Life of Goethe, by G.H. Lewes


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第 136 頁 - mention of this coincidence. 2 " Die Wallfahrt nach Sesenheim." Book the Third 1771 to 1775 " Es bildet ein Talent, sich in der Stille, Sich ein Charakter in dem Strom der Welt." " Trunken miissen wir alle seyn : Jugend ist Trunkenheit ohne Wein."
第 137 頁 - wir alle seyn : Jugend ist Trunkenheit ohne Wein." " They say best men are moulded out of faults, And, for the most, become much more the better For being a little bad." — Shakespeare. CHAPTER I. DOCTOR GOETHE'S
第 79 頁 - Mitschuldigen " he presents us with a set of people whose consolation is to exclaim " Rogues all!" — and in after years he wrote of this piece, that it was dictated, though unconsciously, by " far-sighted tolerance in the appreciation of moral actions, as expressed in the eminently Christian sentence,' Let him who is without sin among you cast the first stone.'
第 216 頁 - of a certain age were languishing: it paints the misery, it passionately utters the complaint; and heart and voice all over Europe loudly and at once respond to it. True, it prescribes no remedy; for that was a far different, far harder enterprise, to which other years and a 1
第 266 頁 - 239. Book the Fourth 1775 to 1779 "Quis novus hie nostris successit sedibus hospes? Quern sese ore ferens ! quam forti pectore et armis ! Credo equidem, nee vana fides, genus esse Deorum." — Virgil. " Tolle Zeiten hab
第 13 頁 - Karl August, and other great people sought her acquaintance. The Duchess Amalia corresponded with her as with an intimate friend; and her letters were welcomed eagerly at the Weimar Court. 2 She was married at seventeen, to a man for whom she had no love, and was only eighteen when the poet was born.
第 388 頁 - Not so, my king; I cannot part Without thy blessing, or in anger from thee. Banish us not I the sacred right of guests Still let us claim : so not eternally Shall we be severed. Honour'd and belov'd, As my own father was, art thou by me: Farewell! Oh
第 30 頁 - circumstances, resolution, industry, may do much, in a certain sense they do everything; that is to say, they determine whether the poor apricot shall fall in the form of a green bead, blighted by the east wind, and be trodden under foot; or whether it shall expand into tender pride and sweet brightness of golden velvet.
第 136 頁 - I found myself on the very road, going to visit Frederika, and that too in the very dress which I had seen myself in, in this phantasm, although my wearing it was quite accidental." The reader will probably be somewhat skeptical respecting the dress, and will suppose that this prophetic detail was
第 32 頁 - leur mort est le prix de leurs crimes ? Quel crime, quelle faute ont commis ces enfans Sur le sein maternel ecrases et sanglans ? Lisbonne qui n'est plus, eut-elle plus de vices Que Londres, que Paris,