The Last Tournament

James R. Osgood & Company, 1872 - 48页

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第20页 - Free love — free field — we love but while we may : The woods are hush'd, their music is no more : The leaf is dead, the yearning past away : New leaf, new life — the days of frost are o'er : New life, new love to suit the newer day : New loves are sweet as those that went before : Free love, — free field — we love but while we may.
第11页 - And truth is this to me, and that to thee; And truth or clothed or naked let it be. Rain, sun, and rain! and the free blossom blows: Sun, rain, and sun! and where is he who knows? From the great deep to the great deep he goes.
第47页 - He rose, he turn'd, and flinging round her neck, Claspt it; but while he bow'd himself to lay Warm kisses in the hollow of her throat, Out of the dark, just as the lips had touch 'd, Behind him rose a shadow and a shriek — "Mark's way," said Mark, and clove him thro
第31页 - Fall, as the crest of some slow-arching wave Heard in dead night along that tableshore Drops flat, and after the great waters break Whitening for half a league, and thin themselves Far over sands marbled with moon and cloud, From less and less to nothing...
第47页 - Ay, ay, O ay — the winds that bend the brier! A star in heaven, a star within the mere! Ay, ay, O ay — a star was my desire, And one was far apart, and one was near: Ay, ay, O ay — the winds that bow the grass! And one was water and one star was fire, And one will ever shine and one will pass. Ay, ay, O ay — the winds that move the mere.
第22页 - I'll hold thou hast some touch Of music, since I care not for thy pearls. Swine? I have wallow'd, I have wash'd — the world Is flesh and shadow — I have had my day. The dirty nurse, Experience, in her kind Hath foul'd me — an I wallow'd, then I wash'd — I have had my day and my philosophies — And thank the Lord I am King Arthur's fool.
第45页 - The wide world laughs at it . And worldling of the world am I, and know The ptarmigan that whitens ere his hour Woos his own end ; we are not angels here Nor shall be : vows — I am woodman of the woods, And hear the garnet-headed yaffingale Mock them : my soul, we love but while we may ; And therefore is my love so large for thee, Seeing it is not bounded save by love.