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to their being exchanged, in the time which thall ing previoudy concerted measures with her Majebe agreed upon: for such is our pleasure. In fty the Empress of all the Ruffias, did not hesiwitness whereof, we have caused our seal to be tate to confirm the expectations they had conput to these presents. Given at Versailles, the ceived on our part, by accepting, with a willing fourth day of the month of February, in the year and chearful mind, the trust committed to us of Grace, one thousand seven hundred and eighty- For which end we have made choice of the ill de three, and in the ninth year of our reign. Signed ftrious and noble, our faithful and beloved Floria Louis; and on the fold, By the King, La Croix mond Count de Mercy Argenteau, knight of the Marshal de Castries; and sealed with the great Golden Fleece, our actual privy-counsellor, and real of Yellow Wax.

our ambassador residing at the court of the Most

Serene and Moft Potent King of France and Na. THE EMPEROR'S FULL POWER.

varre, a person of singular fidelity, integrity, and

experience, in the proper conduct of affairs; and We Joseph the Second, by the Divine Favour, have appointed, and hereby given him full power Emperor Elect of the Romans, always August, to take upon him, in our name, the office of me. Ring of Germany, Jerusalem, Hungary, Bohe- diator, conjointly with such person or persons who mia, Dalmatia, Croatia, Slavonia, and Lodome- fall be appointed, and furnished with equal full ria; Archduke of Austria, Duke of Burgundy, power, as well on the part of her Majesty the Lorrain, Stiria, Carinthia and Carniolia; Great Empress of all the Ruffias, as co-mediatrix, as Duke of Tuscany; Great Prince of Transilva- on the part of the other princes who may be innia; Marquis of Moravia; Duke of Brabant,

terested therein; and to contribute his counsel and Limburg, Luxemburg and Gueldres, Wirtema assistance for concluding, by the interposition of burg, Upper and Lower Silesia, Milan, Mantua, friendly offices and united efforts, such treaties, Parma, Placentia and Guastalla, Ofvecinia and conventions or regulations whatsoever, as may Zatoria, Calabria, Barri, Montserat and Tef

appear to be necessary for compleating the work chin; Prince of Suevia and Carolopolis; Count of peace; all which he shall subscribe and sign, of Hapsburg, Flanders, Tyrol, Hainault, Kiburg, and shall also deliver fuch instrument or instru. Goritia and Gradisca; Marquis of the Holy Ro- ments, on his part, as may be proper and required man Empire, of Burgovia, Upper and Lower Lu- of him for perfecting the business: promising on fatia, Muffopont and Nomeny, Count of Namur, our imperial, royal, and archducal word, that we Provence, Vaudemont, Albimont, Zutphen, Sar-' will ratify, accept, and faithfully fulfil, all such war, Salm, and Falkenstein; Lord of Marchpurg,' things as our faid ambassador shall have conSlavonia, and Mechlin

cluded, promised and signed, by virtue of these By the tenor of these presents, make known presents, and that we will order letters of ratifiand testify, to all and fingnlar whom it doth or cation to be expedited at the time agreed upon.. may in any manner concern. During the time In witness, and for the greater validity whereof, that the late extensive war overspread almost the we have signed this instrument of full power with whole world, we, and her Majesty the Empress our hand, and have ordered it to be confirmed and fole Monarch of all the Rullias, animated with our imperial, royal, and archducal feal af. with an equal desire of putting an end as soon as fixed thereto. Given in our city of Vienna, the possible to the calamities of the war, did not omit- 16th day of April, in the year of our Lord one frequently to manifeft our earnest inclination that thousand seven hundred and eighty-three, in the by the interposition of our respective and mutual twentieth of our Roman Germanic reign, and friendly offices a reconciliation of the belligerent the third of our Hereditary reign. parties might be promoted, and the former peace and fincere concord between them be rettored. It

JOSEPHUS. was very agreeable to us to understand that our

W. KAUNITZ RIETBERG. common endeavours had not failed of the desired effect; for a more pacific disposition afterwards. By his Sacréd, Imperial, and Royal Apoprevailing in the minds of the princes engaged in

Atolic Majesty's special command. the war, and the business being already so far happily advanced, that previous conditions of peace, or

ANT. SPIELMANN. Preliminary Articles, were agreed upon between them, on which the general work of pacification might be founded, the aforesaid moft serene and

THE EMPRESS OF RUSSIA'S FULLPOWER. molt potent princes defired, in a friendly manner, By the Grace of God, we Catharine the Se.. that in concert with her Imperial Majesty of all cond, Empress and Sole Monarch of all the the Russias, we would apply our joint attention Ruflias, of Muscovy, Kiovia, Vlodomiria, Novoto th s salutary business, and interpose our friendly gorod, Czarina of Calan, Czarina of Alltracan, offices for establishing the peace, of which the Czarina of Siberia, Lady of Plescau, and Great foundations were happily laid by the above-men- Dutchess of Smolensko, Dutchess of Estonia, of tioned previous conditions, in order that by the Livonia, Carelia, Twer, Ingoria, Germia, Viat.united efforts of the mediators, the great work of kia, Bulgaria, and other countries; Lady and peace might, on every side, be the more certainly Great Dutchess of Lower Novogorod, of Czerniaccomplished. We, ever intent upon that object, govia, Resan, Rostow, Jaroslow, Belj. Oforia, V. perceived with the greater satisfaction the fenti- doria, Obdoria, Condinia, Ruler of all the Side ments of the above-mentioned princes, and have of the North, Lady of Iveria, and Hereditary


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Princess and Sovereign of the Czars of Cartali- sand seven hundred and eighty-three, and in the nia and Georgia, as also of Cabardinia, of the twenty-firft year of our reign. Princes of Circaffia, of Gorski, &c. Being in

CATHERINE. tent, during all the course of the late war, which

CounT JOHN D'OSTERMANN, had extended over every part of the earth, to teftify how much we had it at heart to fee the calamities thereof terminated, we were inclined, in

THE DEFINITIVE TREATY OF PEACE AND conjunction with his Majesty the Emperor of the

FRIENDSHIP BETWEEN HIS BRITANNIC Romans, King of Hungary and Bohemia, to em

MAJESTY, AND THE ploy our good offices, in order to find means of con

SIGNED AT VERSAILLES, THE THIRD DAY ciliation proper for re-establishing peace and good

OF SEPTEMBER, ONE THOUSAND SEVEN understandirg between the belligerent powers. HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-THREE. We have had the satisfaction to observe that our common endeavours were not fruitless; and the In the name of the Most Holy and Undivided Tripacific sentiments, with which the said powers nity, Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft. So be it. were happily animated, having ripened and

Be it known to all those whom it ihail or may strengthened so far that they proceeded to con

in any manner concern. The Most Serene and clude Preliminary Articles, serving as a basis to

Most Potent Prince George, the Third, by the the Definitive Treaties, they invited us, con

Grace of God, King of Great Britain, France, jointly with his Majesty the Emperor of the Ro

and Ireland, Duke of Brunswick and Lunenmans, King of Hungary and Bohemia, to carry bourg, Arch Treasurer and Elector of the Holy our united mediation into full execution, and to

Roman Empire, &c. and the Most Serene and interpose our good offices in this salutary work,

Most Potent Prince Charles the Third, by the by concurring to consolidate and fully establish

Grace of God, King of Spain and of the Indies, the peace, the foundations of which were laid by

&c. being equally defirous to put an end to the the aforesaid Preliminary Articles, and thus to

war, which for feveral years past afflicted their reaccomplish the business of pacification so happily spective dorninions, accepted the offer, which their begun. We, equally induced by the sentiments Majesties the Emperor of the Romans, and the above expresied, as by a just acknowledgment of those which were manifested to us on the part of Impress of all the Russias, made to them, of

their interposition, and of their mediation : but the said powers, did not hesitate, in concert with

their Britannic and Catholic Majesties, animated his Majesty the Emperor of the Romans, to con

with a mutual desire of accelerating the re-esta-, firm their expectation, and to charge ourself with blishment of peace, communicated to each other the important employment which was tendered

their laudable intention; which Heaven so far For this end we have made choice of, blessed, that they proceeded to lay the foundations named and deputed, and by these presents do make of peace; by ligning Preliminary Articles at choice of, name and depute, our ministers pleni-, Versailles, the 20th of January, in the present potentiary to his Most Christian Majesty, our be

year. Their said Majeities, the King of Great loved and trusty Prince Iwan Bariatinskoy, lieu

Britain, and the Catholic King, thinking it intenant-general of our forces, knight of the order

cumbent upon them to give their Imperial Maof St. Anne; and the Sieur Arcadius de Marcoff, jesties a sigral proof of their gratitude for the our counsellor of Chancery; giving them full power, in our name, and on our behalf, in quality of, in concert, to concur in the completion of the

generous offer of their mediation, invited them, mediators, jointly with him or them who shall be

great and salutary work of peace, by taking part, named for this purpose and likewise furnished with

as mediators, in the Definitive Treaty to be confull powers, on the part of his Majesty the Empe- cluded between their Britannic and Catholic ror of the Romans, King of Hungary and Bohe

Majesties. Their said Imperial Majesties having mia, co-mediator, as well as on the part of the readily accepted thatinvitation, they have named, other powers interested therein, to act or inter-- as their representatives, viz. His Majesty the pose, and affist with our mediation and good of: Emperor of the Romans, the most Illustrious and fices, in the arrangement and completion of all

molt Excellent Lord Florimond, Count MercyTuch treaties, conventions, or other instruments, as shall be judged necessary for the consolidation née, Knight of the Golden Fleece, chamberlain,

Argenteau, Viscount of Loo, Baron of Crichege and entire confirmation of the work begun; and

actual privy-counsellor of state to his Imperial and aiso to lign and deliver, on their part, such act or Royal Apoftolic Majesty, and his ambassador to acts as may be required and deemed conducive to

his Most Chriftian Majesty; and her Majesty the attainment of that end: promising, on our the Empress of all the Ruflias, the Moft Illuffaith and imperial word, to approve and faithfully trious and Moft Excellent Lord, Prince Iwan perform every thing which fall have been done, Bariatinskoy, lieutenant-general of the forces of concluded, promised and signed, in virtue of the

her Imperial Majesty of all the Russias, knight present full power, by the laid Prince Bariatin

of the Orders of St. Anne and of the Swedish íkoyard Sieur Marcoff, as also to caufe our rati- Sword, and her minister-plenipotentiary to bis fications thereof to be ex edited in the time Most Christian Majesty; and the Lord Arcadi agreed upon. In witness whereof, we have signed De Marcoff, counsellor of state to her Imperial these presents with our own hand, and have caused Majesty of all the Ruflias, and her ministerthe Great Seal of the empire to be fixed thereto. plenipotentiary tɔ his Moft Chriftian Majefty. Given at our refidence of St. Petersburgh, the in consequence, their faid Majefties the King of twelfth of March, in the year of Grace one thou- Great Britain, and the most Christian King, have


to us.

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named and constituted for their plenipotentiaries, newed and confirmed, in the best form, as well charged with the concluding and signing of the as all the treaties in general which subsisted beDefinitive Treaty of Peace, viz. the King of tween the high contracting parties before the war, Great Britain, the Most Illustrious and Most and particularly all those which are specified and Excellent Lord George, Duke and Earl of Man- renewed in the aforesaid Definitive Treaty of chester, Viscount Mandeville, Baron of Ķimbol- Paris, in the best form, and as if they were hereton, lord lieutenant and custos rotulorum of the in inserted word for word; so that they are to be: county of Huntingdon, actual privy.counsellor exactly observed for the future in their full tenor, to his Britannic Majesty, and his ambassador. and religiously executed, by both parties, in all extraordinary and plenipotentiary to his Mof the points which shall not be derogated from by Christian Majesty; and the Catholic King, the the present Treaty of Peace. Most Illustrious and Moft Excellent Lord Peter Art. III. All the prisoners taken on either Paul Abarca De Bolea Ximenes d'Urrea, &c. fide, as well by land as by fea, and the hostages Count of Aranda and Caftel Florido, Marquis of carried away or given, during the war, and to this Torres, of Villanan and Rupit, Viscount of day, shall be reitored, without ransom, in fix Rueda and Yoch, Baron of the Baronies of Ga: wecks at latest, to be computed from the day of vin, Sietamo, Clamosa, Eripol Trazmoz, La the exchange of the present treaty; each crown Mata de Castil-Viejo, Antillon, La Almolda, respectively discharging the advances which shall Cortés, Jorva, St. Genis, Rabovillet, Arcau, and have been made for the subsistence and mainteSte. Colome de Farnés, Lord of the Tenance and nance of their prisoners, by the sovereign of the honour of Alcalatén, the valley of Rodellar, the country where they shall have been detained, accastles and towns of Maella, Mesones, Tiurana, cording to the receipts, attested accounts, and and Villa Plana, Taradel, and Viladrau, &c. other authentic vouchers, which shall be furnishRico-Hombre in Arragon by descent, grandee ed on each side: and sureties shall be reciprocally of Spain of the firit class, knight of the order of given for the payment of the debts which the the Golden Fleece, and of that of the Holy prisoners may have contracted in the countries Ghost, gentleman of the King's Chamber in em- where they may have been detained, until their · ployment, captain-general of his forces, and his entire release. And all thips, as well men of war ambassador to the Most Christian King: who, af- as merchant-fhips, which may have been taken ter having exchanged their respective full powers, since the expiration of the terms agreed upon for have agreed upon the following Articles. the cessation of hoitilities by fea, shall likewite

Art. I. There fhall be a christian, universal, be restored, bonâ fide, with all their crews and and perpetual peace, as well sea as by land, cargoes.

And the execution of this article shall and a fincere and constant friendship shall be re-, be proceeded upon immediately after the exestablished between their Britannic and Catholic change of the ratifications of this treaty. Majesties, and between their heirs and successors, Art. IV. The King of Great Britain cedes, kingdoins, dominions, provinces, countries, sub- in full right, to his Catholic Majesty, the iNand jects, and vassals, of what quality or condition of Minorca; provided that the same stipulations, soever they be, without exception either of places inserted in the following Article, shall take plac: or persons; so that the high contracting parties in favour of the British fubjects, with regard to shall give the greatest attention to the maintain the above-mentioned island. ing between themselves, and their faid dominions , Art. V. His Britannic Majesty likewise cedes and subjects, this reciprocal friendship and inter- and guaranties, in full righi, io his Catholic Macourse, without permitting hereafter, on either jesty, East Florida, as allo weit Florida. His part, any kind of hostilities to be committed, ei- Catholic Majesty agrees that the British inhabither by sea or by land, for any cause, or under any tants, or others who may have been subjects of pretence, whatsoever: and they shall carefully the King of Great Britain in the frid countries, avoid, for the future, every thing which might may retire, in full security and liberty, where they prejudice the union happily re-established, endea- shall think proper;


sell their estates, and vouring, on the contrary, to, procure recipro- remove their effects, as well as their persons, withcally for each other, on every occasion, whatever : out being restrained in their emigration, under may contribute to their mutual glory, interests, ; any pretence whatsoever, exc pt on account of and advantage, without giving any assistance or debts or criminal prosecutions; the terin li:nited protection, directly or indirectly, to those who for this emigration being fixed to the space of would do any injury to either of the high con- eighteen months, to be computed from the day tracting parties. There shall be a general ob- of the exchange of the ratifi:ationsif the present livion and amnesty of every thing which may treaty. But it, from the value of the poffeffions have been done or committed, before or since the of the English proprietors, they thould not be able commencement of the war which is just ended. to difpote of them within the said term, then his

Art. II. The Treaties of Westphalia of 1648; Catholic Majesty shall grant them a prolongation those of Madrid of 1667, and (f 1670; those of proportioned to that end. It is arther ftipulated, Peace and of Commerce of Utrecht of 1713; that his Britannic Majesty shall have the power that of Baden of 1714; of Madrid of 1715; of of removing from East Florida all the effects which Seville of 1729; the Definitive Treaty of Aix-la- may belong to him, whether artillery, or other Chapelle of 1748; the Treaty of Madrid of 1750; and the Definitive Treaty of Paris of 1763; serve as Art.Vi. The intention of the two high contract- : a basis and foundation to the peace, and to the pre- ing parties being to prevent, as much as possible, fent treaty; and for this purpose, they are all re- ' ail the causes of compiaint and misunderstanding



heretofore occasioned by the cutting of wood for ery for their subsistence, on the coafts of the disdyeing, or logwood; and several English settlement trict above agreed on, or of the islands situated having been formed and extended, under that opposite thereto, without being in any wise dis. pretence, upon the Spanish continent, it is ex- turbed on that account; provided they do not pressly agreed, that his Britannic Majesty's sub- establish themselves in any manner on the said jects shall have the right of cutting, loading, and islands carrying away, logwood, in the district lying be- Art. VII. His Catholic Majesty hall re. tween the Rivers Wallis or Bellize, and Rio Hon. store to Great Britain the IQands of Providence, do, taking the course of the said cwo rivers for and the Bahamas, without exception, in the same unalterable boundaries, so as that the navigation condition they were in when they were conquered of them be common to both nations; to wit, by by the arms of the King of Spain. The same the River Wa'lis or Bellize, from the sea, ascend- Stipulations inserted in the Fifth Article of this ing as far as oppofite to a lake or inlet which runs Treaty shall take place in favour of the Spanila into the land, and forms an ifthmus or neck with subjects, with regard to the islands mentioned in another similar inlet, which comes from the side the present article. of Rio-Nuevo, or New River; so that the line of Art. VIII. All the countries and territories, reparation shall pafs straight across the said ifth. which may have been, or which may be conquered mus, and meet another lake formed by the water in any part of the world whatsoever, by the arms of Rio-Nuevo, or New River, at it's current. The of his Britannic Majesty, as well as by those of his faid line shall continue with the course of Rio- Catholic Majesty, which are not included in the Nuevo, defcending as far as opposite to a river present treaty, neither under the head of ceffions, (the source of which is marked in the map) be- nor under the head of reftitutions, shall be restored tween Rio-Nuevo and Rio-Hondu, and which without difficulty, and without requiring any comempties itself into Rio-Hondo; which river shall pensation. allo serve as a common boundary as far as it's Art. IX. Immediately after the exchange of junction with Rio Hondo; and from thence de- the ratifications, the two high contrading parscending by Rio-Hondo to the sea, as the whole ties shall name commissaries to treat concerning is marked on the map which the plenipotentiaries new arrangements of commerce between the two of the two crowns have thought proper to make nations, on the basis of reciprocity and mutual use of, for ascertaining the points agreed upon, convenience; which arrangements shall be fettled to the end that a good correspondence may reign and concluded within the space of two years, to between the two nations, and that the English be computed from the first of January 1784. workmen, cutters, and labourers, may not tref- Art. X. As it is necessary to appoint a cere pass from an uncertainty of the boundaries. The tain period for the restitutions ard evacuations to respective commissaries shall fix upon convenient be made by each of the high contracting parties, places, in the territory above marked out, in or- it is agreed, that the King of Great Britain that der that his Britannic Majesty's subjects, em- cause East Florida to be evacuated three months ployed in the felling of logwood, may, without after the ratification of the present treaty, or interruption, build therein houses and magazines fooner if it can be done. The King of Great necessary for themselves, their families; and their Britain thall in like manner enter again into pofeffects; and his Catholic Majesty assures to them session of the Islands of Providence, and the Bathe enjoyment of all that is expressed in the pre- hamas, without exception, in the space of three sent article; provided that these ftipulations shall months after the ratification of the present treanot be considered as derogating in any wise froin ty, or sooner, if it can be done. In consequence his rights of fovereignty. Therefore all the Eng-, whereof, the necessary orders shall be sent by each lish, who may be cispersed in any other parts, of the high contracting parties, with reciprocal whether on the Spanish continent, or in any of passports for the ships which shall carry them, imthe islands whatsoever, dependent on the aforesaid mediately after the ratification of the present Spanish continent, and for whatever reason it' treaty. might be, without exception, shall retire within Art. XI. Their Britannic and Catholic Ma. the district which has been above described, in the jefties promise to observe sincerely, and bona space of eighten months, to be computed from fide, all the articles contained and established in the exchange of the ratifications; and for this the present treaty; and they will not fuffer the purpose orders it...ll be issued on the part of his same to be infringed, directly or indirectly, by Britannic Majesty, and on that of his Catholic their respective subjects: and the said high conMajesty, his governors shall be ordered to grant tracting parties guaranty to each other, generally to the Englifla dispersed every convenience possible and reciprocally, all the ftipulations of the present for their removing to the settlement agreed upon treaty. by the present article, or for their retiring where- Art. XII. The folemn ratifications of the ever they shall think proper. It is likewise stipu. present treaty, prepared in good and due form, lated, that if any fortifications should actually shall be exchanged in this city of Versailles, behave been heretofore erected within the limits tween the high contracting parties, in the space marked out, his Britannię Majesty shall cause of one month, or fooner it poffible, to be comthem all to be demolished; and he will order his puted from the day of the fignature of the present subjects not to build any new anes, The English treaty. In wignels whereof, we the underwritten inhabitants, who shall settle there for the cutting ambassadors extraordinary, and minifters pleniof logwood, shall be permitted to enjoy a free fih potentiary, have signed with our hands, in their


Dames, and by virtue of our respective full pow- and that the privileges and advantages, mutual ers, the present Definitive Treaty, and have caused and particular, be not only preserved on each side, the seals of our arms to be affixed thereto.

but even augmented, if it can be done. Done at Versailles, the third day of September, In this view his Majesty has consented to the one thousand seven hundred and eighty-three. appointment of commissaries, on each side, who (L. S.) MANCHESTER

shall treat folely upon this object. (L. S. LE COMTE D'ARANDA. Done at Versailles, the third of September, one

thousand feven hundred and eighty-three. SEPARATE ARTICLES.

(L. S.)

MANCHESTER. I. SOME of the titles made use of by the contracting parties, whether in the full powers, and

COUNTER-DECLARATION. other instruments, during the course of the nego- The Catholic King, in proposing new arrangetiation, or in the preamble of the present treaty, not ments of commerce, has had 10 other design chạn being generally acknowledged, it has been agreed to remedy, by the rules of reciprocity and mutual that no prejudice should ever result therefrom to convenience, whatever may be defective in preeither of the said contracting parties; and that ceding treaties of commerce. The King of Great the titles taken or omitted, on either fide, upon Britain may judge from thence, that the intenoccasion of the said negotiation, and of the pre- tion of his Catholic Majesty is not in any mana sent treaty, shall not be cited, or quoted as a pre- ner to cancel all the stipulations contained in the cedent.

above-mentioned treaties; he declares, on the II. It has been agreed and determined, that contrary, from henceforth, that he is disposed to the French language, made use of in all the co- maintain all the privileges, facilities and advantapies of the present treaty, shall not form an ex- ges expressed in the old treaties, as far as they shall ample which may be alledged, or quoted as a pre- be reciprocal, or compensated by equivalent ada cedent, or in any manner prejudice either of the vantages. It is to attain this end, desired on each contracting powers; and that they shall conform, fide, that commissaries are to be named to treat for the future, to what has been observed, and upon the state of trade between the two nations, ought to be observed, with regard to, and on the and that a considerable space of time is to be alpart of powers, who are in the practice and pos. lowed for compleating their work. His Catholic leffion of giving and receiving copies of like trea- Majesty hopes that this object will be pursued with ties in a different language from the French; the the same good faith, and with the same spirit of present treaty having, nevertheless, the same force conciliation, which have presided over the discus. and virtue as if the aforesaid practice had been fion of all the other points included in the Defitherein observed.

nitive Treaty; and his said Majesty is equally In witness whereof, we the underwritten am- confident, that the respective commiflaries will baffador-extraordinary, and minifters plenipoten- employ the utmost diligence for the completion, tiary, of their Britannic and Catholic Majesties, of this important work. have figned the present separate articles, and have Done at Versailles, the third of September, caused the seals of our arms to be affixed thereto. one thousand seven hundred and eighty-three. Done at Versailles, the third of September,

(L. S.)

LE COMTE D'ARANDA. one thousand seven hundred and eighty-three. (L. S.) MANCHESTER.

WE, ambassador-plenipotentiary of his Impe. (L. S.) LE COMTE D'ARANDA, rial and Royal Apostolic Majesty, having acted

as mediator in the work of pacification, declare DECLARATION.

that the Treaty of Peace signed this day at VerThe new state in which commerce may per- sailles, between his Britannic Majesty and his haps be found, in all parts of the world, will de- Catholic Majesty, with the two separate Articles mand revisions and explanations of the fubfitting thereto annexed, and of which they form a part, treaties; but an entire abrogation of those trea- as also with all the clauses, conditions, and ftipu. ties, in whatever period it might be, would throw lations which are therein contained, was con commerce into such confusion as would be of in. cluded by the mediation of his Imperial and finite prejudice to it.

Royal Apostolic Majesty. In witness whereof. In some of the treaties of this sort there are not we have signed these presents with our hand, and only articles which relate merely to commerce,

have caused the real of our arms to be affixed but many others which ensure reciprocally, to the thereto. Done at Versailles, the third of Sepa respective subjects, privileges, facilities for con- tember, one thousand seven hundred and eightyducting their affairs, personal protections, and three. other advantages, which are not, and which ought LE COMTE DE MERCY ARGENTEAU. not, to be of a changeable nature, such as the re

(L. S.) gulations relating merely to the value of goods and merchandize, variable from circumstances of WE, ministers plenipotentiary of her Imperial

Majesty of all the Rusias, having acted as me. When therefore the state of the trade between diators in the work of pacification, declare that tbe two nations thall be treated upon, it is requi- the treaty of peace, figned this day at Versailles, fite to be understood, that the alterations which between his Britannic Majesty and his Catholic may be made in the subfifting treaties are to ex- Majesty, with the two separate articles thereto tend only to arrangements merely commercial; annexed, and of which they form a part, as also

every kind.

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