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Mrs. Kent:—acted 15 times—this play consists of two distinct plots—Mrs. Wimvife is very extravagant —her husband remonstrates with her, but without effect—he then changes his plan, and pretends to be as extravagant as herself—at the end of the 4th act, he tells her that he has summed up his estate, and finds that he has enough to support them for a twelvemonth—she thinks herself on the brink of ruin, and requests him to retire into the country—all this (with the outlines of Mrs. Decoy's character) is taken from the Lady of Pleasure—Taverner has sometimes borrowed even Shirley's words—in the other plot, Belinda has been cheated out of £10,000 by the widow's late husband—she endeavours to obtain justice from the widow—but in vain—Sir Harry falls in love with Belinda, and she with him—Stockwell employs Mrs. Decoy to assist him in seducing Belinda—Sir Harry makes love to the widow with a view to recover the mortgage of his estate—Stockwell wants to marry her for her money—she gives the preference to Belinda, who is disguised as Sir Modish Pert—they are married—in the 5th act, Lady Upstart complains bitterly to Maria that her husband has not done his duty by her_Sir Harry and Stockwell take her part against Sir Modish—Sir Modish offers to dissolve the marriage on condition of receiving £10,000 and the mortgage of Sir Harry's estate—the widow gives him the money and the deed—Sir Modish declares he was married some months ago to Maria—at the conclusion Belinda enters in her proper dress, and gives her hand to Sir Harry—Frank Flash had married Maria —the preference which the widow gives Belinda, as Sir Modish, over her other suitors, and her marriage with her, are taken from the Counterfeit Bridegroom, or (which is the same thing) No Wit, no Help, like a Woman's—Taverner has made considerable additions to what he has borrowed, and produced a very good C—see Female Chevalier Hay. May 18 1778—and Bank Note C. G. May 1 1795.

March 11. Mrs. Rogers'bt. Theodosius. Varanes = Elrington: Theodosius = Leigh: Marcian = Keene: Athanais = Mrs. Rogers Jun.: Pulcheria = Mrs. Knight.

13. Never acted, a Farce in 2 Acts—Footman turned Gentleman.

16. Elrington's bt. Rival Queens. Alexander= Elrington: Clytus = Keene: Lysimachus = Leigh: Statira — Mrs. Rogers: Roxana = Mrs. Knight.

28. Bullock's bt. Macbeth = Keene: Macduff= Elrington.

April 11. Husband's bt. Prophetess—for that night only the front of the Gallery will be adorned with the original pictures of Shakspeare, Ben Jonson, Dryden and others.

18. For bt. of Mr. and Mrs. Spiller. Island Princess. Armusia = Elrington: Governour = Keene: Quisara = Mrs. Spiller: with a new Comi-TragiMechanical Prologue in the gay style, written and to be spoken by Spiller.

22. Cheats. Harlequin = Lun: Punch = Shaw: Scaramouch = Thurmond.

23. Unhappy Favourite. Nottingham = Mrs, Haywood lately from Ireland.

25. Ophelia = Mrs. Thurmond.

29. Mrs. Schoolding's bt. Fortune Hunters. May 10. Love for Love. Ben = Spiller 1st time.

16. For bt. of Griffin, Coker, and Mrs. Robertson. Jew of Venice. Jew = Griffin : Portia = Mrs. Thurmond :—with, never acted, the Masquerade, or an Evening's Intrigue—in the B. D. this Farce is said to be written by Griffin.

June 25. Gamester. Young Valere = Leigh: Sir Thomas Valere = Bullock: Hector = Spiller: Cogdie = Bullock Jun.

28. Emperour of the Moon. Harlequin = Spiller: Scaramouch = Bullock.

July 10. Not acted 8 years, City Politics. Leigh —Smith—Spiller—Bullock—Bullock Jun.—HallMrs. Bullock Jun. (late Mrs. Rogers Jun.)—Mrs. Spiller—the cast might probably be—Bartoline = Spiller: Crafty = C. Bullock: Florio = Leigh: Artall =Smith: Dr. Panchy = Hall: Rosaura = Mrs. Bullock: Lucinda = Mrs. Spiller: Bullock Sen. would no doubt retain the part of the Podesta, which he had acted at D. L. July 11 1712.

N.B. Several regular Operas were performed in the course of the season. ■ (Bills from B. M.)

D. L. 1717-1718.

Oct. 1. Rover 5. Henry 8th.

3. Sir Courtly Nice. Farewell = Wilks Jun.
9. Love makes a Man 12. Maid's Tragedy.

11. Timon of Athens. Apemantus = Mills.

14. Spanish Fryar. Dominic = Leigh: Torrismond = Booth: Lorenzo = Wilks: Bertran = Ryan: Queen = Mrs. Porter: Elvira = Mrs. Mountfort.

15. Henry 4th. part 1st. Falstaff= Mills.

16. Funeral. Lord Brumpton = Quin: Cabinet = Ryan.

17. Rehearsal 18. Evening's Love—still no


ig. Cato 21. Love's last Shift.

22. Othello. Cassio = Ryan 23. Busy Body.

24. Chances. 2d Constantia = Mrs. Santlow.

25. Little French Lawyer. Lawyer = Norris: Dinant = Mills: Cleremont = Ryan: Champernel (a lame old gentleman)=Thurmond : Sampson (a foolish advocate) = Miller: Vertaign (a judge—Lamira's father) = Boman: Beaupre (his son) = Walker: Verdone (Champernel's nephew) = Wilks Jun.:—the characters of Lamira—Anabell—Charlotte and the Nurse are omitted—see June 30 1720—Dinant is in love with Lamira, but she, instead of marrying him, by her father's persuasion marries Champernel— —Dinant persists in his addresses to Lamira—she plays him a trick or two—and he in return engages some gentlemen of his acquaintance to disguise themselves as thieves, and take Lamira and her friends prisoners, as they are going to her country house— Dinant gets Lamira completely into his power—he frightens her, but does not hurt her—at the conclusion, he renounces all dishonourable intentions towards her—Cleremont marries Anabell, Champernel's niece—Cleremont is a very lively character—he and Dinant in the 2d act are to fight with Beaupre and

Verdone—Lainira contrives to send Dinant out of the way—Oeremont with difficulty prevails on La Writ, the little French Lawyer, to be his second— they disarm their opponents —La Writ becomes very fond of fighting and renounces the law—he gets beaten, and returns to his profession—the politeness of the

French Duellists is admirably ridiculed the Editor

of Beaumont and Fletcher in 1778 observes that this play used to be frequently performed with the greatest applause, till modern refinement banished it from the theatres—the C. is a very good one, and it is highly probable that it might have been a favourite between 1660 and 1700—but neither Langbaine nor Downes mentions it as having been revived—see D. L. Oct. 7 9 10 1749, and C. G. April 27 1778.

Oct. 26. Orphan 28. Strategem. Mrs. Sullen

= Mrs. Porter.

29. Lancashire Witches 30. Jovial Crew.

31. Not acted 12 years, Adventures of Five Hours, no characters.

Nov. 4. Tamerlane—6. Country Wit—7. iEsop.

8. Northern Lass. Widgin = Miller: Widow = Mrs. Horton.

9. Richard the 3d 11. She wou'd and She

wou'd not.

13. She wou'd if she cou'd 16. Julius Caesar.

15. Old Batchelor. Lretitia = Mrs. Oldfield 1st appearance this season.

18. Recruiting Officer. Plume = Wilks: Brazen = Cibber: Balance = Quin: Bullock = Miller: Kite = Leigh: Worthy = Mills: Appletree = Pinkethman: Pearmain = Norris: Sylvia = Mrs. Bicknell: Melinda = Mrs. Horton :—Rose and Lucy are omitted.

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