a like degree with the love and the and three, and some with more, because variety, worship of God; from which it was concluded, obedience and honor as of majesty delight us; and that this love in the first age was as gold, in the these we have from our wives, if they are many ; second as silver, in the third as brass, and in the with one wife there would be no pleasure from fourth as iron, and that at length it ceased. And variety, but disgust from sameness ; nor flattering on this occasion the angel, my guide and compancourteousness from obedience, but disquietude ion, said, Nevertheless, I cherish the hope, that from equality ; nor satisfaction from dominion and this love will be raised up by the God of heaven, honor thence, but vexation from disputes concern- who is the Lord, because it is capable of being ing superiority: and what is a woman? Is she raised up again. — C. L. 78. not born subject to the will of the man; to serve, and not to rule? Wherefore here every husband They who are in Love truly conjugial, feel in his own house has, as it were, royal majesty ;

and see themselves a united Man. and because this is of our love, it is also the bless- 1363. From those who have lived for ages with edness of our life. But I asked, Where then is their consorts in heaven I have heard it testified, conjugia) love, which from two souls makes one, that thay feel themselves thus united, the husband and conjoins minds, and renders man blessed himself with the wife, and the wife herself with This love cannot be divided; if divided, it becomes the husband, and each feels himself or herself in a heat which effervesces and passes away. To the other mutually and interchangeably, as also in this he replied, I do not understand what you say ; the flesh, although they are separate. The cause what else makes man blessed, but the emulation of this phenomenon, rare upon earth, that the of wives contending for the honor of the husband's unition of their souls and minds is felt in their highest favor? As he spoke these words, a man flesh, they said was this, because the soul not only entered into the women's apartment, and opened makes the inmosts of the head, but also the inmosts the two doors; but there flowed out thence some of the body; in like manner the mind, which is what libidinous, which stank like mire ; this was mediate between the son) and the body ; which, from polygamical love, which is connubial, and at although it appears to be in the head, is yet also the same time scortatory: wherefore I rose up and actually in the whole body; and they said, that shut the doors. Afterwards I said, How can ye thence it is, that the acts, which the soul and mind subsist upon this earth, when you have no love intend, flow in an instant from the body; also that truly conjugial, and also when you worship idols ? it is thence, that themselves, after the rejection of He replied, As to connubial love, we are so very the body in the former world, are perfect men. jealous of our wives, that we do not suffer any one Now, because the soul and the mind adjoin themto enter farther within our houses than the vesti- selves closely to the flesh of the body, in order that bule: and because there is jealousy, love must be they may operate and produce their effects, it folthere: as to idols, we do not worship them; but lows, that the unition of the soul and mind with a we are not able to think of the God of the universe, consort is felt also in the body as one flesh. except by means of appearances presented to our 1364. That conjugial love is an effort to coneyes; for we cannot elevate our thoughts above junction in bosoms, is because the bosom is a pubthe sensuals of the body, nor think of God above lic place of assembly, and, as it were, & royal the objects of bodily vision. I then asked again, court, and the body as a populous city around it. Are not your idols of divers forms ? How then That the bosom is as a public place of assembly,

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is because all things, which are determined by the with one meniux, the two ventricles of the heart soul and mind into the body, first flow into the within a common covering, and in like manner the bosom: that it is as a royal court, is because the two lobes of the lungs, which, although they are dominion over all things of the body is there; for two, yet are one as to life, and as to the exercises there are the heart and lungs, and the heart reigns of life, which are uses: they said that their life, by means of the blood, and

the lungs by means of thus conjoined, is full of heaven, and that it is the respiration, every where: that the body is as a very life of heaven, with its infinite beatitudes, by populous city around them, is manifest: When, reason that heaven also is such, from the marriage therefore, the souls and minds of consorts are of the Lord therewith ; for all the angels of heaven united, and love truly conjugial unites them, it are in the Lord, and the Lord in them. — A. E. follows that this lovely union flows into their 1004. bosoms, and through these into their bodies, and 1366. I also spake with the angels concerning causes an effort to conjunction: and the more, conjugial love, or that which exists between two because conjugial love determines the effort to its conjugial partners who love one another, that it is ultimates, for completing its happy pleasantnesses; the inmost of all loves, and such that partner sees and because the bosom is in the place where the partner in mind (animus) and mind (mens), so that two ways meet, it is manifest whence it is, that each partner has the other in himself or herself, conjugial love has found the seat of its delicate that is, that the image, nay, the likeness of the sense there. — C. L, 178, 179.

husband is in the mind of the wife, and the image 1365. From the universal marriage of good and likeness of the wife is in the mind of the and truth is derived the conjugial love between a husband, so that one sees the other in himself, and husband and a wife, the husband being so created they thus cohabit in their inmosts.

This was as to be the understanding of truth, and the wife represented by angelic ideas, which cannot be being so created as to be the will of good, conse- expressed by words. - S. D. 4408. quently the husband to be truth, and the wife to be good, thus that both may be truth and good in Marriages induce upon Souls and Minds other

Forms. their form, which form is man (homo), and the image of God; and whereas it is ordained from and minds other forms, cannot be observed in the

1367. That marriages induce upon the souls creation, that truth should be of good and good of natural world, because souls and minds there are truth,

thus mutually and interchangeably, there encompassed with a material body, and through fore there cannot be given one truth united to two this the mind rarely shines ; and men of this age diverse goods, and vice versa ; nor can there be given one anderstanding united to two diverse also, more than the ancients, learn from infancy to wills, and vice versa ; thus neither can there be which they hide deeply the affections of the mind,

induce expressions upon their faces, by means of given one man, who is a spiritual man, united to which is the cause, that the forms of minds, as two diverse churches, nor, in like manner, one man (vir) intimately united to two women; inti- they are before marriage and as they are after mate unition is as of the soul and heart, the soul marriage, are not distinguished between: that, of the wife is the man, and the heart of the

man is nevertheless, the forms of souls and minds after the wife ; the man communicates and conjoins his marriage are different from what they were besoul to the wife by actual love, the soul being con the spiritual world; for they are then spirits and

fore it, appears manifestly from the same forms in tained in his semen, and the wife receives it in heart; hence the two become one, and then all and angels, who are nothing else than minds and souls singular the things of the body of the one, look in a human form, stripped of their coverings, which other : this is genuine marriage, which can only in the air, which being cast off, the forms of the each to its mutual (principle] in the body of the were composed of elements in the waters and

earths, and of exhalations thence scattered around be given between two ; for it is ordained from creation, that all things of the man, as well of his minds, as they had been inwardly in their bodies, mind as of his body, should have each their mutual are conspicuous, and then it is clearly seen, that {principle) in the mind and body of the wife, and land of another to those who do not. In general

, they are of one kind to those who live in marriage, thence that the most singular things should mutu consorts have an interior comeliness of face, for ally look to each other, and will to be united: the man draws from the wife the beauteous redness and from this aspect and effort exists conjugialy of her love, and the wife from the man the shining love. All things which are in the body, which are called members, viscera, and organs, are no other brightness of his wisdom ; for two consorts there than natural corporeal forms corresponding to the are united as to souls ; and besides, there appears

in each a human fulness. This is the case in spiritual forms of the mind, whence all and singular the things of the body so correspond to all and heaven, because there are no marriages elsewhere.

- C. L. 192. singular the things of the mind, that whatsoever the mind wills and thinks the body acts in an The Woman is actually formed into a Wife instant at its nod; when, therefore, two minds act

according to the Account of the Creation. as one, then also the two bodies are potentially so 1368. In this book it is said that the woman united, that they are no more two, but one flesh; was created out of the rib of the man, and that the to will to become one flesh is conjugial love, and man, when she was brought to him, said, This that love is such as is the quality of that will. It is bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh, and is allowed to confirm this by a wonderful circum- she shall be called Ishah, because she was taken stance, which has place in the heavens ; there are out from Ish, the man, ii. 22-24; by rib of the married partners there who are in such conjugial breast, in the Word, nothing else is signified in love, that both can be one flesh, and also are one the spiritual sense but natural truth ; this is signi. when they will, and then they appear as one man. fied by the ribs which the bear carried between I have seen and discoursed with them, and they his teeth, Dan. vii. 5; for by bears are signified said, that they have one life, and that they are as those who read the Word in the natural sense, and the life of good in truth, and the life of truth in see truths therein without understanding; by the good, and that they are as the pairs in man, namely, breast of man is signified that essential and proper as the two hemispheres of the brain encompassed thing, which is distinguished from the breast of

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woman; this is wisdom, for truth sustains wisdom,

Conjugial Love perfected to Eternity. as the rib sustains the breast; these things are signified, because it is the breast in which all 1370. Because love truly conjugial endures tú things of man are as in their centre. From these eternity, it follows, that the wife becomes more and things it is evident, that the woman was created more a wife, and the husband more and more a out of the man by transcription of his proper wis- husband : the cause itself is, that in the marriage dom, which is, out of natural truth, and that the of love truly conjugial, each becomes a more and love of this was transferred from the man into more internal man, for that love opens the interiors the woman, in order that there might become con- of their minds, and as these are opened, man bejugial love; and that this was done, that there comes more and more a man (homo), and to bemay not be in the man the love of himself, but the come more a man, with the wife is to become more love of the wife ; who, from the disposition inpate a wife, and with the husband it is to become more in herself, cannot do otherwise than convert the a husband. I have heard from the angels, that a love of himself with the man, into his love to her- wife becomes more and more a wife, as the husself; and I have heard that this is done from the band becomes more and more a husband, but not wife's love itself, neither the man nor the wife so reversedly; but it rarely if ever is wanting but being conscious of it; thence it is, that no one that a chaste wife loves the husband, but that there can ever truly conjugially love his consort, who is wanting a loving in return by the husband; and from the love of self is in the pride of his own in- that this is wanting because of no elevation of wistelligence. After this arcanum of the creation of dom, which alone receives the love of the wife. the woman the man is understood, it may be C. L. 200. seen, that the woman is as it were created or 1371. It has been shown to me how the delights forined in like manner from the man in marriage, of conjugial love advance to heaven. The proand that this is done by the wife, or rather by gression of the delights of conjugial love towards means of the wife by the Lord, who infuses into heaven was into blessednesses and happinesses conwomen inclinations for so doing; for the wife re- tinually more and more, till they became innumerceives into herself the image of the man, by her able and ineffable; and as they advanced more appropriating to herself his affections; and by her interiorly into the more innumerable and ineffable, conjoining the internal will of the man with her they advanced even to the very blessednesses and own, concerning which it follows; and also by her happinesses of the inmost heaven, or of the heaven devoting to herself the offsets (propagines) of his of innocence, and this by the most perfect freedom • soul, concerning which also it follows. From for all freedom is from love, thus the most perfect these things it is manifest, that a woman is formed freedom is from conjugial love, which is heavenly into a wife, according to the description, in the love itself. — H. A. 386 book of Creation, interiorly understood, by means 1372. They who are in love truly conjugial, of such things as she takes out of the husband and after death, when they become angels, return into his breast, and inscribes on herself. — C. L. 193. youth and adolescence; the males, however worn

1369. I was once in the midst of angels, and out with age, become young men; and the wives, heard their discourse; the discourse was concern- however worn ont with age, become young women; ing intelligence and wisdom, that man does not each conjugial partner returns into the flower and perceive otherwise than that both are in himself, into the joys of the age in which love conjugia! and thus that whatever he thinks from the under- begins to exalt the life with new delights, and to standing, and intends from the will, is from him- inspire sportiveness for the sake of prolification : self; when yet not a particle of it is from man, into this state, first exteriorly, afterwards more and except the faculty of receiving the things, which more interiorly to eternity, comes the man who had are of the understanding and the will, from God. fed adulteries as sins, and was inaugurated by And because every man from nativity inclines to the Lord into conjugial love whilst he lived in the love himself, lest man, from the love of himself world. Inasmuch as they are always growing and from the pride of his own intelligence, should young more interiorly, it follows that love truly perish, it was provided from creation, that that conjugial increases and enters into its delights love of the man should be transcribed into the and satisfactions, which were provided for it from wife, and should be implanted in her from nativity, the creation of the world, and which are the dein order that she may love the intelligence and lights and satisfactions of the inmost heaven ariswisdom of her man, and thus the man ; wherefore ing from the love of the Lord towards heaven and the wife continually attracts the pride of the proper the church, and thence from the love of good and intelligence of her man to herself, and extinguishes truth between each other, from which loves is deit with him, and vivifies it with herself, and thus rived every joy in the heavens. The reason why turns it into conjugial love, and fills it with pleas- inan thus grows young in heaven, is, because he antnesses above measure: this is provided by the then enters into the marriage of good and truth, Lord, lest the pride of his own intelligence should and there is in good an effort of continually loving infatuate the man even so far as that he should truth, and in truth there is an effort of continually believe, that he understands and is wise from him- loving good, and then the wife is good in its form, self and not from the Lord, and thus wish to eat and the man is truth in its form: from that effort from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, man puts off all the severity, sadness and dryness and thence believe himself like unto God, and also appertaining to age, and puts on the liveliness, God, as the serpent, which was the love of one's gladness and freshness of youth, from which the own intelligence, said and persuaded; wherefore effort lives and becomes joy. It has been told me man after the eating was cast out of paradise, and from heaven that they have then a life of love, the way to the tree of life was guarded by a which cannot otherwise be described, than as being cherub. Paradise spiritually is intelligence; to the life of joy itself. - A. E. 1000. eat from the tree of life is, spiritually, to understand and be wise from the Lord; and to eat from Every One is in Wisdom and Intelligence in the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is,

Proportion to Conjugial Love. spiritually, to understand and be wise from self. 1373. That the faculty of being wise increases C. L. 353.

with those who are in love truly conjugial, is be

cause this love with consorts is from wisdom and dissimilitude; these, when they were in the idea according to it; also because the sense of this love of eternal were mutually gladdened, but when in is the touch, and this is common to all the senses, the idea of temporary, they said, There is no and also full of delights; thence it opens the inte- longer marriage, and the wife, I am no longer a riors of minds, as it opens the interiors of the wife, but a concubine ; and the man, I am no lonsenses, and with them the organic things of the ger a husband, but a whoremonger; wherefore, whole body. Thence it follows, that those who while the internal dissimilitude was open to them, are in that love, love nothing more than to be wise; the man departed from the woman, and the woman for man is wise as far as the interiors of his mind from the man; but afterwards, because each had are opened.-C. L. 211.

the idea of eternal concerning marriage, they were 1374. Man has intelligence and wisdom in the consociated with partners of similitude. From same proportion and quality as is the proportion these things it may be clearly seen, that those, and quality of conjugial love with him; the reason who are in love truly conjugial, regard what is is, because conjugial love descends from the love eternal, and that, if this escapes from the inmosts of good and truth, as an effect from its cause, or out of the thought, they are disunited as to conjuas what is natural from its spiritual principle, and gial love, not, however, at the same time as to from the marriage of good and truth the angels of friendship, for this dwells in externals, but the forthe three heavens also have all their intelligence mer in internals. The like is in marriages upon and wisdom: for intelligence and wisdom is noth- earth; consorts there, while they love each other ing else but the reception of light and heat from tenderly, think of what is eternal concerning the the Lord as a sun, that is, the reception of divine marriage covenant, and nothing at all concerning truth conjoined with divine good, and of divine its end by death ; and if they do think concerning good conjoined with divine truth, thus it is the this, they grieve; still are comforted with hope marriage of good and truth from the Lord That from the thought of its continuation after their ļt is so, has manifestly appeared from the angels decease. — C. L. 216. in the heavens, who, when separated from their conjugial partners, are indeed in intelligence, but The Nature of the Intelligence of Women and

Men. not in wisdom, whereas, when they are with their conjugial partners, they are also in wisdom, and, 1376. The intelligence of women in itself is what I wondered at, as they turn the face each to mudest, elegant, pacific, yielding, soft, tender; his conjugial partner, so far they are in a state of and the intelligence of the men in itself is grave, wisdom, for the conjunction of truth and good is harsh, hard, high spirited, fond of licentiousness. effected in the spiritual world by aspect, and the That such are women, and such are men, is very wife there is good, and the man is truth, where manifest from the body, the face, the sound of the fore as truth converts itself to good, so it is vivi- voice, the discourse, the gesture, and the manners fied. By intelligence and wisdom is not meant of each; from the BODY, in that the men are hard ingenuity of ratiocinating concerning truths and in skin and flesh, but the women soft ; from the goods, but the faculty of seeing and understanding race, in that the men are of a harder, more reso truths ard goods, which faculty man has from the lute, rougher, more yellow, also of a bearded, thus Lord. -.1. E. 998.

more unbeautiful, face, but the women, of a softer,

more yielding, more tender, fairer face, and thence True Marriage regards what is eternal.

are beauties; from the sound of the voice, in 1375. That those, who are in love truly conju- that with the men it is grave, but with the women gial, regard what is eternal, is because there is delicate ; from the DISCOURSE, in that with the eternity in that love; and its eternity is from this, men it is fond of licentiousness, and high spirited, because that love with the wife and wisdom with but with women, modest and pacific; from the the husband, increases to eternity, and in the in- GESTURE, in that with the men it is bolder and creasing or progression consorts enter more and firmer, but with the women, fainter and weaker ; more deeply into the blessednesses of heaven, which from the MANNERS, in that with the men they are their wisdom and the love of it at the same time more disorderly, but with women more elegant. store up in themselves; wherefore, if the idea of How much the genius of men differs from the eternal should be rooted out, or from any accident gepius of women by nativity itself, was clearly escape from their minds, it would be as if they manifest to me, from boys and girls seen in their aswere cast down from heaven. What state con- semblings ; I have seen these assemblings through sorts in heaven have, when the idea of eternal a window several times, in a large city, on a pnb falls out of their minds, and the idea of temporary lic square, in which upwards of twenty in a day falls in in its place, came into open view with assembled themselves; there the boys, according me from this experience: Once, from permission to the disposition connate with them, played to given, two consorts were with me from heaven, gether by making tumult, vociferating, fighting, and at that time the idea of eternal concerning striking, and throwing stones at each other; but marriage was taken from them, by a certain worth the girls sat peaceable at the doors of the houses, less spirit speaking cunningly; which being taken some playing with infants, some dressing dolls, away, they began to wail, saying, that they could some sewing upon little pieces of linen, some live no longer, and that they felt a wretchedness kissing each other, and what I wondered at, still which they never felt before ; which being per- they looked at the boys, who were such, with deceived by their fellow-angels in heaven, the worth- lighted eyes. From these things I could see manless spirit was removed and cast down; when this ifestly that man is born understanding, and woman was done, the idea of eternal instantly returned to love, and of what quality understanding is, and them, from which they were gladdened with glad- of what love is, in their principles ; and thus of ness of heart, and most tenderly embraced each what quality the understanding of the man would other. Besides this, I have heard two consorts, be in its progress, without conjunction with femiwho concerning their marriage now cherished the nine, and afterwards with conjugial, love. - C. L idea of eternal, now the idea of temporary, the 218. reason was, because there was in them an internal 1377. It is supposed by some, that women are

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