Venice: A Cultural and Literary Companion

Interlink Publishing Group Incorporated, 2001年1月1日 - 243 頁
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A new and innovative series offering in-depth cultural, historical and literary guides to the great cities of the world. More than ordinary guidebooks, they introduce the visitor or armchair traveller to each city's unique present-day identity and its links with the past.

Martin Garrett explores the extraordinary history, art and architecture of Venice and the islands of the lagoon. Looking at the legacy of the city's Jewish, Greek, Slav and Armenian minorities, he recalls the exploits of such legendary figures as Casanova and Byron. He also assesses the successful struggle to preserve the city in the face of flood and corruption.

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Martin Garrett has written widely on Renaissance and nineteenth-century literature. He is the author of Venice: A Cultural and Literary Companion. He has lived and worked in Cambridge since 1994.