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of this treaty.

hoftilities against them and their allies, and so have both requested the said Maha Rajah to be long as he shall continue in friend!hip with the the mutual guarantee for the perpetual and inPethwa, that they will in no respect act hostilely variable adherence of both parties to the conditowards him.

tions of this treaty; and the said Madhoo Row Art. X. The Peshwa engages, on his own be. Scindia, from a regard to the welfare of both half, as well as on behalf of the Nabob Nizam ftates, bath taken upon himself the mutual gua. Ally Cawn, Ragojee Boufala, Syna Saheb Souba, rantee. If either of the parties thall deviate from and the Nabob Hyder Ally Cawn, that they shall the conditions of this treaty, the laid Maha Rajab in every respect maintain peace towards the Eng. . will join the other party, and will, to the utmott lith and their allies the Nabob Alophaul Dow- of his power, endeavour to bring the aggreffor to lah Behader, and the Nabob Mahomed Ally Cawn a proper understanding. Behader, and shall in no respect whatever give Art. XVII. It is hereby agreed, that whatthem any disturbance. The English engage, on ever territories, forts, or cities, in Guzzerat, were their own behalf, as well as on the behalf

of their granted by Ragonaut Row to the English, preallies the Nabob Asophaul Dowlah, and the Na-- vious to the treaty of Colonel Upton, and have bob Mahomed Ally Cawn, that they shall in come into their pofteffion, the reititution of every respect maintain peace towards the Peshwa, which was stipulated in the 7th article of the said and his allies the Nabob Nizam Ally Cawn, Ra- "treaty, shall be restored agreeably to the terms of gojee Boulala, and Syna Saheb: and the English

the laid treaty. farther engage on their own behalf, as well as on This treaty, consisting of seventeen articles, is the behalf of their allies, that they will maintain

settled at Saibey, in the camp of iviana Rajat peace allo towards the Nabob Hyder Ally Cawn,

Subadah Madhoo Row Scindia, on the 4th of the under the conditions specified in the gth article

month Jemmad ul Suany, in the year 1187

of the Hiiegera, correpending with the 17th of Art. XI.' The Honourable the East India May 1782, of the Christian æra, by the laid Company and the Peshwa mutually agree, that

Maha Rajah, and Mr. David Anderson, A the vessels of each ihall offer no disturbance to the copy hereof shall be sent, by each of the abovenavigation of the vessels of the other: and

named persons, to their respective principais at the vessels of each shall be allowed access to the

Fort William, and Poonah; and, on both copies ports of the oth r, where they shall meet with no being returned, the one under the seal of the Homolestation, and the fullest protection shall be

nourable the East India Company, and signature reciprocally afforded.

of the Honourable Governor General and CounArt. XII. The Peshwa, and the chiefs of the

cil of Fort William, to be delivered to Maha Marattah state, hereby agree, l'hat the English. Rajah Madhoo Row Scindia Behader; and the hall enjoy the privilege of trade as formerly, in other, under the seal of the Peshwa Madhoo Row the Marattah territories, and shall meet with no

Pundit Purdhan, and the signature of Bellakind of interruption: and in the same manner, jee Pundit Nana furnavese, to be delivered to the East India Company agree, that the subject's Mr. Anderson; this treaty shall be deemed of the Peshwa shail be allowed the privileges of compleat and ratified, and the articles herein trade without interruption in the territories of the

contained shall become binding on both the con English,

tracting parties. Art. XIII. The Peshwa hereby engages, that

(Written in the Marattah character, by Rahe will not fuffer any factories of other European goo Bhow Dewan.) lo al seventeen Articles, nations to be established in his territories, or those

on the 4th of Jemmad ul Akher, or the sta of the chiefs dependent on him, excepting only

of Jeyt Adeck, in the Shukul Pattah, in the year fuch as are already established by the Portuguese,

1182.' and he will hold no intercourse of friendship with

Subscribed in the Marattah character, by Man any other European nations: and the English on

hajee Scindia, on the same day. their part agree, that they will not afford affift- Agreed to what is above written, ance to any nation of Deocan, or Hindoftan, at

D. ANDERSON, enmity with the Peshwa.

Witnesses, Art. xiv. The English and the Peshwa mu- JAS. ANDERSON. tually agree, that neither will afford any kind of

WM. BLAIN. aflittance to the enemies of the other.

A true Translation. Art. XV. The Honourable the Governor

J. ANDERSON, General and Council of Fort William engage,

Afisant to the Embassy, that they will not permit any of the chiefs, de- ( Subscribed in the hand-writing of Nana pendents, or subjects of the English, the gentle. Furravese. Done by me Ballajee Inardine, on men of Bombay, Surat, or Madras, to act con- the 15th of Mohurrum, in the year 1183, (De. trary, at any place, to the terms of this treaty: cember 29, 1782) under the small seal of the in the fame manner the Peshwa Madhoo Row Peshwa; ratified also by Scindia, the 21st of Raba Pundit Purdhan engages, that none of the chiefs bie ul Qwal; counter part subscribed by Mr. Ana or subjects of the Marattak state shall act con- derson, the 24th of February 1783. trary to them.

Art. XVI. The Honourable East India Com. pany and the Peshwa Madhoo Row Pundit Purd- But, notwithstanding all these pacific arrangehan, having the fullest confidence in Maha Ra- ments, the three per cent, consolidated stock was, jah Subadar Madhoo Row Scindia Behader, they on the 24th inftant, to low as 6ol. 155. This ciro


cumstance is truly alarming, and demands the this month respecting some new disturbances in immediate attention of government; who ought South America, but we can by no means vouch to penetrate the true cause of fo serious an evil, ' for it's authenticity. and endeavour to counteract it's ruinous effects. We have no certain intelligence that Ruffia If an universal confidence in our funds is once and the Porte have as yet commenced hoftilities, loft, tbe fun of Great Britain will indeed fet! though news to this effect seems to be hourly ex.

The fall of stocks has been charged on the ex- pected by all Europe. France and England, it portation of the English gold coin, as well as on the is faid, are both determined to preserve a perfect pew channels of commerce opened by the peace; neutrality; but, though both these laft powers and perhaps it may, in some measure, be fairly “have, we believe had quite enough of war for ascribable to these causes : but, whatever may be the present, we cannot bring ourselves to expect the cause, melancholy must be the effect of that that they will long remain inactive, should this -Iofs of public credit which we have too much rea- event take place. Indeed, the meditated conteft fon to dread, if proper measures are not hastily between these powerful empires seems likely to pursued to avert the threatening danger.

involve all Europe; and it is from this confideraAt the beginning of this month, an alarming tion alone, that we ftill think the Grand Seignior disease among the horned cattle made it's ap- may be prevailed upon, by his European friends, pearance in Nottinghamshire, but it happily to accommodate matters with the Empress. In Turned out to be merely local.

the mean time, the Emperor of Germany keeps The resolutions of the Dungannon Volunteers, up a most powerful army, and is daily making in Ireland, seem to promise much serious, but the greateit exertions possible for the eftablishnot unexpeeted business. If thou art wise, Hi- ment of a respectable navy; the King of Prussia bernia, be satisfied with what has been conceded, is ready to take the field on the fighteft occaleft Britannia should perceive that the has already fion; Poland is under perpetual alarm; Dengranted too much!

mark and Sweden are indefatigable in itrengthed. Nothing material from Anierica has this ing their marine; and even the little Republic of month transpired; but we are in daily expectation Venice is likewise increasing her naval power. of important intelligence from that quarter. Nor have France and Spain fo haftily disband.

The attempt of the Spaniards against Algiers ed their armies, or laid up their ships of war, as has by no means been successful; and they have might naturally have been expected, did there returned into port with very little additional ho- "not appear at least a frong probability that their nour. A report has been pretty freely circulated assistance would soon be wanted.


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Madrid, August 12.

centre of the town, where it continued all the ON Antonio Barceló informs our court, evening.

that fince he left Carthagena, he had D. Joachim Moscoso, commander of the brig constantly met with contrary winds; but on the Fincalter, who brought these dispatches, adds, 29th of July he arrived before the Bay of Ad- that having been sent off in the night of the giers. The swell, and the winds, did not per- 2d, he could nut get away till the next day at mit him to begin the attack before the sft instant; eight o'clock; so that he faw the third attack, and, during that interval, he was joined by such which took place in the morning, from half past of the ships of his squadron as had parted on the fix till three quarters after seven, when the wind passage. That day, the weather becoming calm, freshening, he pursued his course. He thinks though the sea continued very rough, he formed that this attack has had more success than the his line of battle; the 18 bomb-ketches form- two preceding ones; but could not discover it's ed the front; the 13 gun boats were placed in effects, on account of the smoke produced by the the wings to support them, and the boarding- fire of the Algerine batteries, which was fiercer boats, xebecks, bilanders, and other vessels of than that of the day before. war, ready to act against the enemies fhips, if Smyrnay August 18. The plague is much any attempted to come out. At half past two abated in our environs; the fogs are dissipated, the firing began, and did not end till fun-fet, and we begin to enjoy a pure and serene air. when the bomb-vessels had expended all their Madrid, Aug. 19. The expedition against ammunition. Three hundred and eighty bombs Algiers is at an end. The fleet returned to tvere thrown that day; and the Algerine bat. Carthagena the 11th instant: the following are the teries threw 30 bombs, and 1075 bullets, which most interesting particulars that have occurred. patling over the Spanish line, killed only two After the attack of the ist, 2d, and 3d instant, a men, and wounded two others.

The next fresh attempt was made by Don Barcelo, on the day, at half past two, a fresh attack was made, 4th, which lasted two hours. During this which lasted two hours, during which twenty- time 558 tells, and 490 bullets, were fired off, two embarkations with oars came out of Algiers, by which means the town was set on fire at the when the gun-boats obliged them to take helter four corners. The enemies fallied out with again. The bomb-ketches threw 375 bombs, eleven gallica; but these were so successfully rewhich set fire to two places in the east, towards pulsed by Serjeant-Major Don Guievechea, that the Moles, where it lared an hour, and in the leveral of them were driven on thore along the



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Coast. In the courfe of this attack, the Algerines at Nonais en Vivarez, of a philosophical turn lec off 97 thells, and 1318 builets, which greatly of mind, conceived it possible to form a ballong damaged some of our ihallops. The weather did or air-globe, which should rife without share aid not permit us to attempt any thing on the sth. of wings, foar beyond the reach of light, and But the next day, as the general was preparing lose itself above the clouds: Monf. De St. Fond, and advancing to attack the enemy, he obterved a member of one of the learned academies, hapthe Algerines making towards us with red-hot pened to hit upon the same idea ; but, whether bullets, the heat of which was exhaufted before

in consequence of a previous communication with they could reach us. Ac half pait fix, our fire Montieur Montgolfier, or not, is yet undetermigrew brilker; we threw up 447 shells and 699 can- ned. However, a globe or machine of caffety, don-balis, which occafioned new fires within the twelve feet in diameter, was made by the latter,

The enemy plied us with 1842 cannon- and plaistered all over with an elastic gum; the balls and 68 thells. In the afternoon we re- whole weighing 25 pounds. Public notice had fumes our destructive work; and, by means of 506 previoully been given by government of this bufibullets, and 446 thells thrown into the town, the

ness, to prevent the terrors which such an apo fire broke out in three different places. On the pearance might otherwise have excited among other hand, the Algerines returned our fire by the people, and two cannons were fired as a signal 1366 balls and thells, by which fix of our bomber for the machine to be launched off, when the inketches and three gun-boats were damaged; the ventor cutting a cord that held it, it immedilong-boat belonging to the Maltese frigate, St. ately mounted into the air, and turning occaIsabella, was funk, one man killed, and one fionally round it's own axis, it was in about a wounded. On the 7th, early, we returned to the minute carried compleatly out of sight. A label, attack; and, during the two hours and a half it containing the year, month, and day, when it lafted, sent into the town 430 Mhells and 526 can., was sent into the air, with a promise of go ecus, non-balls, which greatly damaged their batte- or 150 livres, to the person who should find it, was ries, and occafioned the blowing up of a powder- fixed to the globe, which fell three quarters of magazine. We received, in return, 1348 can- an hour after, at Goneffe, four leagues from non-balls, and 38 fhells, by which the frigate Paris. Carmel was considerably damaged, and the ma- It may appear surprizing that this machina ter dangerously wounded. At tour in the after- hould continue to mount, in spite of the attracnoon, the attack was renewed, and two new fires tion which draws bodies to the earth; but, extrabroke out in the town, occalioned by 426 balls ordinary as it may appear, it is perfectly natural. and 444 shells from us. The enemy firing 1493 The globe being hollow, was filled with inflamballs, and 23 shells, over our gun-boat, No. I. mable air, or æther; and as it is the nature of was funk, by which accident Sub-Lieutenant Don flame to ascend, the machine, by means of the J. Villavicencio, and 19 men, were drowned; fiery particles it contained, continued to ascend, che commanding officer, Don Irisari, and 19 or at least float, and resist the attraction of the more of the crew, were so fortunate as to escape earth, till the internal æther evaporated, and then, with their lives. On the 8th, our general de- in obedience to the laws of gravitation, it nea tached a number of gun-boats and bomb-ketches; ceffarily fe!l. The whole affair is in general lusupported by the frigates Santa Rosa, Carmel, dicrously treated. and two Maltese, with the xebecs Murcien and

Elfineur, Sept. 5. An English ship has just St. Anthony, by the good conduct of whose offi- gafled the Sound, having on board 16 officers eers and crews, the boats and gallies which the and 20 surgeons of that nation, engaged in the enemy had sent out early in the morning, were Russian service. driven back; after which our general gave the The officers of the customs at Riga having signal for a fresh attack, during which we fired demanded of six French ships arrived there the 83 cannon-balls, and 220 shells: from these one duty for the timber they had on board, the of the Algerine gallies received. confiderable da- Fre.ch. conful refused to pay it, alledging they mage. The fire returned by the enemy confifted were ships of war, and in consequence exempted of 18 shells, and 453 balls. At twelve o'clock from all duties. at noon, a large Thallop of the Algerines blew up, Paris, Sept. 7. An account of our naval occafioned by our well-directed fire of 440 balls losses is handing about; whereby it appears, that and 443 thells.

during the course of the war 27 thips of the line Matters being thus fituated, the commander and 43 frigaies and Noops were either taken by in chief came to a resolution, confirmed therein the enemy, destroyed, or loft; an amount that by the unanimous voice of the pilots and officers, nearly equals that of the preceding war, when to retire;; and, on the gth, at mid-day, was un. England (except for the year that Spain engader sail with the whole fquadron, except the ged in the quarrel) had no other power to conŞanta Pascale, the frigate Santa Rosa, and tend with. the xebec Santa Sebastiano, which were left to Hamburgb, Sept. 12. We learn from Copencruize in the Bay,

hagen, that in the parish of Skaperfeld, not far Paris, Aug. 28. Al Paris was yesterday from Mount Hecla, the volcanoes are opened, evening drawn to the Champ de Mars, or Camo which fend forth smoke and flames, and whore pus Martius, which lies in front of the military lavas have overflowed an extent of fifteen miles academy, founded by the late king for the edue in length, and seven in breadth, and destroyed cation of the young noblelle, in military tactics. three churches. Since this event the atmosphere Monsieur Montgolfier," a paper-manufactuier bas been covered with fo thick a vapour, thats


the sun is not discernible, and the lands have Hague, Sept. 21. Baron Thulemeyer, envoy. fuffered greatly, 1 he new island near Raickenas extraordinary from the King of Prussia, has pre. is firmly fixed; but finoke and fire continually sented a memorial to their High Mightinelles, illue from

expressing, as it is said, ' that his Majesty, feeing Paris, Sept. 18. Sixteen brokers, suspected of the war at an end, is no longer willing that his having circulated several false bills of exchange, subjects reading in this country should pay the were arrested on Monday last, and committed to double (laft en veilged) duty or import and exthe Great Cattle.

port for their ships and cargoes.'




St. James's, Sept. 12. Yesterday evening Da. HIS Gazette does not contain any intel- vid Hartley, Esq. arrived with the Definitive ligence.

Treaty between his Majesty and the United States SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 6.

of America, which was signed at Paris the 3d

instant, by him, as his Majesty's plenipotentiary, At the Court at St. James's, the 5th of Sep- and by the plenipotentiaries of the United States. teinber 1783,

Petersburgh, Aug. 12. On Saturday last, at PRESENT,

nine o'clock in the evening, her Imperial HighThe King's most excellent Majesty in Council. ness the Great Dutchess was safely delivered of His Majesty in council was this day pleased to

a Princess at Czarsko-Zelo. This joyful event ander, that he parliament, which ftands pro

was immediately announced to the public by a rogued to Tuesday the ninth day of this instant discharge of two hundred and one pieces of canSeptember, should be farther prorngued to Thurf

The new-born princess is named Alexanday the 16th day of October following.

drina Pawleona.

Constantinople, Aug. 8. The unfeasonable At the Court at St. James's, the 5th of Sep- weather still continues here with little variation, tember 1783.

but the mortality occafioned by the contagion PRESENT,

seems to increase, more people having been car

ried vff during the last three days, than in so The King's most excellent Majesty in Council.

short an interval at the time of the memorable It is this day ordered by his Majesty in coun- plague in 1778. ail, that the embargo at present subsisting upon (This Gazette likewise contains the address hips and vessels laden, or to be laden in the ports of the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Common of Great Britain and Ireland with provisions, be Council of the city of London, on the safe delitaken off; and that the several regulations con- very of the Queen, and birth of another Prin. zained in his Majesty's order of the 18th of August cess, with his Majesty's answer.] 1980, fhall ceafe and determine: and the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners of his Ma- TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16., jesty's Treasury, the Lords Commissioners of the Whiteball, Sept. 16. Advices have been reAdmiralty, and the Lord Lieutenant of his Man ceived over land from Fort William, Bengal, jesty's kingdom of Ireland, are to give fuch di- dated the Toth of March laft, which confirm rections for taking off the said embargo, as to the accounts of the treaty with the Mahratta them may respectively appertain.

State being concluded on the 17th of May 1782, W. FALKENER. and ratified at Fort William on the 6th of June

following; that it was compleatly ratified by the TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9.

Peshwa and ministers at Poona, on the zoth of St. James's, Sept.g. On Saturday night last December ; and that the original counterparts Captain Warner arrived with the Preliminary of the treaty were finally interchanged, with Articles between his Majesty and the States Ge

every public formality, between Mr. Anderson neral, figned at Paris on the 2d of this month; and Madajee Sindia, on the 24th of February as also the Definitive Treaties of Peace between laft. his Majesty and the most Christian and Catholic kings, signed at Vertailles on the 3d, by his

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 20. Grace the Duke of Manchester, his Majesty's am St. James's, Sept. 18. This evening the cebaffador-extraordinary and plenipotentiary, and remony of the christening of the young princess by the respective plenipotentiaries of their most was performed in the Great Council Chamber by Christian and Catholic Majesties, and the States his Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury. Her General.

Royal Highness' was named Amelia. The Definitive Treaty with the United States The fponsors were, bis Royal Highness the of America' was also signed at Paris on the 3d, Prince of Wales, and their Royal Highnesses the by David Hartley, Erg. his Majesty's plenipo- Princess Royal and Princess Augufta. tentiary, and by the plenipotentiaries of the St. Ildefonso, Sept. 5. The Princess Asturias United States ; and Mr. Hartley is hourly ex- was this morning happily delivered of two prina pected to arrive with it.

cea, the eldest of whom was christened by the


name of Charles, and the youngest by the name of said treaty of peace and friendship be observed inPhilip. Her Royal Highness is in a fair way of violably, as well by sea as land, and in all places recovery.

whatsoever; strictly charging and commanding ail

our loving subjects to take notice hereof, and conTUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23.

form themselves thereunto accordingly, Given St. James's, Sept. 23. Last night one of the

at our court at St. James's, the twenty-sixth day king's messengers, dispatched by his Grace the

of September one thousand seven hundred and Duke of Manchester, arrived with the Most Chrif

eighty-three, in the twenty-third year of our tian and Catholic Kings ratifications of the Defi- reign. nitive Treaties of Peace, figned the third of this

GOD save the KING. month, which were exchanged with his Grace,

Copenhagen, Sept. 9. Accounts are received against those of his Majesty, on the 19th inftant, at from Iceland, of a violent eruption having taken Versailles, by the ambassador and plenipotentiary place in that island, upon the 8th of June. Seof their Moft Chriftian and Catholic Majesties.

veral villages have been destroyed, and a consideOn this occafion the Tower and Park guns were

rable tract of country is buried under immense fired this day at one o'clock.

depths of lava: the new island also continues to The ratifications of the Preliminary Articles by

emit great quantities of fire, and was still increasing the States General were not arrived at Paris when

when the last ships came from thence. the messenger set out, but were daily expected. Letters from Iceland, of the 24th of July, con.

St. James's, Sept. 23. Yesterday being the an- tain the most dismal detail of the devastations osniversary of their Majesties coronation, the Park

cafioned by the course of the lava, and affirm that and Tower guns were fired at one o'clock; and in

the eruptions continued even at that date. the evening there were illuminations and other

(This Gazette likewise contains a proclamapublic demonftrations of joy.

tion by the king for the farther prorogation of the SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 27.

parliament, from Thursday the 16th day of Octo

ber, to Tuesday the 11th day of November next.] BY THE KING,


Dublin Castle, Sept. 23, 1783. Yesterday be. GEORGE R.

ing the anniversary of their Majesties coronation, WHEREAS a Definitive Treaty of Peace and in the morning the fag was hoified on Bedford Friendship between us, the Most Christian King, Tower: at noon the great guns in his Majesty's parks and the King of Spain, hath been concluded at the Phænix were fired three rounds, and antwered Versailles on the third day of this instant Sep by vollies from the regiments in garrison, which tember, and the ratifications thereof have been ex- were drawn out in the Royal Square at the bar. changed upon the nineteenth instant: in confor- racks: in the evening a play was given by his Ex. mity thereuato, we have thought fit hereby to cellency the Lord Lieutenant for the entertainment command, that the same be publithed throughout of the ladies, and the night concluded with bonall our dominions. And we do declare to all our fires, illuminations, and other demonstrations of loving subjects, our will and pleasure, that the joy.


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in his way at Newgate, agreeably to ancient cusSEPTEMBER 1.

tom, and partaking of a cool tankard with the LIVE of the convicts who escaped from the keeper.

Swift transport, on the coast of Sussex, be- 4. The Honourable Colonel Gordon, the ing assembled at a house in Onslow Street, Saffron Third, and Lieutenant Colonel Thomas, of the Hill, three conftables were sent to apprehend First Regiment of Guards, met, at fix this mornthem; when a scuffle ensuing, two of the villains ing, at the Ring in Hyde Park. It was agreed ran up stairs, and escaped from a back window : upon by their seconds, that after receiving their the other three armed themselves, one with a po- pistols, they should advance and fire when they ker, another with a shovel, and the third with a pleased. On arriving within about eight yards of clasp-knife; crying aloud, as with one voice, ‘Cut each other, they presented, and drew their triggers .6 away! we shall be hanged if taken, and we will nearly at the same time, when only Colonel Gor• die on the spot rather than submit.' The contest don's pistol went off. Lieutenant Colonel Thobecoming bloody, one of the constables had his , mas having adjusted his pistol, fired at Colonel forehead laid open, and received three deep wounds Gordon, who received a fevere contusion on his from his right-eye downwards; another of them thigh. Their second pistols were fired without was terribly wounded by a large poker a little above effect, and their friends called to re-load them; one of his temples, but closed with his antagonist, after which they again advanced to nearly the same and threw him down; the third constable, by strik- distance and fired, when Lieutenant Colonel Thoing the villain he encountered, on his right-hand mas fell, having received a ball in his body. Cowith a cutlass, disarmed him: upon which they all lonel Thomas received immediate aflittarce from submitted. They were carried befort W. Black- a surgeon who attended Colonel Gordon, and who borow, Esq. who committed them to Newgate. extracted the ball on the field, but the wound 3. The Lord Mayor went in state to Smith

proved mortal. and wroclaimed Bartholomew Fair; calling 6. The Coroner of Weitminster, and a most

2 H


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