The Life of James Otis, of Massachusetts: Containing Also, Notices of Some Contemporary Characters and Events, from the Year 1760 to 1775

Wells and Lilly, 1823 - 508 頁

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第 316 頁 - that it is an essential, unalterable right in nature, engrafted into the British constitution, as a fundamental law, and ever held sacred and irrevocable by the subjects within the realm, that what a man has honestly acquired, is absolutely his own; which he may freely give, but cannot be taken from him, without his
第 133 頁 - most honest, but the most impartial man that ever lived. 2. He professedly wrote his Discourses on Government, as he himself expresses it, " to establish the throne of the great restorer, King William, to make good his title in the consent of the people, which, being the only one of all lawful governments, he had more
第 368 頁 - An appeal to the World; or a Vindication of the town of Boston, from many false and malicious aspersions contained in certain letters and memorials, written by Governor Bernard, General Gage, Commodore Hood, the commissioners of the board of customs and others, and by them respectively transmitted to the British ministry. Published by order of the town.
第 338 頁 - legislature, their obligations to obedience and the penalties of rebellion. All this is mighty well. But my honourable and learned friend on the floor, (the Attorney General) who condescends to mark what I say for animadversion, will disdain that ground. He has heard, as well as I, that when great honours and great emoluments do not
第 133 頁 - than any prince in Christendom, and to justify to the world the people of England, whose love of liberty, their just and natural rights, with their resolution to"' preserve them, saved the nation when it was on the ' brink of slavery and ruin. By this title, our illustrious sovereign George
第 202 頁 - boasts of his bounties to America ! Are not these bounties intended finally for the benefit of this kingdom ? If they are not, he has misapplied the national treasures. I am no courtier of America—I stand up for this kingdom. I maintain that the parliament has a right to bind, to restrain
第 61 頁 - of classical allusions, a depth of research, a rapid summary of historical events and dates, a profusion of legal authorities, a prophetic glance of his eyes into futurity, and a rapid torrent of impetuous eloquence, he hurried away all
第 221 頁 - it, as they thought there was too much prerogative in it ; and in England it was judged to have too much of the democratic. The different and contrary reasons of dislike to my plan, makes me suspect that it was
第 380 頁 - If the Lieutenant Governor or Colonel Dalrymple, or both together, have authority to remove one regiment, they have authority to remove two; and nothing short of the total evacuation of the town by all the regular troops, will satisfy the public mind, or preserve the peace of the Province,
第 421 頁 - to flatter ourselves that popular resolves, popular harangues, popular acclamations, and popular vapour, will vanquish our foes. Let us consider the issue. Let us look to the end. Let us weigh and consider, before we advance to those measures, which must bring on the most trying and terrible struggle this country