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Prostat venalis apud T. Payen et filium bibliopolas, necnon Gul. Ginger juxta scholam regiam Westmonasteriensem, 1787 - 319页

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第233页 - Nor choose a base and uncomely creature altogether for wealth; for it will cause contempt in others, and loathing in thee. Neither make choice of a dwarf, or a fool; for, by the one...
第172页 - Three merry boys, and three merry boys, And three merry boys are we, As ever did sing in a hempen string Under the...
第141页 - ... 3. or take up any dead man, woman or child out of the grave, — or the skin, bone or any part of the dead person, to be employed or used in any manner of witchcraft, sorcery, charm or enchantment; 4.
第xxviii页 - ... tun in five days. He lodged and kept his table at St. John's college, but his lady and her retinue at Magdalen college, whereof his grandfather Audley was founder. The king and prince lay at Trinity college, where the plays were represented ; and the hall so well ordered for room, that above two thousand persons were conveniently placed.
第xci页 - Edward the sixth by the grace of God of England France and Ireland king Defender of the faith and in earth supreme head of the Church of England and Ireland.
第xxxv页 - Westfield: but it would not be: neither the king's intreaty for John Dun would prevail: yet they are threatened with a mandate, which if it come, it is like they will obey, but they are resolved to give him such a blow withal, that he were better be with-out it.
第xxxiii页 - I must crave pardon not to be of his opinion. Though I endured a great deal of penance by the way for this little...
第87页 - Le roi le retira lui-même, & en frappa le monftre à la tête. Les feigneurs , dans le premier mouvement, le percèrent de mille coups. Son corps fut enfuite traîné fur la claie , tiré à quatre chevaux , & brûlé. Cet exécrable attentat fut reçu bien autrement par les Ligueurs.
第143页 - Help, ye tart satirists, to imp my rage, With all the scorpions that should whip this age. Scots are like witches ; do but whet your pen ; Scratch till the blood come ; they'll not hurt you then.
第lxxi页 - Cambridge. His uncommon parts and learning recommended him to particular notice ; so that, after taking the proper degrees, he was chosen fellow of his college, and became a tutor of great repute. One month in the long vacation, retiring with his pupil, afterwards lord Byron, to Newstede abbey, Nottinghamshire, he composed a Latin comedy entitled " Loyola," which was twice acted before James I.