Light from the Land of the Sphinx

E. Stock, 1896 - 320 頁


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第 42 頁 - ... that the ratio of the sines of the angles of incidence and refraction is constant for refraction in the same medium, was effected by Snell and Descartes.
第 75 頁 - ... traversing the lens are reflected from a concave mirror and again refracted by the lens, forming a real inverted image coincident with the object : if the distance between the lens and the mirror is a shew that the radius of the mirror is a + J /. 21. A small air-bubble in a sphere of glass 4 inches in diameter appears when looked at so that the bubble and the centre of the sphere are in a line with the eye, to be 1 inch from the surface. What is its true distance ? (jt=l-5.) 23.
第 160 頁 - ... they should have been previously cut in the house, from the pattern given by one of the cards that had been mounted and cut in the instrument. In mounting the instrument in place, the points to attend to are, (1) that it shall be level as regards east and west, (2) that the axis of the ring shall be inclined to the horizon at an angle equal to the latitude of the place...
第 75 頁 - Taking the refractive index from air to glass as \, draw an accurate picture of the path of a ray of monochromatic light, which falls at an incidence of 60° on the face of a prism, whose vertical angle is 30°.
第 311 頁 - ... film was still wet, and the black has floated toward the surface. Paint behavior is not ordinarily erratic; under similar painting conditions, similar results may be expected; and the painter who has learned the characteristics of each of his pigments is able to control their effects. Additive Colors. When white light passes through a prism it is broken up into its component parts and the rays emerge in the familiar rainbow or spectrum arrangement, the rays at the red end having the longest wave...
第 43 頁 - The figure shows the passage of the ray for this case, i and r are the angles of incidence and refraction at the first surface, at the point A.