Teaching Humanities & Social Sciences

Cengage AU, 2019年10月17日 - 512 頁

Teaching Humanities and Social Sciences, 7e prepares teachers to develop and implement programs in the humanities and social sciences learning area from F-10. It successfully blends theory with practical approaches to provide a basis for teaching that is engaging, inquiry-based and relevant to students’ lives.

Using Version 8.1 of the Australian Curriculum, the text discusses the new structure of the humanities and social sciences learning area. Chapters on history, geography, civics and citizenship, and economics and business discuss the nature of these subjects and how to teach them to achieve the greatest benefit for students, both as sub-strands within the Year F-6/7 HASS subject and as distinct Year 7-10 subjects.

Throughout, the book maintains its highly respected philosophical and practical orientation, including a commitment to deep learning in a context of critical inquiry. With the aid of this valuable text, teachers can assist primary, middle and secondary students to become active and informed citizens who contribute to a just, democratic and sustainable future.



Context The humanities and social sciences in Australia
Teaching humanities and social sciences key elements
Disciplinary knowledge in humanities and social sciences