racked up for Nashville, 205 - tempted to ! fools, 248 -- natural maker of international
believe his own lies, 266 — his snake egg, 271 law, ib. - her theory thereof, ib. -- makes a
- the blood on his hands, 291.

particularly disagreeable kind of sarse, 248
Davis, Mr., of Mississippi, a remark of his, 190. - somewhat given to bullying, ib. - has re-
Day and Martin, proverbially " on hand," 173. spectable relations, 249- ought to be Colum-
Death rings down curtain, 194.

bia's friend, 250 — anxious to buy an ele-
De Bow (a famous political economist), 258. phant, 259.
Delphi, oracle of, surpassed, 187, note -- alluded Epaulets, perhaps no badge of saintship, 180.
to, 196.

Epimenides, the Cretan Rip Van Winkle, 254.
Democracy, false notion of, 261 - its privi. Episcopius, his marvellous oratory, 208.
leges, 282.

Eric, king of Sweden, his cap, 202.
Demosthenes, 293.

Ericsson, his caloric engine, 242.
Destiny, her account, 187.

Eriksson, Thorwald, slain by natives, 269.
Devil, the, unskilled in certain Indian tongues, Essence-peddlers, 261.
178-letters to and from, 195.

Ethiopian, the, his first need, 263.
Dey of Tripoli, 189.

Evangelists, iron ones, 179.
Didymus, a somewhat voluminous grammarian, Eyelids, a divine shield against authors, 188.

Ezekiel, text taken from, 191.
Dighton rock character might be usefully em Ezekiel would make a poor figure at a caucus,
ployed in some emergencies, 197.

Dimitry Bruisgins, fresh supply of, 194.
Diogenes, his zeal for propagating certain vari-

ety of olive, 201.
Dioscuri, imps of the pit, 179.

Faber, Johannes, 289,
District Attorney, contemptible conduct of one, Factory-girls, expected rebellion of, 190.

Facts, their unamiability, 266 - compared to an
Ditchwater on brain, a too common ailing, 189. old-fashioned stage-coach, 269.
Dixie, the land of, 260.

Falstaffii legio, 284.
Doctor, the, a proverbial saying of, 178.

Family-trees, fruit of jejune, 201 - a primitive
Doe, Hon. Preserved, speech of, 269-271.

forest of, 270.
Doughface, yeast-proof, 193.

Faneuil Hall, a place where persons tap them-
Downing Street, 244.

selves for a species of hydrocephalus, 189
Drayton, a martyr, 189 --- north star, culpable a bill of fare mendaciously advertised in, 201.
for aiding, whether, 191.

Father of country, his shoes, 203.
Dreams, something about, 277.

Female Papists, cut off in the midst of idolatry,
Dwight, President, a hymn unjustly attributed 202.
to, 279.

Fenianorum rire, 284.
D. Y., letter of, 195.

Fergusson, his “Mutual Complaint,"
F. F., singular power of their looks, 260.
Fire, we all like to play with it, 189.
Fish, emblematic, but disregarded, where, 188.

Fitz, Miss Parthenia Almira, a sheresiarch,
Eagle, national, the late, his estate administered

upon, 241.

Flam, President, untrustworthy, 185.
Earth, Dame, a peep at her housekeeping, 189. Flirt, Mrs., 255.
Eating words, habit of, convenient in time of Flirtilla, elegy on death of, 288.
fainine, 186.

Floyd, a taking character, 265.
Eavesdroppers, 194.

Floydus furcifer, 284,
Echetlæus, 179.

Fly-leaves, providential increase of, 188,
Editor, his position, 191 - commanding pulpit Fool, a cursed, his inalienable rights, 282.

of, 192 - large congregation of, ib. — name Foote, Mr., his taste for field-sports, 190.
derived from what, ib. fondness for mut Fourier, a squinting toward, 188.
ton, ib. -- a pious one, his creed, ib. - a show Fourth of July ought to know its place, 272.
man, 193— in danger of sudden arrest, with Fourth of Julys, boiling, 184.
out bail, 194.

France, a strange dance begun in, 191 — about
Editors, certain ones who crow like cockerels, to put her foot in it, 259.

Friar Johm, 245.
Edwards, Jonathan, 288.

Fuller, Dr. Thomas, a wise saying of, 180.
Eggs, bad, the worst sort of, 273.

Funnel, old, hurraing in, 176.
Egyptian darkness, phial of, use for, 197.
Eldorado, Mr. Sawin sets sail for, 201.
Elizabeth, Queen, mistake of her ambassador,

Emerson, 243.

Gabriel, his last trump, its pressing nature,
Emilius, Paulus, 246.

Empedocles, 191.

Gardiner, Lieutenant Lion, 246.
Employment, regular, a good thing, 199. Gawain, Sir, his amusements, 189.
Enfield's Speaker, abuse of, 272.

Gay, S. H., Esquire, editor of National Anti-
England, late Mother - Country, her want of 1 slavery Standard, letter to, 194.

tact, 244 - merits as a lecturer, ib. -- her Geese, how infallibly to make gwans of, 248.
real greatness not to be forgotten, 246 -- not Gentleman, high-toned Southern, scientifically
contented (unwisely) with ber own stock of classed, 256.



Getting up early, 174, 178.

I ronic verses, 283 - teacher of high-school,
Ghosts, some, presumed fidgety (but see Still 289.
ing's Pneumatology), 1941.

Hogs, their dreams, 237.
Giants formerly stupid, 189.

Holden, Mr. Shearjashub, Preceptor of Jaalam
Gideon, his sword needed, 251.

Academy, 196 – his knowledge of Greek lim-
Gift of tongues, distressing case of, 188.

ited, 197 - a heresy of his, ib. -- leaves a fund
Gilbert, Sir Humphrey, 208.

to propagate it, ib.
Globe Theatre, cheap season-ticket to, 191. Holiday, blind man's, 299.
Glory, a perquisite of officers, 199 - her ac Hollis, Ezra, goes to a Cornwallis, 176.
count with B. Siwin, Esq., 201.

| Hollow, why inen providentially so constructed,
Goatsnose, the celebrated, interview with, 1

God, the only honest dealer, 251.

Holmes, Dr., author of "Annals of America,"
Goings, Mehetable, unfounded claim of, dis 236.
proved, 243.

Homer, a phrase of, cited, 192.
Gomara has a visiou, 178 — his relationship to Homer, eldest son of Mr. Wilbur, 288,
the Scarlet Woman, ib.

Horners, democratic ones, pluins left for, 185.
Governor, our excellent, 235.

Hotels, big ones, humbugs, 252.
Grandfather, Mr. Biglow's, safe advice of House, a strange one described, 237.

Howell, James, Esq., story told by, 183 — let-
Grandfathers, the, knew something, 252.

ters of, commended, 195.
Grand jurors, Southern, their way of finding a Huldah, her bonnet, 278.
true bill, 239.

Human rights out of order on the floor of Con-
Grantus dur, 285.

gress, 189.
Gravestones, the evidence of Dissenting ones Humbug, ascription of praise to, 193 — gener.
beld doubtful, 269.

ally believed in, ib.
Gray's letters are letters, 195.

Husbandry, instance of bad, 180.
Great horn spoon, sworn by, 190.
Greeks, ancient, whether they questioned can-

didates, 197.
Green Man, sign of, 182.

Icarius, Penelope's father, 181.
Icelander, a certain uncertain, 268.
Idea, the Southern, its natural foes, 266 - the

true American, 295.
Habeas corpus, new mode of suspending it, Ideas, friction ones unsafe, 272.

Idyl defined, 243.
Hail Columbia raised, 239.

Indecision, mole-blind, 295.
Hain, sandwich, an orthodox (but peculiar) one, Infants, prattlings of, curious observation con-

191 — his seed, 257 — their privilege in the ceruing, 175.

Bible, ib. - immoral justification of, ib. Information wanted (universally, but especially
Hamlets, machine for making, 198.

at page), 194.
Hammon, 187, note, 196.

Ishmael, young, 252.
Hampton Roads, disaster in, 263.
Hannegan, Mr., something said by, 190.
Harrison, General, how preserved, 196.
Hat, a leaky one, 240.
Hat-trees in full bearing, 201.

Jaalam, unjustly neglected by great events,
Hawkins, his whetstone, 242.

Hawkins, Sir John, stout, something he saw, Jaalam Centre, Anglo-Saxons unjustly suspect-

ed by the young ladies there, 178-"Inde-
Hawthorne, 243.

pendent Blunderbuss," strange conduct of
Hay-rick, electrical experiments with, 282. editor of. 191 - public meeting at, 195 —
Headlong, General, 246.

meeting-house ornamented with imaginary
Hell, the opinion of some concerning, 277 - | clock, 202.
breaks loose, 281.

Jaalam, East Parish of, 236.
Henry the Fourth of England, a Parliament of, Jaalam Point, lighthouse on, charge of, pro-
how named, 183.

spectively offered to Mr. H. Biglow, 196.
Il-09, self-respect attributed to, 237.

Jacobus rer, 284.
Herb, the Circean, 269.

Jakes, Cantain, 207 - reproved for avarice, ib.
Herbert, George, next to David, 254.

Jamaica, 291.
Hercules, his second labor probably what, 208.

ots, experiment by, 175.
Herinon, fourth-proof dew of, 257.

Jarnagin, Mr., his opinion of the completeness
Herodotus, story from, 175.

of Northern education, 190.
Hesperides, an inference from, 202.

Jefferson, Thomas, well-meaning, but injudi-
Hessians, native American soldiers, 260.

ciou, 272.
Hickory, Old, his method, 282.

Jeremiah, hardly the best guide in modern pol-
Higgses, their natural aristocracy of feeling, itics, 274.

Jerome, Saint, his list of sacred writers, 195.
Hitchcock, Doctor, 268.

Jerusha, ex-Mrs. Sawin, 241.
Hitchcock, the Rev. Jeduthun, colleague of Mr. Job, Book of, 175 - Chappelow on, 192.

Wilbur, 236 - letter from, containing notices Johnson, Andrew, as he used to be, 271 - as he
of Mr. Wilbur, 279 - ditto, enclosing maca-l is : see Arnold, Benedict.



Johnson, Mr., communicates some intelligence, Luther, Martin, his first appearance as Europa,

Jonah, the inevitable destiny of, 191 --- probably Lyžus, 286.

studied internal economy of the cetacea, 194 Lyttelton, Lord, his letters an imposition, 195.
- his gourd, 257 - his unanimity in the whale,

Jonathan to John, 252.
Jortin, Dr., cited, 183, 187, note.
Journals, British, their brutal tone, 244.

Macrobii, their diplomacy, 197.
Juanito, 267.

Magoffin, a name naturally noble, 258.
Judea, everything not known there, 181 - not Mahomet, got nearer Sinai than some, 192.
identical with A. D., 278.

Mahound, his filthy gobbets, 178.
Judge, the, his garden, 243 - his hat covers Mandeville, Sir John, quoted, 244.
many things, ib.

Mangum, Mr., speaks to the point, 190.
Juvenal, a saying of, 187, note.

Manichæan, a, excellently confuted, 188.
Man-trees, grow where, 201.
Maori chieftains, 245."
Mapes, Walter, quoted, 245 - paraphrased, id.

Mares'-nests, finders of, benevolent, 194.
Kay, Sir, the, of modern chivalry, who, 189. Marius, quoted, 255.
Key, brazen one, 189.

Marshfield, 203, 205.
Keziah, Aunt, profound observation of, 173. Martin, Mr. Sawin used to vote for him, 205.
Kinderhook, 203.

Mason and Dixon's line, slaves north of, 190.
Kingdom Come, march to, easy, 198.

Mason an F. F. V., 266.
Königsmark, Count, 175.

Mason and Slidell, how they might have been

made at once useful and ornainental, 266.
Mass, the, its duty defined, 190.
Massachusetts on her knees, 174 - something

mentioned in connection with, worthy the
Lablache surpassed, 262.

attention of tailors, 184 - citizen of, baked,
Lacedemonians banish a great talker, 192.

boiled, and roasted (nefandum!), 200.
Lamb, Charles, his epistolary excellence, 195. Masses, the, used as butter by some, 186.
Latimer, Bishop, episcopizes Satan, 175.

Maury, an intellectual giant, twin birth with
Latin tongue, curious information concerning, Simms (which see), 258.

Mayday a humbug, 274.
Launcelot, Sir, a trusser of giants formerly, M. c., an invertebrate animal, 187.
perhaps would find less sport therein now, Me, Mister, a queer creature, 276.

Mechanics' Fair, reflections suggested at, 197,
Laura, exploited, 288.

Learning, three-story, 276.

Medium ardentispirituale, 284.
Letcher, de la vieille roche, 258.

Mediums, spiritual, dreadful liars, 278.
Letcherus nebulo, 284.

Memminger, old, 240.
Letters classed, 195 — their shape, ib. -of can- Mentor, letters of, dreary, 195.
didates, 196 - often fatal, ib.

Mephistopheles at a nonplus, 191.
Lettres Cabalistiques, quoted, 244.

Mexican blood, its effect in raising price of
Lewis Philip, a scourger of young native Amer cloth, 202.

icans, 187 — commiserated (though not de- Mexican polka, 179.
serving it), ib. note.

Mexicans charged with various breaches of eti-
Lexington, 247.

quette, 178 — kind feelings beaten into them,
Liberator, a newspaper, condemned by impli-

cation, 182.

Mexico, no glory in overcoming, 185.
Liberty, unwholesome for men of certain com Middleton, Thomas, quoted, 255.
plexions, 192.

Military glory spoken disrespectfully of, 177,
Licking, when constitutional, 260.

note - militin treated still worse, ib.
Lignun vitæ, a gift of this valuable wood pro Milk-trees, growing still, 201.
posed, 178.

Mill, Stuart, his low ideas, 265.
Lincoln, too shrewd to hang Mason and Slidell, Millenniums apt to miscarry, 282.

Millspring, 266.
Literature, Southern, its abundance, 258. Mills for manufacturing gabble, how driven,
Little Big Boosy River, 241.

Longinus recommends swearing, 176, note (Fu- Mills, Josiah's, 276.
seli did same thing).

Milton, an unconscious plagiary, 184, note - A
Long sweetening recommended, 198.

Latin verse of, cited, 192 - an English poet,
Lord, inexpensive way of lending to, 240.

268 – his “Hymn of the Nativity," 280.
Lords, Southern, prove pur sang by ablution, Missionaries, useful to alligators, 238 - culinary

liabilities of, 257.
Lost arts, one sorrowfully added to list of, Missions, a profitable kind of, 192.

Monarch, a pagan, probably not favored in phi-
Louis the Eleventh of France, some odd trees losophical experiments, 175.
of his, 201.

Money-trees, desirable, 201 - that they once
Lowell,' Mr. J. R., unaccountable silence of, existed shown to be variously probable, ib.

Montaigne, 289.

Montaigne, a communicative old Gascon, 194. 1 O'Phace, Increase D., Esq., speech of, 183. Monterey, battle of, its singular chromatic Opinion, British, its worth to us, 245.

effect on a species of two-headed eagle, 187. Opinions, certam ones compared to winter flies, Montezuma licked, 238.

254. Moody, Seth, his remarkable gun, 241 - his Oracle of Fools, still respectfully consulted, brother Asaph, ib.

183. Moquis Indians, praise worthy custom of, 268. Orion becomes commonplace, 194. Moses, held up vainly as an example, 192 Orrery, Lord, his letters (lord !) 195.

construed by Joe Smith, ib. - (not, A. J. Ostracism, curious species of, 183.

Moses) prudent way of following, 209. Ovidii Nasonis, carmen supposititium, 284. Muse in yoked, 284. Myths, how to interpret readily, 197.


Palestine, 178.

Paley, his Evidences, 298. Naboths, Popish ones, how distinguished, 179. Palfrey, Hon. J. G., 184, 186 (a worthy repreNana Sahib, 244.

sentative of Massachusetts). Nancy, presumably Mrs. Biglow, 246.

Pantagruel recommends a popular oracle, Napoleon III., his new chairs, 203.

183. Nation, rights of, proportionate to size, 178 — Panurge, 245 — his interview with Goatsnose, young, its first needs, 264.

197. National pudding, its effect on the organs of Paper, plausible-looking, wanted, 264.

speech, a curious physiological fact, 179. Papists, female, slain by zealous Protestant Negroes, their double usefulness, 210 - getting bomb-shell, 202. too current, 265.

Paralipomenon, & man suspected of being, Nephelim, not yet extinct, 208.

196. New England overpoweringly honored, 186 - Paris, liberal principles safe as far away as,

wants no more speakers, ib. -- done brown 192. by whom, ib. -- her experience in beans be- Parliamentum Indoctorum sitting in permayond Cicero's, 197.

nence, 183. Newspaper, the, wonderful, 193 - a strolling Past, the, a good nurse, 189.

theatre, ib. - thoughts suggested by tearing Patience, sister, quoted, 177. wrapper of, 194 --& vacant sheet, ib. - a Patriarchs, the, illiterate, 242. sheet in which a vision was let down, ib. - Patricius, brogipotens, 284. wrapper to a bar of soap, ib. - a cheap im Paynims, their 'throats propagandistically cut,

promptu platter, ib. New World, apostrophe to, 252.

Penelope, her wise choice, 181. New York, letters from, commended, 195. People, soft enough, 192 — want correct ideas, Next life, what, 192.

200 - the, decline to be Mexicanized, 270. Nicotiana Tabacum, a weed, 268.

Pepin, King, 195.
Niggers, 180 — area of abusing, extended, 185 - 1 Pepperell, General, quoted, 246.
Mr. Sawin's opinions of, 206.

Pequash Junction, 289.
Ninepence a day low for murder, 176.

Periwig, 196. No, a monosyllable, 179 - hard to utter, il | Perley,' Mr. Asaph, has charge of bass-viol, Noah enclosed letter in bottle, probably, 1

254. Noblemen, Nature's, 259.

Perseus, King, his avarice, 246. Nornas, Lapland, what, 202.

Persius, a pithy saying of, 186, note. North, the, has no business, 190 -- bristling, Pescara, Marqi

crowded off roost, 196 - its mind naturally | Peter, Saint, a letter of (post-mortem), 195. unprincipled, 272.

Petrarch, exploited Laura, 288. North Bend, geese inhumanly treated at, 196 Petronius, 245. mentioned, 203.

Pettibone, Jabez, bursts up, 258. North star, a proposition to indict, 191. Pettus came over with Wilhelmus Conquistor, Northern Dagon, 241.

258. Northmen, gens inclytissima, 267.

Phaon, 288. Notre Dame de la Haine, 256.

Pharaoh, his lean kine, 251. Now, its merits, 276.

Pharisees, opprobriously referred to, 192.
Nowhere, march to, 277.

Philippe, Louis, in pea-jacket, 193.
Phillips, Wendell, catches a Tartar, 273.
Phlegyas quoted, 191.
Phrygian language, whether Adam spoke it,

175. O'Brien, Smith, 244.

Pickens, a Norman name, 258. Off ox, 195.

Pilcoxes, genealogy of, 236. Officers, miraculous transformation in character Pilgrim Father, apparition of, 277.

of, 178 - Anglo-Saxon, come very near being Pilgrims, the, 185. anathematized, ib.

Pillows, constitutional, 187. Old age, an advantage of, 243.

Pine-trees, their sympathy, 276. Old One, invoked, 262.

Pinto, Mr., some letters of his commended, Onesimus made to serve the cause of impiety, 195. 257.

| Pisgah, an impromptu one, 202.

[ocr errors]

Platform, party, a convenient one, 200.
Plato, supped with, 194 - his man, 196.
Pleiades, the, not enough esteemed, 19.

Rafn, Professor. 267.
Pliny, his letters not admired, 195.

Rag, one of sacred college, 179.
Plotinus, a story of, 189.

Rantoul, Mr., talks loudly, 176 – pious reason
Plymouth Rock, old, a Convention wrecked on, for not enlisting, ib.

Recruiting sergeant, Devil supposed the first,
Poets apt to become sophisticated, 274.

Point Tribulation, Mr. Sawin wrecked on, 201. Religion, Southern, its commercial advantages,
Poles, exile, whether crop of beans depends on, 256.
177, nole.

Representatives' Chamber, 189.
Polk, nomen gentile, 258.

Rhinothism, society for promoting, 194.
Polk, President, synonymous with our country, Rhyme, whether natural not considered, 175.

180 - censured, 185 - in danger of being Rib, an infrangible one, 198.
crushed, 186.

Richard the First of England, his Christian fer-
Polka, Mexican, 179.

vor, 178.
Pomp, a runaway slave, his nest, 206 — hypo-Riches conjectured to have legs as well as wings,

critically groans like white man, ib. - blind 191.
to Christian privileges, ib. - his society | Ricos Hombres, 255.
valued at fifty dollars, ib. - his treachery, Ringtail Rangers, 242.
207 - takes Mr. Sawin prisoner, ib. - cruelly Roanoke Island, 266.
makes him work, ib. — puts hiinself illegally Robinson, Mr. John P., his opinions fully stated,
under his tuition, ib. dismisses him with 180, 181.

contumelious epithets, ib. - a negro, 238. Rocks, pocket full of, 199.
Pontifical bull, a tamed one, 178.

Roosters in rainy weather, their misery, 237.
Pope, his verse excellent, 175.

Rotation insures mediocrity and inexperience,
Fork, refractory in boiling, 178.

Portico, the, 288.

Rough and ready, 204 — a wig, 215 - a kind of
Portugal, Alphonso the Sixth of, a monster, scratch, ib.

Royal Society, American fellows of, 279.
Post, Boston, 181 - shaken visibly, 182-bad Rum and water combine kindly, 269.

guide-post, ib. -- too swift, ib. -- edited by a Runes resemble bird-tracks, 268.
colonel, ib. -- who is presumed officially in Runic inscriptions, their different grades of un-
Mexico, ib. - referred to, 188.

intelligibility and consequent value, 267.
Pot-books, death in, 197.

Russell, Earl, is good enough to expound our
Power, a first-class, elements of, 263.

Constitution for us, 244.
Preacher, an ornamental symbol, 192 - Russian eagle turns Prussian blue, 187.

breeder of dogmas, ib. - earnestness of, im- | Ryeus, Bacchi epithelon, 286.

portant, 208.
Present, considered as an annalist, 192 — not

long wonderful, 194.
President, slave holding natural to, 193- must
be a Southern resident, 201 - must own a Sabbath, breach of, 168.
nigger, ib. - the, his policy, 295 - his resem- | Sabellianism, one accused of, 196.
blance to Jackson, 296.

Sailors, their rights how won, 250.
Princes mix cocktails, 264.

Saltillo, unfavorable view of, 177.
Principle, exposure spoils it, 184.

Salt-river, in Mexican, what, 177.
Principles, bad, when less harmful, 179 — when Samuel, avunculus, 285.
useless, 271.

Samuel, Uncle, 239 — riotous, 187 -- yet has
Professor, Latin, in College, 283 - Scal- | qualities demanding reverence, 192 - a good
iger, 284.

provider for his family, ib. - an exorbitant
Prophecies, fulfilment of, 266.

bill of; 202 - makes some shrewd guesses,
Prophecy, a notable one, 187, note.

252-254-expects his boots, 259.
Prospect Hill, 247.

Sangculottes, draw their wine before drinking,
Providence has a natural life-preserver, 22. 190.
Proviso, bitterly spoken of, 195.

Santa Anna, his expensive leg, 200.
Prudence, sister, her idiosyncratic teapot, 199. Sappho, some human nature in, 288.
Psammeticus, an experiment of, 175.

Sassy Cus, an impudent Indian, 246.
Psyche, poor, 289.

Satan, never wants attorneys, 178 - an expert
Public opinion, a blind and drunken guide, 179 talker by signs, ib. - a successful fisherman

- nudges Mr. Wilbur's elbow, ib. — ticklers with little or no bait, ib. - cunning fetch of,
of, 185.

179 – dislikes ridicule, 182 – ought not to
Punkin Falls " Weekly Parallel," 279.

have credit of ancient oracles, 187, note - his
Putnam, General Israel, his lines, 247.

worst pitfall, 257.
Pythagoras a bean-hater, why, 197.

Satirist, incident to certain dangers, 180.
Pythagoreans, fish reverenced by, why, 189. Savages, Canadian, chance of redemption of-

fered to, 208.
Sawin, B., Esquire, his letter not written in

verse, 175 -- a native of Jaalam, ib. - not

regular attendant on Rev. Mr. Wilbur's
Quid, ingens nicotianum, 285.

preaching, 176 -- a fool, ib. - his statements
Quixote, Don, 189.

trustworthy, ib. - his ornithological testes,

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