Tales of the East: comprising the most popular romances of Oriental origin, and the best imitations by European authors. To which is prefixed an introductory dissertation by H. Weber


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第 194 頁 - Barsisa, terrified by this discourse, says to the devil, ' What shall I do to prevent the publication of my shame ?' — ' To hinder the knowledge of your crime, you ought to commit a fresh one,' answered the devil. ' Kill the princess, bury her at the corner of the grotto, and when the king's messengers come to-morrow, tell them you have cured her, and that she went from the grotto very early in the morning. They will believe you, and search for her all over the city and country ; and the king her...
第 194 頁 - When the officers had received the king's answer, they all retired, and the princess remained alone with the hermit. Night being come, the devil presented himself to the santon, saying, ' Canst thou let slip so favourable an opportunity with so charming a creature ? Fear not her telling of the violence you offer her ; if she were even so indiscreet as to reveal it, who will believe her ? The court, the city, and all the world, are too much prepossessed in your favour, to give any credit to such a...
第 194 頁 - O santon ! don't let slip such a fortunate minute: tell the king's servants that it is requisite for the princess to pass this night in the grotto, to see whether it will please God to cure her ; that you will put up a prayer for her, and that they need only come to fetch her to-morrow.
第 194 頁 - О santon ! if you will worship me I will extricate you out of this difficulty, and transport you two thousand leagues from hence, into a country where you shall be reverenced by men as much as you were before this adventure. — I am content, says Barsisa ; deliver me, and I will worship thee. — Give me first a sign of adoration, replies the devil ; whereupon the santon bowed his head, and said, I give myself to you.
第 448 頁 - As he said this, he sprung forward to join the blooming fair-one, whose delicate limbs stood all confessed to view, and displayed, in their ineffable symmetry and delicate purity, the utmost harmony of a beauteous creation. She also, as animated by the same inclination and desires, hastened toward the embrace of the all-admiring Hassan ; but, alas ! ere the happy couple could meet, the envious earth gave a hideous groan, and the ground parting under their feet, divided them from each other by a dismal...
第 491 頁 - During this time little occurred of which I could inform my lord, as I meant not to trouble you with my own concerns ; lest it should seem that I was proud of the trifling dispositions which I had made in favour of the army. " The rebels in the mean time were quiet, and their distance only prevented me from destroying them : but, on a sudden, a messenger arrived, with tidings that all the southern provinces had revolted ; that the enchantress...
第 497 頁 - But the troops of Misnar were flushed with hope, and fear and dismay were in the paths of Ahubal. The prince himself, in confusion, sounded the retreat ; and the backs of his troops were already exposed to the darts of the Sultan ; — when the swarthy enchanter Tasnar appeared...
第 492 頁 - ... might not be able either to escape or to annoy his army, if they should be disposed to revolt again. The magician Happuck, who was among the officers that appeared at Delhi, and who had contrived the revolt in order to get into the presence of the sultan, was greatly chagrined to find that the vizier Horam received him, and that he was not to be admitted into Misnar's presence ; but, concealing his disappointment, he, with the rest, joined the three thousand horsemen, and marched to the grand...
第 442 頁 - There is," answered the bramin, "a path that leads from hence, round the brook, to the back of that mansion, into which a small bridge will carry you over the brook ; and may Mahomet prosper your undertaking ! " Abudah then took leave of the sage, assuring him that the Tasgites knew not of his place of retreat ; and that he might rest with the Shakarahs safely there, for no evil was intended them. The bramin blessed Abudah as he parted.
第 429 頁 - The genius next carried Abudah to a second palace, built of pure gold, having windows like the first. Here, also, Abudah beheld the like profusion of gold, which, like the silver, continued down to the centre. Next he was shown, in a huge building of adamant, a cistern filled with the fragments of all manner of precious stones and diamonds.