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I cried with

ту whole heart, Hear me, O Lord, I will keep thy statutes: Great peace have they which love thy law ; and nothing shall offend them. I have kept thy precepts and thy testimonies ; for all my ways are before thee. I have gone astray like a lost sheep : seek thy servant; for I do not forget thy commandments. Psalm cxix. 145, 165,

168, 176. The word of God should be ever connected with prayer; for why is

it that many hear and read, without being the better? They do not pray in faith for a blessing. We must, like David, pray with the ut. most fervour, that we may understand and retain the word of God, and bring forth fruit ; for a Christian has nothing so much at heart as that he may always act up to the word and will of God; his prayer is, LORD, let my footsteps be sure, according to thy word;

and let nothing contrary to thy law have dominion over me, either in my doctrine or practice! If this prayer be granted, great will be our peace; for the word of God is a word of peace; Jesus himself will be our peace, and then nothing shall offend us; we shall take heed unto all our ways before God, and so walk before him as to continue humble, like David, who considered himself as a straying and lost sheep, LORD, we are by nature straying and lost sheep; seek and fetch us back from the error of our ways, and preserve us in thy pasture ! My soul has gone too far astray,

Yet, since I've not forgot thy way,
My feet too often slip;

Restore thy wand'ring sheep.

I have waited for thy salvation, O Lord. Gen. xlix. 18. MANY have received comfort from these words in death, and waited

in faith for their salvation. The thoughtless and impenitent wait
only for temporal prosperity in their lives, and therefore cannot expect
eternal bliss; but, on the contrary, a dreadful judgment after death,
O that they would enter into themselves this very day, that, at the
eve of life, they might, like Jacob and Simeon, depart in peace! We
will not, therefore, look for any earthly things, but for the Saviour,
who is already come, who will grant us his salvation, his aid and deli-
verance in life and death, and will conduct us safely at last, though
we should wait some time for his help, Yes, my Redeemer, they
who wait, depend upon, and hope in thee, shall not be ashamed !
Grant us only faith and patience, that we may wait on thee from one
morning-watch to another; and enduring all things, make the whole
course of our lives one perpetual expectation of thy aid; and
ever abundantly experience thy help and salvation, especially at our
latter end !
Christ's own soft hand shall wipe the tears | How long, dear Saviour, O how long
From ev'ry weeping eye ;.

Shall this bright hour delay !
And pains and groans, and griefs and fears, Fly swiftly round, ye wheels of Time,
And Death itself shall die !

And bring the welcome day!

may we

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For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that

whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world, through him, might be saved. He that believeth on him

is not condemned. John iii. 16-18. Oh that these truly precious words were ever warmly impressed on

our hearts ! that they were our last thoughts at night, and the first at our waking in the morning; and that they were improved in such a manner, as to make our dying-bed easy in the evening of our life, and to insure oùr rising with gladness in the morning of the resurrection! and what more blessed and delightful meditations can I daily dwell upon than to think thus : God has loved me, even me, when I was his enemy ; and so loved

me, that he gave me his only Son! Bless me with faith in CHRIST, then Christ is mine, and all things are mine (1 Cor. iii. 21); for he has not spared his own Son, but delivered him up for us all; how shall he not with him also freely give us all things ? Rom. viii. 32. He will never suffer a believing soul to perish;

he has passed his word for it. It is he that says: I shall not perish ; I shall not be condemned,” but have everlasting life if I believe. This will I build and depend upon to my last moments, as upon an immove, able rock. Amen and Amen. , for this love let earth and skies And the full choir of human tongues With hallelujahs ring!


All hallelujahıs sing!

In Christ we hace redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of

sins. Col. i. 14. Having forgiven you all trespasses. Blotting out the hand-zeriting of ordinances that was against us, which was con. trary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross. Col. ii.

13, 14. Therefore, said he, It is finished. John xix. 30. Hast thou, O my soul, felt the weight of thy own guilt and misery, and

been enablød, in reality and truth, to lay hold by faith, of the blood of Christ for thy redemption, and faithfully to devote thyself to Him in heart and life? Then hast thou a sure foundation to go upon ; let it be thy constant care firmly to depend upon these, and such like blessed declarations ; look to Jesus for every blessing thou standest in need of! Has CHRIST brought life and immortality to light ? — then look unto him and live. Is there redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins?-then throw all thy guilt upon his atonement. Has he blotted out the hand-writing of ordinances that was against thee? - then shake off self-righteous dependencies and legal fears also. Did he die for thy sins ? - then let his goodness and love lead thee to unfeigned repentance ; let the sense of thy sins break thine heart, but ençourage thy hope in the gospel. Not all the blood of beasts,

My Faith would lay her hand On Jewish altars slain,

On that dear head of thine, Could give the guilty conscience peace, While like a penitent I stand, Or wash away the stain!

And there confess my sin ! But Christ, the heavenly Lamb,

My soul looks back to see Takes all our sins away;

The burdens thou didst bear A sacrifice of nobler name,

When hanging on the cursed tree; And richer blood than they'

And hopes her guilt was there.

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Keep me as the apple of the eye: hide me under the shadow of thy wings,

Psalm xvii. 8. Divine Answer. He shall cover thee with his feathers; and under his wings shalt thou trust : His truth shall be thy

shield and buckler. Psalm xci. 4. There is none, O Lord, that has more need continually to keep close

to thee in prayer and faith ; and at the same time none is more unable to do it than I, the least of all thy flock ! O, that thou wouldst be graciously pleased to incline and enable me to this blessed work ! and grant that thy good spirit, according to his own pleasure, may never suffer me to be faint and backward in the same! Whilst I truly rest my faith under the wings of thy grace, I am sure of defence, power, and comfort ; but as soon as I wander from thee I am in danger of losing the comfortable sense of these privileges, and falling into various errors and perplexities. “Guide me, O LORD, by thy counsel in this world, and at last receive me into glory!" Amen.

He that has made his refuge God, Thrice happy man! thy Maker's care Shall find a most secure abode;

Shall keep thee from the fowler's snare; Shall walk all day beneath his shade, Satan, the fowler, who betrays And there at night shall rest his head. Unguarded souls a thousand ways. Just as a hen protects her brood

What though a thousand at thy side, From birds of prey that seek their blood, At thy right hand ten thousand dy'd; Under her feathers, so the Lord

Thy God his chosen people saves Makes his own arm his people's guard, Amongst tủe dead, amidst the graves,

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