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•Silvio in Successful Strangers—* Antonio in Don Sebastian—*Ricardo in Mistakes.

1691. *Menaphon in Treacherous Brothers— *Lord Montacute in Edward the 3d—* Young Reveller in Greenwich Park—*Sir William Rant in Scowrers—* Valentine in Sir Anthony Love—*Caesario in Alphonso— Bussy D'Ambois—*Jack Amorous in Love and Money—Raymond Mountchensey in Merry Devil of Edmonton.

1692. *Cleanthes in Cleomenes—*Asdrubal in Regulus—*Sir Philip Freewit in Marriage-hater Matched—*Friendall in Wives' Excuse.

He was excellent in the Rover—he acted Alexander—Castalio—Macduff—Sparkish.

* Originally.

Anthony Leigh died about a week after Mountfort —In King James' time, Obediah Walker, Head of University College Oxford, turned Papist—as he was a very learned man and had been an eminent Tutor, his conversion made a considerable stir—Leigh acted the part of Teague in the Committee at the University—when hauling in Obediah with a halter about his neck and threatening to hang him for not drinking the King's health (according to his written part) he put himself into a more than usual heat; which occasioned his Master to ask what Obediah had done to deserve such usage?—Leigh folding his arms with a ridiculous stare of astonishment replied—" Upon "my Shoule he has changed his religion "—this of course every body applied to the real Obediah of Oxford, and the jest was received with a triumph of applause—but Leigh was given to understand, that the King was displeased at it. (Cibber.)

Downes says Leigh was eminent in Sir William Belfond—Scapin—Old Fumble—Sir Jolly Jumble— Mercury—Sir Formal—Spanish Fryar—Pandarus.

The Earl of Dorset had a full length drawn of him in the Spanish Fryar—there is a fine print taken from the picture.

Leigh's characters.

D. G. 1672. *Pacheco in Reformation.

1674. *Polites in Herod and Mariamne.

1676. *Sir Formal in Virtuoso—*01d Bellair in Man of the Mode—*Count de Benevent in Wrangling Lovers—*Tom Essence—*Fumble in Fond Husband—*Zekiel in Madam Fickle.

1677. * Scapin—* French Conjuror—*Sir Oliver Santlow in Counterfeit Bridegroom.

1678. *Malagene in Friendship in Fashion— *Sir Patient Fancy—"Don Gomez in Counterfeits —*Sir Frederick Banter in Squire Oldsapp—*iElius in Shadwell's Timon of Athens.

1679. * Pandarus in Dryden's Troilus and Cressida—*Petro in Feigned Courtezans.

1680. *Gripe in Woman Captain—*Cardinal in Csesar Borgia—*Dashit in Revenge—*Paulo in Loving Enemies.

1681. * Sir Jolly Jumble in Soldier's Fortune— * Spanish Fryar—*Teague O'Divelly in Lancashire Witches—*Sir Anthony Merriwill in City Heiress— •St. Andre in Princess of Cleve.

1682. *Antonio in Venice Preserved—*Sir Oli

ver Oldcut in Royalist—* False Count—*Dashwell in London Cuckolds—*Ballio in Jealous Lovers.

T. R. 1683. *Bartoline in City Politics—Bessus in King and no King.

1684. *Beaugard's Father in Atheist—*Rogero in Disappointment—*Jenkin in Dame Dobson—Sir Paul Squelch in Northern Lass—*Abednego SuckThumb in Factious Citizen—2d Plebeian in Julius Caesar.

1685. * Crack in Sir Courtly Nice—*Trappolin —* Security in Cuckold's Haven.

1686. 'Scaramouch in Dr. Faustus—*Don Ariell in Banditti.

1687. *Sir Feeble Fainwou'd in Lucky Chance —* Scaramouch in Emperour of the Moon.

1688. *Sir William Belfond in Squire of Alsatia —*Justice Grub in Fool's Preferment—*lst Soldier in Injured Love.

1689. *Lord Stately in English Friar—*La Roch in Bury Fair—*Sir William Wealthy in Fortune Hunters.

1690. *Teague O'Divelly in Amorous Bigot— *Don Francisco in Successful Strangers—Geta in Prophetess—*Mustapha in Don Sebastian—*Mercury in Amphitryon.

1691. *Bishop of Hereford in Edward the 3d— *Sir Thomas Reveller in Greenwich Park—*Tope in Scowrers—*Abbe in Sir Anthony Love—*Lady Addleplot in Love for Money—Host in Merry Devil of Edmonton.

1692. *Gisgon in Regulus—*Van Grin in Marriage-Hater Matched—*Sir Thomas Vaughan in Henry 2d—* General Blunt in Volunteers.

He also acted Colignii in the Villain—Ralph in Sir Solomon—probably *Aldo in Limberham.

* Originally.

James Nokes died about this time—Malone says his name was properly Noke, but that it was a common practice to add the letter s to names—Malone is undoubtedly right—see the D. P. of the Slighted Maid, and the Stepmother L. I, F. 1663.

Davies says Nokes excelled in burlesque, and quotes as a proof of it the following lines—

"So when Nurse Nokes to act Young Ammon "tries,

"With shambling legs, long chin, and foolish


"With dangling hands he strokes th' imperial "robe,

"Ajid with a Cuckold's air commands the globe; "The pomp and sound the whole buffoon dis"played,

"And Ammon's son more mirth than Gomez "made."

Nokes' characters.

1659-1660. Florimel in Maid in the Mill.

L. I. F. 1661. *Puny in Cutter of Colman Street.

1663. *Menanthe in Slighted Maid.

1664. *Sir Nicholas Cully in Comical Revenge— ♦Constable of France in Henry 5th.

1667. *Sir Martin Marrall.

1668. *Ninny in Sullen Lovers—*Sir Oliver Cockwood in She wou'd if she cou'd.

1669. * Sir Arthur Addel in Sir Solomon.

1670. *Barnaby Brittle in Amorous Widow.

D. G. 167L *01d Jorden in Citizen turned Gentleman—*Mr. Anthony.

1672. probably Monsieur Paris in Gentleman Dancing Master—*Bisket in Epsom Wells—"Nurse in Fatal Jealousy.

1673. Polonius.

1676. 'Bubble in Fond Husband—*Toby in Madam Fickle.

1677. *Gripe in Scapin.

1678. *Sir Credulous Easy in Sir Patient Fancy —*Squire Oldsapp—*Limberham.

1679. *Sir Signal Buffoon in Feigned Courtezans.

1680. *Nurse in Caius Marius—*Lady Beardly in Virtuous Wife.

1681. *Sir David Dunce in Soldier's Fortune— *Vindicius in L. J. Brutus—*Fetherfool in Rover 2d part—Gomez in S. F.—Sir Timothy Treatall in City Heiress—*Poltrot in Princess of Cleve.

1682. *Francisco in False Count—*Doodle in London Cuckolds.

1683. Cokes in Bartholemew Fair.

1684. *Cringe in Factious Citizen

1686. *Megaera in Banditti.

1687. *Sir Cautious Fulbank in Lucky Chance.

1688. * Squire of Alsatia—*Cocklebrain in Fool's Preferment.

1689. *Sir Humphrey Noddy in Bury Fair— *Spruce in Fortune Hunters.

1690. *Don Lopez in Successful Strangers— *Sosia.

1691. *Serjeant Eitherside in Edward the 3d—

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