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These typewriters are flawless-the equal in EVERY respect of ANY typewriter, regardless of price. In no way damaged, shop-worn or inferior.

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Cami Sachet Imparts a rare and charming odor. Surrounds

user in an atmosphere of refined fragrance. Lasting freshness. Package and agents terms 10c. CAMI CHEMICAL CO.. Box 231, New Brunswick, N. J.

WE WANT A GOOD MAN OR WOMAN TO ACT AS GENERAL AGENT selling our new and winning meritorious household necessity. It is easy to sell an article that people actually need in daily life. Appeals to the housewife on account of being economical; repeats quickly and sells the year around. Yields large profits to the agent. We want to hear from applicants having a good standing in their community and those willing to hustle. opportunity affords you a permanent pleasant business. If you have the ability to sell goods send for full particulars. If you desire a sample send five two-cent stamps for regular 25 cent package.

Famol Products Co.

1241 Famol Bldg., Washington D. C.


Gives Pleasure to All the Family

"At Home with the Kodak," a splendid illustrated booklet explaining how to take good pictures of the family in the familiar home surroundings. Send for a FREE copy.

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We also furnish Tiling, Interior Marble Work, Gas Logs and Irons of every description.

Write now for this valuable catalog-Free to every prospective purchaser.


In writing to advertisers please mention Watson's.

Special Advertising Offer

We have made arrangements with three publishers to make the following special offer for the next ten days.

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Regular Price, $4.80

Special Ten Day Price for All Four, $ 2.00

PICTORIAL REVIEW The fashion pages of this magazine have won for it a circulation of over 600,000 copies monthly. Its styles and patterns are famous the world over. Ask your dressmaker. She knows. The special articles, fiction stories and household departments are timely and instructive reading for every woman who does her own thinking for herself. PICTORIAL REVIEW is a necessity in the economical management of the home and the wardrobe. You will get this magazine each month for one year.

MODERN PRISCILLA is recognized as the leading fancy work magazine of America. It is to-day the undisputed authority on all kinds of embroidery, crochet, lace, lingerie and home decoration. There are several departments devoted to china, oil and water color painting, stenciling, pyrography, leather-work, basketry, etc. You will get this magazine each month for one year.

LADIES' WORLD is a thoroughly practical and upto-date household magazine, and treats of every subject of interest to women and the home. Its household departments are as good as a course in Domestic Science. Its stories, verses, and entertainments for children always please and interest. You will get this magazine each month for a year.

Send Your Order at Once-NOW-Before You
Forget It-to


Note. The Jeffersonian may be substituted for Watson's Magazine, or both publications may be included in this offer for $2.50, making four splendid magazines and one weekly paper for a year.

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Fine Livery. Magnificent Drives. Ample
Garage, with Electricity and Gasoline Sup-
plies. Motor Cars for hire. Saddle Horses for
Riding, under Experienced Expert Teacher.
R. R. Station Maplewood on Hotel Grounds.
American Express. Western Union Telegraph.
Send for Special Folder Describing Twelve
Private Cottages for Rent.
Write for Booklet and Information.

Fireproof Construction


LEON H. CILLEY, Mgr., Maplewood, N. H.
New York City Office: 1180 Broadway.

Remodeled and refurnished at an expense of over $150,000.

Cor. Clark and Van Buren Streets

Maplewood, Bethlehem, N. H.

The Social and Scenic Centre, in
the Heart of the White Mountains

Managing Director

A High Class Hotel, Accommodating 500

High Altitude. No Hay Fever. Mountain Spring Water. Excellent Cuisine. Table Supplied with Dairy Products, Poultry, Eggs and Vegetables from Maplewood 700-Acre

Open June to October

Farm. Symphony Orchestra. Morning and Evening Music. Dancing. Four Fine Tennis Courts. $45,000 Casino, Seating 1,200, with Spacious Piazzas Overlooking Base Ball, Tennis and Golf Grounds and Commanding Extensive Mountain Views. Billiards, Bowling and Reading Rooms. Attractive Shops. Souvenir and Ladies' Variety Store. Shower Baths. Many New Private Baths. Extensive improvements, including Large Plate Glass Windows in Office and Dining Hall.



In writing to advertisers please mention Watson's.

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These speeches cover a great variety of subjects. They begin with a eulogy which Mr. Watson delivered in the Georgia Legislature on Alex H Stephens. They contain some of his Commencement speeches. They also contain his Labor Day speech, and many of his political and economic addresses, the result of years of the closest research and study. These speeches cover the Child Labor question, National Finance, discussion of the Tariff System, of the National Banking System, the Government Ownership of Railroads, the corrupt legislation put upon the country by the two old parties, a thorough exposition of the principles of Jeffersonian Democracy and a thorough treatment of the evils of class legislation which now oppress the people.


Atlantic City, N. J.



This book is printed in good type, and is bound in cloth. Price, prepaid, 60c. The book will be sent as a premium for one subscriber to Watson's Magazine or to the weekly Jeffersonian at the regular price of $1.00 each. Address


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HIGH-CLASS HOMELIKE. EXCELLENT TABLE AND SERVICE. Splendid location. Centre of all attractions. Exceptionally well equipped for the_comfort of guests at all seasons of the year. Elevator, Sun parlors, Private baths. Refined surroundings. Suitable for ladies unaccompanied. Social diversions. Orchestra. Capacity, 500. Reduced spring rates, $2.50 up daily. Special weekly. American plan. Write for rates and illustrated art folder of house.

A. CONRAD EKHOLM, Owner and Prop.

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THE FUNNIEST OF ALL THE FUNNY MAGAZINES Brimful of wholesome wit and humor. Join the campaign for One Million subscribers by sending or five(5) separate

25 CENTS in One Year

Coin for subscriptions for $1.00. Foreign sub'ns, 25 cents extra. THOMPSON'S MAGAZINE, Dept. DA 328 Federal St., Chicago

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Have imported roller chains, sprockets and pedals: New
Departure Coaster-Brakes and Hubs: Puncture Proof
Tires: highest grade equipment and many advanced
features possessed by no other wheels. Guaranteed 5yrs.
to you are
wheels. Other reliable models from 812 up. A few
good second-hand machines 83 to 88.
We ship on ap-

FACTORY PRICES others ask for cheap

10 DAYS' FREE TRIAL proval, freight

prepaid, anywhere in U.S., without a cent in advance. DO NOT BUY a bicycle or a pair of tires from anyone at any price until you get our big new catalog and special prices and a marvelous new offer. A postal brings everything. Write it now, TIRES, Coaster-Brake Rear Wheels, lamps, parts, sundries, half usual prices. Rider Agents everywhere are coining money selling our bicycles, tires and sundries. Write today. Dept. s 233, CHICAGO

In writing to advertisers please mention Watson's.

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