Reports of Cases Determined by the Supreme Court of the State of Missouri, 第 241 卷


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第 515 頁 - An apportionment by the Legislature, or other body, shall be subject to review by the Supreme Court, at the suit of any citizen, under such reasonable regulations as the Legislature may prescribe ; and any court before which a cause may be pending involving an apportionment, shall give precedence thereto over all other causes and proceedings, and if said court be not in session it shall convene promptly for the disposition of the same.
第 508 頁 - ... no person, or collection of persons, charged with the exercise of powers properly belonging to one of those departments, shall exercise any power properly belonging to either of the others, except in the instances in this constitution expressly directed or permitted.
第 191 頁 - Forrester (ubi sup.), and the rule is that, although there may have been negligence on the part of the plaintiff, yet, unless he might by the exercise of ordinary care have avoided the consequences of the defendant's negligence, he is entitled to recover; if by ordinary care he might have avoided them, he is the author of his own Or.
第 627 頁 - In an action for libel or slander, it is not necessary to state in the complaint, any extrinsic facts, for the purpose of showing the application to the plaintiff, of the defamatory matter out of which the cause of action arose...
第 627 頁 - In an action for libel or slander, it shall not be necessary to state in the complaint any extrinsic facts for the purpose of showing the application to the plaintiff of the defamatory matter out of which the cause of action arose ; but it shall be sufficient to state generally that the same was published or spoken concerning the plaintiff; and if such allegation be controverted, the plaintiff shall be bound to establish on the trial that it was so published or spoken.
第 640 頁 - Though the publication of such proceedings may be to the disadvantage of the particular individual concerned, yet it is of vast importance to the public that the proceedings of Courts of Justice should be universally known. The general advantage to the country in having these proceedings made public, more than counterbalances the inconveniences to the private persons whose conduct may be the subject of such proceedings.
第 52 頁 - In the construction of a pleading for the purpose of determining its effect, its allegations shall be liberally construed, with a view to substantial justice between the parties.
第 694 頁 - Whatever the law may be elsewhere, it must be regarded as the settled law of this State, that an agreement either by parol or in writing to pay a debt out of a designated fund does not give an equitable lien upon the fund or operate as an equitable assignment thereof.
第 370 頁 - ... so definite and positive as to leave no room for doubt in the mind of the chancellor as to the existence of such a trust.
第 618 頁 - ... upon the result of any trial or contest of skill, speed or power of endurance, of man or beast...