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Now, bein' born in Middlesex, you Starts out the tents au' booths o' Put. know,

nam's lines; There's certin spots where I like best | The rail-fence posts, acrost the hill thet to go:

runs, The Concord road, for instance, (1, for Turn ghosts o' sogers should'rin' ghosts one,

o' guns; Most gin'lly ollers call it John Bull's Ez wheels the sentry, glints a flash o' Run,)

light, The field o' Lexin'ton where England Along the firelock won at Concord tried

Fight, The fastest colours thet she ever dyed, An', 'twixt the silences, now fur, now An' Concord Bridge, thet Davis, when nigh, he came,

Rings the sharp chellenge, hums the Found was the bee-line track to heaven low reply. .

an' fame, Ez all roads be by natur', ef your soul Ez I was settin' so, it warn't long sence, Don't sneak thru shun-pikes so 's to Mixin' the puffict with the present save the toll.


I heerd two voices som'ers in the air, They 're 'most too fur away, take too | Though, ef 1 was to die, I can't tell much time

where: To visit ofen, ef it ain't in rhyme: Voices I call 'em : 't was a kind o' But the 's a walk thet 's hendier, a sight,

Like pine-trees thet the wind 's agethAn' suits me fust-rate of a winter's rin' through ; night,

An', fact, I thought it was the wind a I mean the round whale's-back o' Pros- | spell, pect Hill.

Then some misdoubted, could n't fairly I love to l'iter there while night grows .. tell, still,

Fust sure, then not, jest as you hold an An' in the twinklin' villages about, Fust here, then there, the well-saved I knowed, an' did n't, - fin'lly seemed lights goes out,

I to feel An' nary sound but watch-dogs' false 'T was Concord Bridge a talkin' off to

kill alarms, Or muffled cock-crows from the drowsy With the Stone Spike thet 's druv thru farms,

Bunker's Hill; Where some wise rooster (men act jest Whether 't was so, or ef I on'y dreamed, thet way)

| I could n't say; I tell it ez it seemed. Stands to 't thet moon-rise is the break oday:

THE BRIDGE. (So Mister Seward sticks a three-months' Wal, neighbor, tell us wut 's turned up pin

thet 's new? Where the war 'd oughto eend, then You ’re younger 'n I be, — nigher Bostries agin;

ton, tu: My gran’ther's rule was safer 'n 't is to An' down to Boston, ef you take their 1 crow:

showin', Don't never prophesy --- onless ye know.) | Wut they don't know ain't hardly wuth I love to muse there till it kind o' seems the knowin'. Ez ef the world went eddyin' off in There's sunthin' goin' on, I know: las' dreams;

night The northwest wind thet twitches at my The British sogers killed in our gret baird

fight Blows out o'sturdier days not easy (Nigh fifty year they hed n't stirred nor scared,

spoke) An' the same moon thet this December Made sech a coil you 'd thought a danı shines

hed broke:

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Why, one he up an' beat a reveilee | Must I go huntin' round to find a chap With his own crossbones on a holler i To tell me when my face hez hed a slap?

tree, Till all the graveyards swarmed out like

THE MONIMENT. a hive With faces I hain't seen sence Seventy-See here: the British they found out a

flaw Wut is the news ? 'T ain't good, or

In Cap'n Wilkes's readin' o' the law : they 'd be cheerin'.

(They make all laws, you know, an' so, Speak slow an' clear, for I'm some hard ,

o' course,

It's nateral they should understan' their o'hearin'.

force :)

He'd oughto ha'took the vessel into port, THE MONIMENT.

An' hed her sot on by a reg'lar court; I don't know hardly ef it's good or She was a mail-ship, an'a steamer, tu, bad,

An' thet, they say, hez changed the THE BRIDGE.

pint o' view, At wust, it can't be wus than wut we've Coz the old practice, bein' meant for hau.


Ef tried upon a steamer, kind o' fails;

You may take out despatches, but yoy You know them envys thet the Rebbles

mus' n't

Take nary man —
An' Cap'n Wilkes he borried o' the


You mean to say, you dus' n'li Wut! they ha'n't hanged 'em? Then Changed pint o' view! No, no, – it' their wits is gone!

overboard Thet 's the sure way to make a goose a With law an' gospel, when their ox is swan! THE MONIMENT.

I tell ye, England's law, on sea an' land, No: England she would hev 'em, Fee,

Hez ollers ben, I've gut the heaviest

hand.Fuw, Fum!

Take nary man? Fine preachin' from (Ez though she hed n't fools enough to |

her lips ! home,) So they've returned 'em

Why, she hez taken hunderds from our


An' would agin, an' swear she had a THE BRIDGE.

right to, Hev they? Wal, by heaven, Ef we warn't strong enough to be perlite Thet 's the wust news I 've heerd sence to. Seventy-seven!

Of all the sarse thet 1 can call to mind, By George, I meant to say, though I England doos make the most onpleasant declare

kind: It 's 'most enough to make a deacon It's you 're the sinner ollers, she's the swear.


Wut's good 's all English, all thet is n't Now don't go off half-cock : folks never | Wut profits her is ollers right an' just,

ain't; gains

An' ef you don't read Scriptur so, you By usin' pepper-sarse instid o' brains.

must ; Come, neighbor, you don't understan'

She's praised herself ontil she fairly

thinks THE BRIDGE.

There ain't no light in Natur when she

How? Hey?! winks ; Not un lerstan'? Why, wut 's to hen. Hain't she the Ten Comman'ments in dor, poray?

her pus?


Could the world stir ’thout she went, tu, | Ez though she done it all, an' ten times

ez nus? She ain't like other mortals, thet 's a Au' nothin' never hed gut done afore, fact :

Nor never could agin', 'thout she wuz She never stopped the habus-corpus act, spliced Nor specie payments, nor she never yet On to one eend an' gin th' old airth a Cut down the int'rest on her public hoist. debt;

She is some punkins, thet I wun't deny, She don't put down rebellions, lets 'em (For ain't she some related to you 'n' breed,

I ?) An''s ollers willin' Ireland should se- But there's a few small intrists here cede;

below She's all thet 's honest, honnable, an' Outside the counter o John Bull an' fair,

Co, An' when the vartoos died they made An', though they can't conceit how 't her heir.

should be so,

I guess the Lord druv down Creation's THE MONIMENT.

spiles Wal, wal, two wrongs don't never make 'thout no gret helpin' from the British a right;

Isles, Ef we 're mistaken, own up, an' don't An' could contrive to keep things pooty fight:

stiff For gracious' sake, ha'n't we enough to Ef they withdrawed from business in a du

miff; 'thout gettin' up a fight with England, 1 ha' n't no patience with sech swellin' tu?

fellers ez She thinks we ’re rabble-rid

Think God can't forge 'thout them to

blow the bellerses.


THE MONIMENT. An' so we can't Distinguish 'twixt You ought n'ı an' You 're ollers quick to set your back You sha'n't!

aridge, She jedges by herself; she's no ideay Though 't suits a tom-cat more 'n a How 't stiddies folks to give 'em thsir sober bridge : fair sheer:

Don't you git het : they thought the The odds 'twixt her an' us is plain 's a _ thing was planned; steeple,

They 'll cool off when they come to Her People's turned to Mob, our Mob's understand. turned People.

She 's riled jes' now -

Ef thet 's wut you expect, you 'll hev

to wait : THE BRIDGE.

Folks never understand the folks they

hate : Plain proof her cause ain't strong, - She'll fin' some other grievance jest ez The one thet fust gits mad's 'most ollers good, wrong.

'fore the month 's out, to git misunder. Why, sence she helped in lickin' Nap the stood. Fust,

England cool off! She 'll do it, ef she An' pricked a bubble jest agoin' to sees

She's run her head into a swarm o' With Rooshy, Prooshy, Austry, all as bees. sistin',

I ain't so prejudiced ez wut you spose : Th' ain't nut a face but wut she's shook I hey thought England was the best her fist in,

I thet goes ;


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