Speeches of the Late Right Honourable Richard Brinsley Sheridan: (Several Corrected by Himself)


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第 80 頁 - Blood hath been shed ere now, i' the olden time, Ere humane statute purged the gentle weal ; Ay, and since too, murders have been perform'd Too terrible for the ear : the time has been, That, when the brains were out, the man would die, And there an end...
第 286 頁 - Alike in the political and the military line could be observed auctioneering ambassadors and trading generals ; — and thus we saw a revolution brought about by affidavits ; an army employed in executing an arrest ; a town besieged on a note of hand ; a prince dethroned for the balance of an account. Thus it was they exhibited a government which united the mock majesty of a bloody sceptre and the little traffic of a merchant's counting-house, wielding a truncheon with one hand, and picking a pocket...
第 270 頁 - that it surpassed all the eloquence of ancient and modern times, and possessed every thing that genius or art could furnish, to agitate and control the human mind.
第 294 頁 - I may dare" (said Mr. Sheridan) " to use the figure, we shall constitute Heaven itself our proxy, to receive for us the blessings of their pious gratitude and the prayers of their thanksgiving.
第 61 頁 - Russell moved for a Committee of the whole House to take into consideration the state of Ireland.
第 286 頁 - Hastings's ambition to the simple steadiness of genuine magnanimity. In his mind all was shuffling, ambiguous, dark, insidious, and little ; nothing simple, nothing unmixed; all affected plainness, and actual dissimulation ; a heterogeneous mass of contradictory qualities, with nothing . great but his crimes; and even those contrasted by the littleness of his motives, which at once denoted both his baseness and his meanness, and marked him for a traitor and a trickster.
第 320 頁 - ... or on any account whatsoever, any present, gift, donation, gratuity, or reward, pecuniary or otherwise ; or any promise or engagement for any of the aforesaid.
第 270 頁 - All that he had ever heard - all that he had ever read - when compared with it dwindled into nothing, and vanished like vapour before the sun.
第 170 頁 - Britain, for securing exclusive privileges to the ships and mariners of Great Britain, Ireland, and the British colonies and plantations, and for regulating and restraining the trade of the British colonies and plantations, such laws imposing the same restraints, and conferring the same benefits on the subjects of both kingdoms, should be in force in Ireland by laws to be passed by the Parliament of that kingdom for the same time, and in the same manner as in Great Britain.
第 255 頁 - Our humbler province is to tend the fair, Not a less pleasing, though less glorious care ; To save the powder from too rude a gale, Nor let the...