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with all the clauses, conditions, and ftipulations form, and with equal force and effect, as we, if which are therein contained, was concluded by

we were present, could do and perform : engaging the mediation of her Imperial Majesty of all the

and promising, on our royal word, that we will Ruflias. In witness whereof, we have signed approve, ratify, and accept, in every more perfect these presents with our hands, and have caused

form, whatever may happen to be transacted and the seals of our arms to be affixed thereto.

concluded by our faid plenipotentiary, and that Done at Versailles, the third of September, fringed by any one, either in the whole, or in

we will never suffer the fame to be violated or in. one thousand seven hundred and eighty-thiee. (L. S.) PRINCE I WAN BARIATINSKOY.


In with and for the greater validity

of all which, we have caused our. Great Seal of (L. S.). A. MARCOFF.

Great Britain to be affixed to these presents,

signed with our royal hand. Given at our court *IS BRITANNIC MAJESTY'S FULL POWER at St. James's, the twentieth day of April, in GEORGE R.

the year of our Lord one thousand seven hun.

dred and eighty-three, and in the twenty-third GEORGE the Third, by the Grace of God, King

year of our reign. of Great Britair, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, Duke of Brunswick and Lunen

HIS CATHOLIC MAJESTY'S FULL POWER, burgh, Arch Treasurer and Prince Elector of the Holy Roman Empire, &c. To all and fingular Don Carlos, by the Grace of God, King of to whom these presents shall come, greeting Caftile, Leon, Arragon, the 'Two Sicilies, JeruWhereas for perfecting the peace between us, and salem, Navarre, Granada, Toledo, Valencia, our good brother the Catholic King, which has Gallicia, Majorca, Seville, Sardinia, Çordova, been happily begun by the Preliminary Articles al- Cortica, Murcia, Jaen, the Algarves, Algeziras, Teady signed at Versailles, on the 20th day of Jan, Gibraltar, the Canary Islands, the East and West uary last, and for bringing the fame to the desired Indies,islands and terra-firma of the ocean; Archconclusion, we have thought proper to invest fome Duke of Austria, Duke of Burgundy, Brabant, fit person with full authority, on our part; and and Milan; Count of Apsburg, Flanders, Tirol, whereas our right trusty and right entirely be- and Barcelona; Lord of Biscay and Molina, &c. loved cousin and counsellor, George Duke and Whereas, Preliminary Articles of Peace having Earl of Manchester, Viscount Mandeville, Baron been happily ageed upon between my kingdom of of Kimbolton, Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotu. Spain, and that of England, as well as between forum of the county of Huntingdon, has merited the other powers, there will soon be occafion to our favour, by his illustrious descent, eminent assemble a general Congress wherever it may be qualities of mind, singular experience in affairs, thought most proper and best adapted to the comand approved fidelity, on whom therefore we have mon interests, in order to settle and determine deconferred the character of our ambassador-extra- finitively all matters in controversy between those crdinary and plenipotentiary at the court of our powers and states, who have taken part in the good brother the Most Christian King, being per- war now drawing to a conclusion; and considering fuaded that he will highly dignify the office which it very probable that the French court will be we have resolved to entrust to him: know ye preferred on account of it's convenient situation, therefore, that we have made, constituted, and and the attendance there of those plenipotentiaappointed, and by these presents, do make, con ries who have interposed in forming the said Preftitute, and appoint, him the said George Duke liminary Articles, I have thought it necessary and of Manchester, our true, certain, and undoubted proper to again authorize a person in my highest plenipotentiary, commissioner and procurator; esteem and confidence, endowed with knowledge giving and granting to him full and all manner and experience, to the end that, in my name, be of

power and authority, as also our general and may affift at all conferences, treat, fettle, and de. special command, at the court of our said good termine, whatever may concern my interests in brother the Most Christian King, for us and in the intended Definitive Treaty: therefore, all these our name, to meet and confer with the ambassa- requisites and qualifications concentering in you, dors, commissioners, deputies, and plenipoten- Don Pedro Pablo Abarca De Bolea Ximenes tiaries, as well of our good brother the Catho- D'Urrea, &c. Count of Aranda and Caftel-Flori. lic King, as of the other princes and states. do, Marquis of Torres, Villanan, and Rupit, whom it may concern, being furnished with suf- Viscount of Rueda and Yuch, Baron of the baroficient authority, whether fingly and separately, nies of Gavin, Sietano, Clamosa, and others; or collectively and jointly, and with them to Lord of the Tenencia and honour of Alcalaten, agree, treat, consult, and conclude upon the re- &c. Rico-Hombre in Aragon by descent, gran. etablishing, as soon as, may be, òf a firm and dee of Spain of the first class, knight of the order lasting peace, and fincere friendthip and concord;

of the Golden Fleece, and of that of the Holy and for us, and in our name, tú lign whatever Ghost, gentleman of my bed-chamber in emmay be to agreed upon and concluded; and also ployment, captain-general of my forces, and my to make, and mutually deliver and receive, a ambailador,-extraordinary to his Moft Christian treaty or treaties, or such other and so many Majesty, I have refolved to authorize you, as by instruments as shall be requisite, upon the busi-, there presents I do authorize and name you, and ness concluded, and to transact all other matters. grant to you my full power, in the most ample which may relate to the happily accomplishing and extensive forin, in order that, with the of the aforesaid work, in as ample manner and other miniffers duly empowered by the re


to us.


BRITISH MAGAZINE: AND REVIEW: 229 spective sovereigns, or states, whom they repre- this salutary business, and interpose our friendly tent, you may treat, fettle, conclude, and fign, all offices for establishing the peace, of which the fuch points as relate to the establishment of the foundations were happily laid by the abovemen general peace, by means of the Definitive Treaty tioned previous conditions, in order that, by the which is now in agitacion; promising, on the united efforts of the mediators, the great worka faith and word of a king, to approve, ratify, of peace night, on every side, be the more cerfulfil, and cause to be strictly fulfilled, whatever tainly accomplished. We, ever intent upon that articles, conditions, or agreements, you may con- object, perceived with the greater satisfection clude and sign. In witness wherejf, I have or- the sentiments of the abovementioned princes, dered these presents to b. dispatched, figned by and having previously concerted measures with my hand, sealed with my privy seal, and coun her Majesty the Empress of all the Rultias, did terligned by my under-written counsellor, and not hehtate to confirm the expectations they had first secretary of state and of the dispatches. Par- conceived on our part, by accepting, with a do, the eighth of February, one thousand seven willing and chearful mind, the trust committed hundred and eighty-three.

For which end we have made choice of

the illustrious and nobie, our faithiul and be (L. S.) I'THE KING. lored Florimond Count De Mercy-Argenteau,

knight of the Golden Fleece, our actual privy JOSEPH MONINO.

counsellor, ansi our ambassador residing at the

court of the Most Serene and Moft Potent King THE EMPEROR'S FULL

of France and Navarre, a perlon of singular fi: WE Joseph the Second, by the Divine Favour,

delity, integrity, and experience, in the proper Emperor Ele&t of the Romans, always August, hereby given him full power to take upon him,

conduct of affairs; and have appointed, and King of Germany, Jerufalem, Hungary, Bohemia, Dalmatia, Croatia, Slavonia and Lodome

in our name, the office of Mediatur, conjointly ria; Archduke of Austria, Duke of Burgundy,

with such person or persons who shall be appointed,

and furnished with equal full power, as well un Lorrain, Stiria, Carinthia and Carnioliaji Great Duke of Tuscany; Great Prince of Transilva- Ruffias, as co-mediatrix, as on the part of the

the part of her Majesty the Impreis of all the nia; Marquis of Moravia; Duke of Brabant, Limburg, Luxemburg and Gueldres, Wirtem

other princes who may be interested therein, and

to contribute his counsel and assistance for conberg, Upper and Lower Silesia, Milan, Mantua, Parma, Placentia and Guastalla, Osvecinia' and

cluding, by the interpotition of friendly offices and Zatoria, Calábria, Barri, Montserat and Ter

united efforts, such treaties, conventions or regu. chin Prince of Suevia and Carolopolis; Count

lations whatsoever, as may appear to be necessary of Hapsburg, Flanders, Tyrol, Hainault, Kiburg, thall subscribe and sign, and shall also deliver fuch

for compleating the work of peace; all which he Goricia and Gradisca; Marquis of the Holy Roman Empire, of Burgovia, Upper and Lower Luc instrument or instruments, on his part, as may be fatia, Mustopont and Nomeny, Count of Namur, proper and required of him for perfecting the buli, Provence, Vaudemont, Aldimont, Zutphen, Sar- sal word, that we will ratify, accept, and faithfully

ness: promiling,on our imperial, royal,and archduwar, Salm, and Falkenstein ; Lord of Marchpurg) fulfil, all such things as our faid ambassador shall Slavonia, and Mechlin

have concluded, promised and figned, by virtue By the tenor of these presents, make known and testify. to all and fingular whom it doth or

of these presents, and that we will order letters of may in any manner concern. During the time ratification to be expedited at the time agreed up,

on. In witness and for the greater validity where. that the late extensive war overspread almost the whole world, we, and her Majesty the Empress of, we have signed this instrument of full power

with our hand, and have ordered it to be confirmed and sole Monarch of all the Rulias, animated

with our imperial, royal, and archducal seal affixed with an equal defire of putting an end as soon as

thereto. Given in our city of Vienna, the 16th possible to the calamities of the war, did not omit frequently to mánifeft our earnest inclina

day of April, in the year of our Lord one thousand tion that by the interposition of our respective of our Roman Germanic reign, and the third of

seven hundred and eighty-three, in the twentieth and mutual friendly offices, a reconciliation of

our hereditary reign, the belligerent parties might be promoted, and the former peace and sincere concord between

JOSEPHUS. them be restored. It was very agreeable to us

W. KAUNITZ RIETBERG. to understand that our common endeavours had not failed of the desired effect; for a more paci. By, hiş Sacred, Imperial, and Royal Apofic disposition afterwards prevailing in the minds

folic Majesty's Ipecial sommand. of the princes engaged in the war, and the busia

ANT. SPIELMANN.. ness being already so far happily advanced, that previous conditions of peace, or preliminary are ticles, were agreed upon between them, on which

THE EMPRESS OF RUSSIA'S FULL POWER the general work of pacification might be found * By the Grace of God, we Catherine the Se. ed, the aforesaid mort Serene and most Potent cond, Empress and Sole Monarch of all the Princes defired; in a friendly manner, that, in Ruffias, of Moscovy, Kiovia, Vlodomiria, Novo. Ruflias, we would apply out joint attention to Czarina of Siberia, "Lady of Plefcau, and Great


* VOL Hl.

2 G


Dutchess of Smolensko, Dutchess of Estonia, of present full power, by the faid Prince Bariatin. Livonia, Carelia, Twer, Ingoria, Germia, Viat- skoy and Sieur Marcoff, as also to cause our ra. kia, Bulgaria, and other countries; Lady and tifications thereof to be expedited in the time Great Dutchess of Lower Novogorod, of Czer- agreed upon. In witness whereof, we have nigovia, Relan, Roftow, Jaroslow, Belo-Oforia, signed these prefents with our own hand, and Udoria, Obuoria, Condinia, Ruler of all the have caused the Great Seal of the empire to be Side of the North, Lady of Iveria, and Heredi- fixed thereto. Given at our residence of St. Pe. tary Princess and Sovereign of the Czars of tersburgh, the twelfth of March, in the year of Cartalinia and Georgia, as also of Cabardinia, Grace one thousand seven hundred and eightyof the Princes of Circassia, of Gorski, &c. Being three, and in the twenty-first year of our reigix. intent, during all the course of the late war,

CATHARINE. which had extended over every part of the earth, to testify how much we had it at heart to see the

Count Joan D'OSTERMANN. calamities thereof terminated, we were inclined, in conjunction with his Majesty the Emperor of the Romans, King of Hungary and Bohemia, to PRLLIMINARY ARTICLES OF PEACE, SI. employ our good offices, in order to find means TWEEN HIS BRITANNIC MAJESTY AND of conciliation proper for re-establithing peace THE STATES GENERAL OF THE UNITED and good understanding between the belligerent

SIGNED AT PARIS, SLB. powers. We have had the satisfaction to observe

TEMBER 2, 1783.
that our common endeavours' were not fruitless;
and the pacific sentiments, with which the said

In the name of the Most Holy Trinity. powers were happily animated, having ripened THE King of Great Britain and the States and strengthened fo far that they proceeded to General of the United Provinces, animated with conclude Preliminary Articles, serving as a basis an equal delire to put an end to the calamities of to the Definitive Treaties, they invited us, con- war, have already authorized their resp-etive mi. jointly with his Majesty' the Emperor of the nisters plenipotentiary to sign mutual declarations Romans, King of Hungary and Bohemia, to for a suspension of arms; and, being willing to recarry our united mediation into full execution, çstablish union and good understanding between and to interpose our good offices in this salutary the two nations, as necessary for the benefit of huwork, by concurring to consolidate and fully manity in general, as for that of their respective establish the peace, the foundations of which were dominions and subjects, have named for this puslaid by the aforesaid Preliminary Articles, and pose, to wit, on the part of his Britannic Majethus to accomplish the business of pacification ity, the most illustrious and most excellent Lord so happily begun. We, equally induced by the George Duke and Earl of Manchester, Viscount sentiments above expreffed, as by a juft acknow. Mandeville, Barou of Kimbolton, &c. his amledgment of those which were manifefted to us bassador-extraordinary and plenipotentiary to his on the part of the said powers, did not hesitate, moft Chriftian Majesty; and, on the part of their in concert with his Majesty the Emperor of the High Mightinesses, the faid States General, the Romans, to confirm their expectation, and to moft excellent Lords Machew Leftevenon de Ber. charge ourself with the important employment kenroode, and Gerard Brantsen, respectively their which was tendered to us For this end, we have ambassador and ambassador-extraordinary and made choice of, named and deputed, and by plenipotentiaries: who, after having duly commu. these presents do make choice of, name and nicated their full powers in good form, have agreed depute, our ministers plenipotentiary to his moft upon the following Preliminary Articles. Christian Majesty, our beloved and trusty Prince Art. 1. As soon as the Preliminaries shall be Iwan Bariatinskoy, lieutenant-general of our figned and ratified, sincere and constant friendship forces, knight of the crder of St. Anne; and shall be re-established between his Britannic Mathe Sieur Arcadius de Marcoff, our counsellor jesty, his kingdoms, dominions and subjects, and of Chancery; giving them full power, in our their High Mightinesses the States General of the name, and on our behalf, in quality of media. United Provinces, their dominions and subjects, tors, jointly with him or them who shall be named of what quality or condition soever they be, withfor this purpose and likewise furnilhed with full out exception either of places or persons; so that powers, on the part of his Majesty the Emperor the high contracting parties shall give the greatest of the Romans, King of Hungary and Bohemia, attention to the maintaining between themselves, to-mediator as well as on the part of the other and their said dominions and subjects, chis recipowers interested therein, to act or interpose, and procal friendship and intercourse, without permitassist with our mediation and good offices, in the ting hereafter, on either part, any kind of hofti. arrangement and completion of all such treaties, lities to be committed either by sea or by land, corrventions, or other instruments, as shall be for any cause or under any pretence whattoevera judged necessary for the consolidation and entire and they shall carefully avoid, for the future, every confirmation of the work begun; and also to thing which might prejudice the union happily sign and deliver, on their part, (ach, act or acts re-established, endeavouring, on the contrary, to as may be required and deemed conducive to the procure reciprocally, for each other, on every oca attainment of that end: promifing, on our faith casion, whatever may contribute to their mutual and imperial word, to approve and faithfully glory, interests, and advantage, wichove giving perform every thing which thall have been done, any affistance or protection, directly or indirectly, concluded, promised and figned, in virtue of the to chofe who would do any injury. to either of


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the high contracting parties. There shall be a commissaries fall be named on each side, to general oblivion of every thing which may have make suitable arrangements on these points. been done or committed, before or fince the com- Art. VIII. All the countries and territories mencement of the war, which is juft ended. which may bave been, or which may be con

Art. II. With respect to the honours of the quered in any part of the world whatsoever; by fag, and the salute at fea, by the ships of the Re. the arms of his Britannic Majesty, as well as public towards those of his Britannic Majesty, by those of the States General, which are not the same custom shall be respe&ively followed, as included in the present treaty, neither under the was practised before the commencement of the head of ceflionis, nor under the head of reftitu. war which is just concluded.

tions, ihall be restored without difficulty, and Art. III. All the prisoners taken on either without requiring any compensation. fide, as well by land as by sea, and the hostages Art. IX. As it is necessary to appoint, a certain carried away or given during the war, and to this period for the restitutions and evacuations to be day, shall be restored, without ransom in fix made, it is agreed, that the King of Great Briweeks at latest, to be computed from the day of tain thall cause Trinquemale to be evacuated, as the exchange of the ratification of these Prelimi- well as all the towns, forts, and territories, which nary Articles; each power respectively discharging have been taken by his arms, and of which he the advances which shall have been made, for the may be in poffeffion, excepting what is ceded to fubfiftence and maintenance of their prisoners, his Britannic Majesty by these articles, at the by the fovereign of the country where they shall same periods as the restitutions and eyacuations have been detained, according to the receipts, at- shall be made between Great Britain and France. tested accounts, and other authentic vouchers, The States General shall reffore, at the same which shall be furnished on each side: and sureties period, the towns and territories which their Thall be reciprocally given for the payment of the arms may have taken from the English in the debts which the prisoners may have contracted East Indies. In consequence of which,the neceffary in the countries where they may have been de. orders shall be sent by each of the high contracttained until their entire release. And all ships, ing parties, with reciprocal passports, for the ships as well men of war as merchant-thips, which may which shall carry them, immediately after the have been taken fince the expiration of the terms ratification of these Preliminary Articles. agreed upon for the ceflation of hoftilities, by fea, Art. X. His Britannic Majesty, and their Thall likewise be restored, bonâ fide, with all their High Mightinesses the aforesaid States General, crews and cargoes: and the execution of this are promise to observe fincerely, and bonâ fide, ticle shall be proceeded upon immediately after all the articles contained and established in this the exchange of the ratifications of this Prelimi- present Preliminary Treaty; and they will not nary Treaty.

suffer the same to be infringe directly or indiArt. IV. The States General of the United rectly, by their respective subjects: and the said Provinces cede and guaranty, in full right, to his high contracting parties guaranty to each other, Britannic Majesty, the town of Negapatnam, with generally and reciprocally, all the ftipulations of the dependencies thereof; but in confideration of the present articles. the importance which the States General of the Art. XI. The ratifications of the present United Provinces annex to the possession of the Preliminary Articles, prepared in good and due aforesaid town, the King of Great Britain, as a form, shall be exchanged in this city of Paris beproof of his good will towards the said States, pro- tween the high contracting parties, in the space mises, notwithstanding this ceffion, to receive and of one month, or. sooner if it can be done, to be treat with them for the refitution of the said

computed from the day of the fignature of the town, in case the States should hereafter have an

present articles. equivalent to offer him.

In witness whereof, we the under-written, Art. V. The King of Great Britain thall their ambassadors and plenipotentiaries, havę restore to the States General of the United Pro- figned with our hands, in their names, and vinces, Trinquemale, as a so all the other towns, by virtue of our full powers, the present forts, harbours, and settlements, which, in the Preliminary Articles, and have caused the course of the present war, have been conquered, seals of our arms to be affixed thereto. in any part of the world whatever, by the arms Done at Paris, the second day of September, of his Britannic Majesty, or by those of the one thousand seven hundred and eighty-three. English Eaft India Company, and of which he

L. VAN BERKENROOD E. might be in poffeffion; the whole in the condi. MANCHESTER. (L. S.) tion in which they shall be found.

(L. S.)

BRANTSEN. Art. VI. The States General of the United

(L.S. Provinces promise and engage not to obftru&t the navigation of the British subjects in the eastern

To compleat the pacific intelligence of this feas. Art. VII. - Whereas differences have arisen

month, the following treaty of perpecual friendbetween the English African Company and the hip, between the East India Company and the Dutch West India Company, relative to the na

Marattabs, is just arrived; which we shall like. Jacks of rupees near Baroach, the English do now, MARATTAH PEACE.

wife seize this early opportunity of laying before vigation on the coasts of Africa, as also on the

our readers, who will readily see the advantages subject of Cape Apollonia; for preventing all

which must accrue to our Oriental possessions cause of complaint between the subjects of the Wo Aations upoo those coafts, it is agreed that

from the conclufion of this important alliance.


at the request of Madiioo Row Scindia, cos' at TREATY OF PERPETUAL TRIENDSHIP AND

to relinquish their claim to the laid country et ALLIANCE BETWEEN THE HONOURABLE


Art. V. The country which Seeajee and Futty MADH00. ROW PUNDIT PURDHAN, SET

Sing Gwickwar g. ve 'o the English, and which TLED BY MR. DAVID ANDERSON ON THE

is mentioned in the 7th article of the treaty with PART OF THE HONOURABLE COMPANY, IN VIRTUE OF THE POWER'S DELEGATED

Colonel Upton, being therein left in a state of

suspense; the English, with a view to obviate all TO #IM FOR THAT PURPOSE, BY THE

future disputes, now agree, that it shall be reHONOURABLE THE GOVERNOR GENERAL

fored; and it is hereby lettled, that, if the said AND COUNCIL APPOINTED BY THE XING AND PARLIAMENT OF GREAT BRI

country be a part of the establislied territories of

the Gwickwar, it shall be restored to the GwickTAIN TO DIRECT AND CONTROUE ALL

war; and it it shall be a part of the Peshwa's THE POLITICAL AFFAIRS OF THE HO

territories, ii shall be restored to the Peshwa. NOURABLE ENGLISH EAST INDIA COM

Art. 11. The English engage, that having alPANY IN-INDIA; AND BY MAHA RAJAH lowed Ragonaut Row a period of four months, SU BADAR MADHOO ROW SCINDIA, AS from the time when this treaty shall become com. PLINÍPOTENTIARY ON THE PART OF

pleat, to fix on a place of refidence, they will not THE PE'SHWA MADHOO Row PUNDIT

after the expiration of the said period afford him PURDHAM, BALLAJEE PUNDIT NANA

any support, protection, or aflistance, nor supply FURNÁ VESE, AND THE WHOLE OF THE

him with money for his expences. And the PeshCHIEFS OF THE MARAI TAH NATION, wa on his part engages, that if Ragonaut Row AGREEABLY TO THE FOLLOWING ARTI.

will voluntari.y, and of bis own accord, repair to CLES, WHICH SHALL BE FOR OVER BIND

Maha Rajah Madhoo Row Scindia, and quietly ING ON THEIR HEIRS AND SUCCESSORS, reside with him, the sum of 25,000 rupees per AND THE CONDITIONS OF THEM TO BE

month Mall be paid him for his maintenance, and INVARIABLY OBSERVED BY BOTH PAR

no injury whatever shall be offered to him by the TIES.

Peshwa or any of his people.

Art. VII. The Honourable English East In. It is ftipulated and agreed to, between the dia Company and the Peshwa being desirous that Honourable the English East India Company their respecive allies shall be included in this and the Peshwa, through the mediation of peace, it is hereby mutually ftipulated, that each Madhoo Row Scindia, that all countries, places, party shall make peace with the allies of the other cities, and forts, including Baffeen, &c. which in the manner hereinafter specified. have been taken from the Peshwa, during the Art. VIII. The territory which has long been war that has arisen since the treaty settled by the established Jagheer of Seeajee Gwickwar, and Colonel Upton, and have come into the poffef- Futty Sing Gwickwar, that is to say, whatever fion of the English, shall be delivered up to the territory, Futty Sing Gwickwar possessed at the Peshwa. The territories, forts, cities, &c. to commencement of the present war, fhall herebe restored, shall be delivered within the space of after for ever remain on the usual footing in his two months from the period when this treatý poffeffion; and the said Futty Sing Mall

, from lhall become compleat, (as hereafter defcribed) to the date of this treaty being compleat, pay for such persons as the Peshwa, or his minister Nana the future to the Peshwa the tribute as usual, pre. Furnavese, shall appoint.

vious to the present war, and shall perform such Art. Jl. It is agreed between the English services, and be subject to such obedience, as have Company and the Peshwa, that Salsette, and long been ettablished and customary. No claims three other islands, viz. Elephanta, Caranja, fall be made on the said Futty Sing, by the and Hog, which are included in the treaty of Peshwa, for the period that is paft. Colonel Upton, shall continue for ever in the Art. IX. The Peshwa engages, that whereas poffeffion of the English. If any other illands the Nabob Hyder Ally Cawn, having concluded have been taken in the course of the present war,

a treaty with him, hath disturbed and taken posthey shall be delivered up to the Peshwa. fefion of territories belonging to the English and

Art. Ill. Whereas it was stipulated in the 4th their aļlies, he thall be made to relinquish them, Article of the treaty of Colonet Upton, that and they shall be restored to the Company and the Peihwa and all the chiefs of the Marattah

the Nabob Mabomed Ally Cawn, All prisoners ftate do agree to give to the Englilh Company that have been taken on either fidę during the for ever all right and title to the city of Ba- war, hall be released; and Hyder Ally Cawn roach, as full and compleaf as ever they col- phall be made to relinquish all such territories belected from the Moguls or otherwise, without longing to the English Company and their allies retaining any claim of Chout, or any other as he may have taken poffeffion of fince the ninth claims whatever; so that the English Company of the month Ramzan, in the year 1180, being finall possess it without participation or claim of the date of his treaty with the Pefhwa;, and the

This article is accordingly conti- said territories shall be delivered over to the Enga pued in full force and effect.

lith and the Nabob Mahomed Ally Cawn withip Art. IV. The Peshwa having formerly, in the fix months after this treaty's being compleat; and treaty of Colonel Upton, agreed, by way of friendship, to give up to the English a country of th.ee

the English in such case agreed that so long as Hyder Ally Cawn hall afterwards abstain from


any kind.'

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