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to Acquis Creek, 171 ; under command of Gens, Burn-

side and Hooker, 842 to 875; reorganized under Meade,
A BINGDON, Va., captured by Stoneman, 688. 564; end of Grant's campaign of 1864 and losses of the,
ACKWORTH, Ga., occupied by Sherman, 628.

ADAMS, Hon. CHARLES F., remonstrates against

ARNOLD, GEN., occupies Pensacola, 459.
the building of Southern war cruisers in England, 648. |

| Arson, during N. York and Brooklyn riots, 505.
ADAMS, J. Q., on the Slave-Trade, 233-235.

ASBOTH, GEN. ALEX., 28-9; at Pea Ridge, 30.
ADAMS, GEN. JOIN, wounded at Stone River,

| ASHBY, GEN. TURNER, killed, 137.
276; killed at Franklin, Tenn., 683.

ATCHAPALAYA RIVER, Col. Bailey constructs a
ADJUTANT-GENERAL'S OFFICE, order from, dis bridge over the, 551; Banks's army retreats across the,
charging prisoners, 758.

ALABAMA, expeditions into, 53, 72; rout of Gen.

ATLANTA, Campaign of Sherman, 625; route of
Bragg, 213; Rosecrans in command of, 222; the rëpos-

his advance to, 6273 defenses of. 631 : flanked by the
session of, 116; Wilson's raid through, 716.

right, 635; abandoned by Hood, 687; Sherinan's army

marches from, en route to Savannah, 690.
ALABAMA, steamer, details of her fight with the

ATLANTA, Rebel ram, captured, 473.
Kearsarge, 646 to 643.
ALBEMARLE, ram, destruction of the, 535.

AUGUR, GEN., severely wounded, 177; at Port

Hudson, 882.
ALICE DEAN, steamboat, burned by Morgan, 405. AVERILL. GEN., movements of, in West Vir-
ALLATOONA Pass, occupied by Sherman, 628; 1 ginia, 403-4.
defended by Gen. Corse, 699.

AYRES, GEN., captures 1,000 Rebels at Five
ALLEN, Col. H. W., covers Rebel retreat from Forks, 733.

Shiloh, 70.
ANDERSON, Brig.-Gen. G. T., wounded at Glen-

dale, 169; present at Malvern Hill, 165; guards the
pass at South Mountain, 196; killed at Antietam, 210. BACHELOR'S CREEK, N. C., Union garrison at,

captured, 683.
ANDERSON, C., surrenders Fort Gaines, 653.

BAILEY, REAR-ADMIRAL, destroys extensive
ANDERSON, GEN., killed at Williamsburg, 126.

salt-works in Florida, 582.
ANDREW, Ġov., raises Black regiments, 520.

| BAILEY, LT. COL. (afterward Gen.), in attack on
ANTHONY, LT.-Col. D. R., 7th Kansas, on slave defenses of New Orleans, 91-2; demands surrender of
hunting, 520.

New Orleans, 96: Porter's fleet on the Red River res-
ANTIETAM, battle and map of, 205-9; killed and cued by, 549; constructs a bridge over the Atchafalays
wounded at, 210.

for Banks's army, 551,
ARKANSAS, 26; Rebels concentrated in, 27; BAILEY, COL. J. D., killed, 144.

Sigel retrents from Bentonville, 27, 32, 84; Curtis at BAIRD, GEN., at Chickamauga, 415; cooperates at
tacked at the Cache, 34; retires to Helena, Fayette Loukout Mountain, Chattanooga Valley, and Mission
ville, 37; in 1863, 446; réorganized by Unionists, 005; Ridge, 488 to 442.

BALTIMORE, National platform of 1864, 659;
ARKANSAS, Rebel ram, passes through Union massacre of Massachusetts volunteers, in the streets

tleet at Vícksburg, 102 ; failure of attack upon, 102; of, 514.
final destruction of, 104.

BANCROFT'S HISTORY, as to Negro Soldiers, 511.
ARKANSAS, Post of, taken by McClernand, 293.

BANKS. GEN. N. P.. assigned to Department of
ARMISTEAD, MAJ. GEN., wounded at Antietam,

the Gull, 105; to command on the upper Potomac,

109 : operations of, in Shenandoah valley, 114, 115, 182
210; mortally wounded at Gettysburg, 859.

to 136; fights at Winchester, and retreats to the Poto-

mac, 184, 185-6; extract from his report, 135; his
ARMY DEFICIENCY BILL before the Senate, 526. losses in the Valley, 185; assigned to the army in Vir-
ARMY OF THE CUMBERLAND, rëorganized by Rose-

ginia, 172; his operations in the valley of the Shenan-

donb. 175; battle of Cedar Mountain, 177; supports
crans, 270.

Gen. Sigel at Great Run, 179; he reports movements
ARMY OF THE Onio, composition of, under Buell;

of the enemy, 150; Washington City in command of,
röorganized by Rosecrans, 270.

194; commands Department of the Gulf, 827; invests
ARMY OF THE POTOMAC, inactivity of during the and captures Port Hudson, 831 to 337 : in Western

Winter of 1561-2 107: organized into four corps by the Texas, 841; his operations in Texas and on Red River,
President, 108; transported to Fortress Monroe, 110; 536 to 546; is routed at Sabine Cross-roads by Kirby
advance to Manassas, 112; Peninsular campaign, 120 to Smith-his losses, 539-40; fights again at Pleasant
127; strength of, in Winter of 1861-2, 128-9; strength Grove, 541; again at Pleasant Hill, 643; retreats to
of, in April, 1862, 181; in McClellan's campaign before Grand Ecore, 545; extract from his report, 515; Grant
Richmond, 141 to 172; strength of, in June, 1862, 151 orders him to close his Shreveport campaign, 550 ; ho
159 : at Harrison's Landing, 168; losses sustained by, abandons Alexandria and retreats to the Atchafalaya
during the Seven Days' battles, 168_9; strength of, in river, 551; transfers his army to Gen. Canby, and pro-
July, 1862, 169; withdrawn from Harrison's Landing ceeds to New Orleans, 551,


BARCLAY, COL., 23d Ga., killed at Antietam, 210. | BIDWELL, Gen., killed at Cedar Creek, 615.
BARKSDALE, GEN. WM., at Fredericksburg, 315; BIG BLACK, Gen. Grant crosses the, 309.

at Chancellorsville, 863 ; killed at Gettysburg, 889. BIRKENHEAD (Eng.), Southern war cruisers built
BARLOW, GEN. FRANCIS C., distinguishes himself by English merchants at, 643.

at Antiétam, 208; wounded at Gettysburg, 388; at the BIRNEY, GEN., charges the enemy near Chan-
Wilderness, 567 to 571; his assault near Richmond, 591.

tilly, 188; at Fredericksburg, 847; at Chancellorsville,
BARNARD, GEN. J. G., his remarks on McClel- 857; his report, 889; services in Florida, 532; at the

Jan's failure, 107; extract from his report, on McClel Wilderness, 568.
lan's delay at Yorktown, 122; on McClellan's failure to

BLACK, COL., 5th Ga., killed at Stone River, 282.
improve the opportunity at Fair Oaks, 147.
BARNES, Col., 12th S.C., killed at Antietam, 210.

BLACK SOLDIERS in the Revolutionary War, 511;

in the War of 1812, 514: in the Rebellion. 315.
BARRETT, COL., attacked by Gen. Slaughter, at

BLACK, COL. SAMUEL W., 62d Pa., killed at
Brazos, 757.

| Gaines's Mill, 157.
BARTLETT, GEN., at Gaines's Mill, 436.

BLAIR, GEN. F. P., at Vicksburg, 310; with
BARTON, COL., 3d N. H., at Fort Wagner, 477.

Sherman in his Great March, 689 to 695; he menaces
BATESVILLE, ARK., Marmaduke defeated at, 447. Charleston, 696; crosses the Edisto, 699.
BATON ROUGE LA., occupied by Admiral Farra BLAKELY, Ala., attacked by Steele, 723.
gut, 101; Breckinridge defeated at, 102.

BLENKER, GEN. Louis, sent to West Virginia,


BLOCKADE RUNNER, escape of a, 472; a British
Antietam, Md., 205. Lookout Mtain, Tenn., 439.

runner forced to hoist the white flag, 478.
Arkansas Post, 292.

McDowell, Va., 182.
Atlanta, Ga., 687.
Malvern Hill, Va.. 165.

BLOCKADE-RUNNING ended at Charleston, 482.
Averysboro, N. C., 706, Mechanicsville, Va., 163. BLUNT, GEN. JAs. G., 36; joins Schofield, 36;
Baton Rouge, La., 103. Milliken's Bend, Ark., 319. routs Rebels at Maysville, Mo., 87; at Prairie Grove,
Bentonville, N. C., 707. Mill Spring, Ky., 42.

88 to 41; at IIoney Springs, 449.
Bristow Station, Va., 181. Mission Ridge. Tenn.. 441. BOOMER, COL., severely wounded at Iuka, 224;
Bull Run (2d). Va., 158-7. Mobile Bay, Ala., 651.

killed at Vicksburg, 313.
Cedar Creek, Va., 612. Murfreesboro' (or Stone
Cedar Mountain, Va., 177. River), Tenn., 273.

BOOTH, J. WILKES, assassinates President Lin-
Champion Hills, Miss., 307. Nashville, Tenn., 278.

coln, 749.
Chantilly, Van, 10S.
Newbern, N, C., 78.

Bowen, MAJ.-Gex., defends Port Gibson, 304;
Chancellorsville, Va., 856. Newmarket. Va., 599.

killed at Vicksburg, 815.
Chickamanga, Tenn. 415. North Anna Va.. 577. BOWLING GREEN, Ky., Rosecrans at, 270.
Cold Harbor, Va., 579, Olustee, Florida, 31.

BRADFORD, MAJOR, his defense of Fort Pillow
Corinth, Miss., 225.

Opequan Creek, Va., 608.
Crampton's Gap, Md., 199. Peach-tree Crik, Tenn., 631.

against Forrest, 619; murder of by Rebel soldiers, 619.
Cross-Keys, Va., 188. Pea Ridge, Ark., 27.

BRAGG, Gen. Bkaxtox. joins Johnston at Corinth,
Dallas, Ga.. 298.
Perryville, Ky., 219.

60; at Pittsburg Landing, 60; invades Kentucky, 218;
Fair Oaks (or Seven Pines), Petersburg, V., 584.

his inovements. 213; issues & proclaination to the
Va., 141,
Piedmont, Va., 600.

peopie, 215-26-27; subsists bis army without payment,
Farmville, Va., 741.

Pittsburg Landing (or Shi and seizes horses and cattle without ceremony, 217;
Fisher's Hill, Va., 610.
loh), Tenn., 58.

retreats before Bueli's advance, 217-8; gives battle at
Hive Forks, Va., 731. Pleasant Hill, La., 542.

Perryville, 219; bis losses, 221; he escapes from Ken-
Fort Donelson, Tenn., 46. Port Hudson, La., 829.

tucky with his plunder--chagrin of his partisans. 222;
Franklin, Tenn., 681. Prairie Grove, Ark., 89.

preparing to fight Rosecrans at Stone River, 273; be
Fredericksburg, Va., 843. Proctor's Creek, Ga., 634. retreats after four days' hard fighting, 280; losses in
Gaines's Mill, Va., 154. Pumpkin vine Crik, Ga., 628. killed and wounded, 280, 281, 282; his army facing
Galveston Harb.. Tex., 822. Rappahan nock, Va., 897.

Rosecrans at Shelbyville, 404; he abandons Chatta-
Gettysburg, Pa.. 378.
Raymond, Miss., 805.

nooga on the advance of Rosecrans, 411; advances,
Glendale (or White Oak Reams's Station, Va., 593

while Rosecrans concentrates, 413; opening of the
Swamp Br.), Va., 161. Richmond, Ky., 214.'

battle of Chickmangn, 415; map of the position of
Guntown, Miss., 621. Roanoke Island, N. C., 76. both armies at Chattanooga and its vicinity. 416; the
Hanover C. II., Va., 141. Sabine X-Roads, La., 539. fight of Sept. 19th, 417; report and losses on the Chick-
Harper's Ferry, Va., 199. Sailors' Creek, Va., 741.

amauga, 425; Grant drives him from Lookout Moon-
Hatcher's Run, Va., 595. Savage's Station, Va., 160. tain, Chattanooga, and Mission Ridge, 439 to 445; his
Helena, Ark., 320.
Selma, Ala, 718.

official report, 413; losses on both sides, 446.
luka, Miss., 228.

South Mountain, Ma., 195.
Jackson, Miss., 806.

Spottsylvania C. H., Va.,572. BRANCH, GEN. L. O'B., in command at Newbern,
Second do., 817.

Vicksburg (assanlt), 811. 77; defeated at Hanover C, H., 141-2; at second Bull
James Island, 8. C., 46 Weldon Railroad, Va., 667. Run, 189; killed at Antietam, 209.
Jonesboro, Ga., 635. Wilderness, Va., 567." BRANNAN, GEN. J. M., at Chickamauga, 415;
Kenesaw Mountain, Ga.,629. Williamsburg. Va., 122.

attacks Walker at Pocotaligo, 463.
Kernstown, Va., 114. Yazoo Bluff's, Miss., 259.

BRASHEAR City, La., surprised and captured by
[See “Minor Conflicts," p. 775.)

Dick Taylor, 387.
BAYARD, GEN. GEo. D., reports advance of the BRECKINRIDGE, GEN. JOHN C., 60, 61; defeated
enemy, 175; killed at Fredericksburg, 347.

at Baton Ronge, Lil., 102, 103-4; his charge at Stone
BAYLOR, COL., wounded at Bull Run, 189.

River, 279; at Chickamanga, 419; defeats Sigel at
BEATTY, LT.-Col. Sam., succeeds Van Cleve on

Newmarket, 599; routs Gillem at Morristown, 624.
his fall at Stone River, 279.

BREESE, CAPT., services of bis iron-clads, 303.
BEAUREGARD, GEN. P. G. T., 545; at Pittsburg

BRISTOW STATION, VA., fights at, 181, 396.
Landing, 60; succeeds Johnston, 64; dispatches from, BRITISH AID to Rebellion, 642.
66-70; extracts from his report of battle at Pittsburg BRITISH-CONFEDERATE CORSAIRS, TALLAHASSEE,
Landing, 67, 69, 70; retreats to Corinth, 69-71; in-

OLUSTEE, and CHICKAMAUGA set afloat, 645–6; estimate
trenches at, 71 : retreats to Tupelo, 72; allusion to, 89:

of captures by, 645.
relinquishes command in Virginia, 112; in chief com-
mand at Charleston, 471; urges execution of prisoners,

| BRITISH GOVERNMENT connives at the building

and fitting out of Southern war cruisers, 643; Southern
BELGIAN CONSUL at St. Louis, arrested by Rose-

corsairs permitted to fly English colors, 648.
crans as a conspirator, 557.

BRITISH M. Ps. build ships to aid Rebellion, 642.
BENEDICT, COL. LEWIS, of N.Y., mortally wounded | BRITISH NEUTRALITY, strange manifestations of,
at Pleasant Hill, 544.

643-4; American losses and feelings caused by, 644.
BENTEEN, Gen., charges near Little Osage, 561. BRITISH OFFICERS for the Rebellion, 643.

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BROCKENBROUGH, COL., at second Bull Run, 189. CALDWELL, BRIG.-GEN., at Antietam, 208.
BROOKLYN, N. Y., arson and its cause in, 505. CAMDEN, Arkansas, Steele marches to, 552.
BROUGH, John, elected Governor of Ohio, 510. | CAMERON, GEN SIMON, retires from War De-
BROWN, COL., killed at second Bull Run, 689. partment, 81; 108; in relation to Slaves, 289; 243.
BROWN, COL. J. M., killed at Fair Oaks, 144. CAMPBELL'S STATION, East Tenn., tight at, 431.
BROWN, GEN. E. B., fights at Arrow Rock, 453.

| CANBY, GEN. E. R. S., organizes militia in New
BROWX, Gen., killed at Springfield, 447.

Mexico, 21; at Fort Craig, 22–3; Valverde. 22; holds

New Mexico, 25; in command of the trans-Mississippi
BROWN, MAJ.-Gen., wounded at Franklin, 683.

department-Banks turns over his army to him, 551;
BRUINSBURG, Miss., Grant's base of supplies, 304. aids in recovering Alabama, 716; advances against

Mobile, 721; Dick Taylor surrenders to, 754.
Manassas, 116; severely wounded at Mobile, 658. CANTWELL, COL., Ohio, killed at Bull Run, 189.
BUCHANAN, GEN. J. T., at Gaines's Mill, 166. CARLIN, COL., at Perryville, Ky., 220.
BUCHANAN, GEN., commands a brigade at Mal CARNEY'S BRIDGE, La., encounter at, 328.
vern Hill, 165; at Gainesville, 187.

CARR, GEN., at Pea Ridge, 28 to 31; attacks
BUCKNER, GEN. Simon B., 48; repulsed at Fort

Shelby in Arkansas, and captures 200 prisoners, 554.
Donelson, 49; surrenders, 60; at Chickamanga, 415;
abandons East Tennessee, 429; surrenders, 758.

CARROLL, GEN., severely wounded, 177.
BUELL, GEN. D. C., commands Department of

CARTER, GEN., wounded at Franklin, 683.
the Ohio, 61; moves on Bowling Green, 31; occupies

CARTER, BRIG.-GEN. H. (Union), his raids into
Nashville, 64; joins Grant, 66–7; extract from his re-

East Tennessee, 288.
port, 66-1; in battle of Pittsburg Landing, 68-9; as- CARTER, GEX. S. P., retreats across the Ohio, 427.
sumes command of the Army of the Ohio, reorganizes CASEY, GEN. SILAS, his division surprised at
his forces at Huntsville, 212; moves on Chattanooga, Fair Oaks, 143 to 147; his camp captured, 148; com-
213; advances agninst Bragg, 217; part of his army

mands a division at Malvern Hill, 166.
assailed at Perryville, 220-1; his otficial report, 221;
relieved by Gen. Rosecrans, 222.

CATLETT'S STATION, Pope's headquarters sur-
BUFORD, Gen., relieves Gen. Hatch, 175; guards prised at, 178; Stuart surprises Warren at, 895.

the fords of the Upper Rapidan, 175; reports the en- CEDAR CREEK, Early surprises Crook at, 613;
emy crossing Raccoon Ford, 175; services of his cavalry Sheridan triumphs at, 614–15; officers killed at, 615.
at Great Run, 179; commands at Manassas Gap, 393; CEDAR MOUNTAIN, battle and map of, 176; Jack-
skirmish, 894.

son defeats Banks at, 177.
BULLEN, MAJOR, relieves Donaldsonville, 338.' CENTERVILLE, Lee chases Meade up to, 395.
BULL RUN SECOND), battle of, 185–6; map of CHALMERS, GEN. JAMES R., at Stone River, 282.
the field, 1847; Jackson's report of, 188–9.

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa., scene of the Rebel General
BURBRIDGE, GEN., at Fort Hindman, 293; at

Stuart's depredations, 211; burned by Rebels, 611.
Vicksburg, 815.

CHAMPION Hills, Miss., battle of, 307.
BURKE, COL., 63d New York, relieves General

CHANCELLORSVILLE, battle and map of, 356 to 365.
Meagher at Antietam, 208.
BURKS, COL., Texas, killed at Stone River, 282. CHANTILLY, Va., battle near, and losses, 188-9.
BURNSIDE, GEN. AMBROSE E., his expedition

CHAPIN, COL., wounded at Port Hudson, 333.
sails from Fortress Monroe, 73; operations of, on the CHAPMAN, GEN. H., his brigade at Gaines's Mil
North Carolina coast, 78-81; captures Roanoke Island,

res Roanoke Island. 156; at Malvern Hill, 165.
75-6: Newbern, 77; Fort Macon, 78; at Sonth Mills, CHARLESTON, languid operations against, 529;
79-80; returned to Fortress Monroe, 80; allusion to, raid of Rebel iron-clads from, 465–6; the "Swamp
127; commands a division at Antietam, 208–209; his

Angel " opens on, 479; fall of, 701-2-3.
Roanoke proclamation as to Slavery, 244; commands

CHARLESTON HARBOR, cause and effect of sink-
the Army of the Potomac, 842; fights Lee at Freder-

ing boats in, 458; British clamor, 458.
icksbury, 843 to 849; his "mud march"-relieved from
his cominand, 851; assigned to the department of the

CHARLESTOWN, Va., captured by Imboden, 396.
Ohio, 427; his advance on Knoxville, 428; captures CHASE, Gov. S. P., on the National finances, 661;
Cumberland Gap, 430; his order in regard to persons resigns his office as Secretary of the Treasury, 661.
declaring sympathy for the enemy, 489; his conquests CHATFIELD, COL., killed at Fort Wagner, 477.
in North Carolina, 085; arrest of Mr. Vallandigham,
military sentence, and public sensation, 489; 490; he

CHATTAHOOCHEE RIVER, Johnston retreats across,
crosses the Potomac, 564; marches on Chancellors-

ville, 566; at the battles of the Wilderness, 569 to 571; CHATTANOOGA, Bragg marches to, 213; Rose-
charges at Spottsylvania, 552; at Cold Harbor, 680 to crans's preparations for the campaign, 404; map of the
582; his Mine explosion, 591.

positions held by Rosecrans's and Bragg's armies at,
BURNS, Gen., repels Magruder's attack, 160. 416; Sherman roenforces Grant at, 437; strength of
BUSHROD, GEN., at Chickamauga, 422.

Sherman's army at, 620.
BUTLER, GEN. BENJAMIN F., 73; expedition of,

CHEATHAM, GEN. B. F., commands a division at
against New Orleans, 81 to 106; raíses volunteers in

Perryville, 219; at Stone River, 274-5.
New England, 81; expedition of, at Ship Island, 82-3;

narrow escape of, from shipwreck, 88; arrives at the 1864, spirit of the, 666 to 669.
mouth of the Mississippi, 80; occupies New Orleans, CHICKAMAUGA, battle of, 415–25; losses at, 425.
97; administration of, in New Orleans, 98, 101, 106; | CHURCHILL, Gen. T. J., surrenders Fort Hind-
his order No. 28, 100; superseded by Gen. Banks, 105;

man, 293; his losses, 294.
returns to New York, 105; outlawed by Jeff. Davis,
105-6; his address to people of New Orleans, 106; he

CINCINNATI, gunboat, sunk, 56.
retains slaves as contraband of war, 288; in command CINCINNATI, cutter, sunk, 314.
at Fortress Monroe, 574; menaces Petersburg and CLARKE, GEN. CHARLES (Rebel), killed at Baton
Richinond, 575, commands the first Fort Fisher ex-

Rouge, 108.
pedition, 708: declines to assault Fort Fisher, 711:

CLARKE, COL., Mich., killed at Port Hudson, 333.
returns to the James, 711.
BUTTERFIELD, GEN. D. C., at Gaines's Mill, 146;

CLARK, COL., reports Rebel movements, 180.
at Malvern Hill, 165; at Gettysburg, 850 to 889.

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn., captured by guerrillas, 213.

CLEBURNE, MAJOR-GEN. L'at. (Rebel), wounded,

221; commands division at Stone River, 274; turns on
CABELL, Gen., repulse of, at Fayetteville, 448; 1

Hooker at Ringgold, 445; killed at Franklin, 688.
routed by Gen Brown at Booneville, 408; captured by |

CLENDENIN, MAJOR, captures raiders, 404.
Pleasanton's force in Missouri, 561.

| CLINTON, Miss., captured by McPherson, 306.

COCKRELL, GEN., wounded at Franklin, 683. | CROOK, GEN., surprised at Cedar Creek, 613.
COFFEY, Gen., in Missouri, 36; at Lone Jack, 36. CROSS, COL., 5th N. H., killed at Gettysburg, 388.
Coggin's Point, occupied by McClellan, 168. CROSS-KEYS, Va., Fremont fights at, 138–9.
COLD HARBOR, Grant's flank movement to, 579; CROXTOX, Gen., at Chickamauga, 417.
battle and map of, 580; grand assault on, 581 ; officers CRUTCHFIELD, COL., threatens M'yld Heights, 201.

killed at, 582."
COLLINS, CAPT., of the Wachusett, captures the

CULPEPPER, VA., Banks's operations near, 175,

177; Jackson attacks Crawford's batteries at, 177.
Florida in a Brazilian harbor, 645; court-martialed, 646.

CUMBERLAND MOUNTAINS, rëcrossed by Bragg
COLONIZATION, President Lincoln's scheme, 257.

and Kirby Smith, 270.
COLORED ORPHAN ASYLUM, fired by rioters, 505. CUMBERLAND GAP, works blown up at, 214.
COLQUITT, BRIG.-GEN., at Antietam, 206.

CUMBERLAND, FRIGATE, destruction of, 116.
COLUMBIA, Tenn., sacked by Morgan, 404. CUNNINGHAM, COL., killed at Stone River, 282.
COLUMBIA, Ark., Marmaduke defeated at, 551.

CURRENCY depreciation and National debt, 663.
COLUMBIA, S. C., Sherman captures-pillage and CURTIN, ANDREW G., rëelected Governor of Penn-
burning of, 700; 702.

sylvania, 509.
COLUMBUS, Miss., Gen. Buford summons, 620.

CURTIS, GEN. SAMUEL R., pursues Price to Far.
COLUMBUS, Ky., evacuated by Rebels, 54.

etteville, 27; at Pea Ridge, 27 to 81 ; his report of losses
CONFEDERATE NAVAL OFFICERS-CORSAIRS, 641. at, 31; advances into Arkansas, 84, at the Cache, 34;
CONFEDERATES' OPINION of Black Union soldiers,

retires to Helena, 85; allusion to, 36; fights Price, 561.
523; impressment of slaves for military service by, 522; CUSTER, GEN., raids across the Rapidan, 564-5;

resolutions of in relation to Abolition prisoners, 528-4. victorious at Sailor's Creek, 741; at Appomattox Sta-
CONGAREE RIVER, passage of, by Sherman, 699.

tion, 743.
CONGRESS, appropriation in aid of the coloniza-

tion of slaves. 251: meeting of the XXXVIlth, 257;
officers prohibited from returning fugitive slaves, 257; DAHLGREN, ADMIRAL JOAN A., succeeds Dupont
an act against Slavery passed by, 261-2; classification in command of the South Atlantic Squadron, 473, his
of Representatives in, 254; Rebel slaves freed by act of, Juckless attack on Sumter, 451.
263: Hayti and Liberia recognized by, 265; in relation DAHLGREN, COL. ULRIC, killed in a raid on Rich-
to rendition of fugitive slaves, 267; Lincoln proposes

mond, 565.
National aid to emancipation, 259; law of evidence in

DALLAS, Ga., captured by Sherman, 628.
favor of colored men passed by, 269; subjects negroes to
conscription, 519; army appropriation and deficiency

DALTON, Ga., captured by Sherman, 626.
bills before, 526; Grant's appointment as Lieutenant DANA, GEN. N. J. T. at West Point V 190
General to command the armies approved by, 562; 7; at Fair ('aks, 146; wounded at Antietam, 209; at
rönssembles after Presidential election, 673; resolves Morganzia, La., 846; services in Western Texas, 341;

that Slavery shall not exist in the United States, 674. his raid in North Alabama, 695.
CONGRESS, frigate, destruction of, 117.

DAVIDSOX, Gen., menaces Little Rock, 451; his

raid toward Mobile, 695.
CONNOLLY, Gov. HENRY, of New Mexico, 21.

DAVIS, GEN. JEFF. C. (Union), captures Rebel
Connor, BRIG.-GEN, P. E., 1st Cal. Vols., his

camp and 1.000 prisoners at Milford, Mo., 26; at Pea

Ridge, 28 to 31; commands a division at Stone River,
Indian campaign, 453.

274; captures 141 of Wheeler's raiders, 284; with Sher-
CONSCRIPTION, first draft in New York, 501; riots man in his great march from Atlanta to Savannah,

in New York and Brooklyn on account of drafting, 503 6S9 to 095.
to 505; Congress declares negrues subject to, 519; Mr. Davis, JEFFERSON, Proclamation of, declaring
Stevens's amendment, 519; 520.

Gen. Butler a felon, 105-6; on the field at Fair Oaks,
CoxsCRIPTION Acts, passage of rival bills in Con 143 ; leads Rebel charge at Fair Oaks, 145; on the im-
gress, 487; Judge Woodward's opinion of, 488.

portance of holding the Mississippi, 286; his speech on
CONVENTION, the Ohio Democratic, 493; of

the fall of Atlanta, 639; his ultimatum for peace, 666;

declares he would sacrifice his life a thousand times be-
Unionists at Baltimore, 632, 658.

fore he wonld succumb, 675; leaves Richmond, 73S;
COOKE, GEN., charges without orders, 157;

sets up his Government at Danville, 784; issues a pro-
wounded at Centerville, 896.

clamation, receives news of Lee's surrender, 755; is
COOPER, GEN., defeated at Honey Springs, 449. captured near Irwinsville by Lt.-Col. Pritchard, 756.
CORINTH, Miss., besieged, 71; evacuated by Davis, COL., 104th Pa., killed, 144.

Rebels under Breckinridge, 72; map of the siege of, Davis, COL., 12th Illinois, captures trains, 201.
226; composition of Rosecrans's army at, 225; its chief
works cotistructed by Beauregard, 225; a correspond-

Davis, Com. (Union), at Memphis, 56-7; 58.
ent's description of the siege of, 227-8; Rosecrans's

DECATUR, Ala., Hood's attack on, 631; 633.
official report, 229-80; Van Dorn repulsed at, 230; cap DEMOCRATIC PRESS, on the Draft, 501-2.
tures and losses, 231.

DENNIS, GEN. E. S., at Port Gibson, 305; de-
COUCH, Gen. D. N., at Fair Oaks, 144 to 146;

fense of and loss at Milliken's Bend, 318, 319.
commands a division at Malvern Hill, 165; at Freder: DEVENS, GEN. CHARLES, wounded, 145; 148.
icksburg, 844; at Chancellorsville, 861.

DISTER, LT.-COL., killed near Vicksburg, 290.
COWLES, COL. D. S., 128th N. Y., killed at Port

Dix, MAJOR-GEN. JOHN A., his proclamation on
Iludson, 333.

occupying parts of Virginia, 241. .
Cox, GEN. J. D., ordered to rëenforce Pope's

DOBBINS, GEN., at Big creek, 554-5.
army, 179; at South Mountain, 196; in North Carolina,

DODGE, GEN., his raid in North Alabama, 285.
CRAMPTON'S GAP, fight at and map of, 199-200. DONALDSONVILLE, La., 102; fights at, 338.
CRANEY ISLAND, Va., evacuated by Rebels, 127. DOUBLEDAY, GEN. A., succeeds General Hatch
CRAWFORD, GEN., at Cedar Mountain, 177;

(wounded) at South Mountain, 198: opens his batteries
at Antietam, 206; his advance at Gettysburg, 887;

at Antietam, 205; at Gettysburg, 850 to 867.
charges at Five Forks, 733.

DOUGLAS, COL., killed at Antietam, 210.
CREIGHTON, COL., 7th Ohio, wounded, 177. Dow, GEN. Neal wounded at Port Hudson, 333.
CRISIS, opinion of Gov. H. Seymour on, 499. DRAFT, the Democratic press on, 501; riots in
CRITTENDEN, COL. GEO. B., treachery of, 19; re-

New York, because of, 503; Gov. Seymour on, 507.
lieves Zollicoffer, 42.

| DREWRY'S BLUFF, attack on batteries at, 140_1.
CROCKER, BRIG.-GEN., at Champion Hills, 308. DUDLEY, GEN., defeated at Donaldsonville, 338.




DUFFIELD, BRIG.-GEN., taken prisoner, 212. | FIELD, BRIG.-Gen., at second Bull Run, 189.
DUNCAN, GEN. J. R., in command at Forts Jack- Fish, COL., 16th La., killed at Stone River, 282.
son and St. Philip, La., 87; 90.

FLORIDA, contributions to the Confederate army
DUPONT, REAR-ADMIRAL SAMUEL F., prepara- | in, 459; Gen. Truman Seymour's expedition to, 529.
tions for attacking Fort Sumter, 460: his iron-clads

FLORIDA, THE, and the Alabama, Southern cor-
sasail Fort Sumter, 467; their advance arrested. 469:
Union monitors repulsed- the Keokuk sunk, 471; re-

sairs, built and fitted out in England and flying British
possesses several coast defenses, 458: his gunboats ad-

colors, 648; depredations and capture of, 644-5.
vance near Charleston, 460; failure of his attack on Fort FLOYD, GEN. JOHN B., 17; 18; 19; 47; would not

McAllister, 463-4; his partiality to deck-fighting, 472. surrender, 50.
DURYEA, GEN., at South Mountain, 198.

FOOTE, COM. A. H., at Fort Henry, 45; 46–7; at

Fort Donelson, 48--9; up the Cuinberland, 09; at Co-
lumbus, Ky., 54; at Island No. 10, 55; bombards Fort

Pillow, 56.

FORD, COL. T. H., on Maryland Heights, 200;
EARLY, GEN. JUBAL A., charges at Cedar Moun abandons them, 200.

tain-is forced to fall back, 177; commands Jackson's FORREST, GEN. N. B., escapes from Fort Donelson,
division at Antietam, 206; at Gettysburg, 880 to 887; 00: raids on Rosecrans's communications, 270; routed
menaces Washington-is repulsed, 605; he surprises

at Parker's Cross-I'vads, 282; at Chickamauga, 417; his
Crook at Cedar Creek, 618; Sheridan routs him at

massacre at Fort Pillow, 619, routs Sturgis at Gun-
Cedar Crock, 614-5; again routed at Waynesboro', 727.

town, 621; assalls Johnsonville, Tenn., 679.
East Point, Ga., Sherman's operations at, 636. Fort De Russy, captured by A. J. Smith, 537.
ECTOR, BRIG-GEN., at Chickamauga, 417.

FORT DONELSON, Tenn., map of, 46; invested
EDDY, COL., killed at luka, 224.

by Orant, 47; Rebels attempt to cut their way out,
EDISTO ISLAND, Occupied by Sherman, 460. 48-9; sufferings of the troops, 49; Floyd and Forrest
Episto RIVER, Sherman's army crosses the, 698.

escapie, 50; the surrender, 50; losses sustained at, 01.
EGAN, COL., his gallantry, 188.

FORT FISHER, N. C., Gen. Terry assaults and
ELDER'S BATTERY, at Olustee, 531.

captures, 718.
ELDRIDGE, COL., 127th II., at Vicksburg, 310.

FORT HENRY, Tenn., defenses of, 45; attacked
EMANCIPATION, views of distinguished statesmen

by Gen. Grant, 45; map of, 46; captured, 46–7.
and generals on Slavery, 282 to 256; proclamations of FORT HINDMAN, Ark., taken by McClernand, 293.
President Lincoln, 253–5; proclamation of Gen. Fre FORT Macon, N. C., capture of, 79.
mont in Missouri, 239; Congress debating, 256. FORT MCALLISTER, attack on, 463; stormed, 693.
EMMETT, GEN., killed at Hartsville, Mo., 447. FORT PILLOW, bombarded and captured-For-
EMORY. GEN. WM. F., abandons supplies on the

rest's massacro at, 619.
Chickahominy, 159; stops the Rebels at Pleasant

Fort POWELL, blown up by the Rebels, 653.
Grove, 541; beats them at Pleasant Hill, 543; encoun-
ters a cavalry force at Mansura, 551.

FORT PULASKI, siege and capture of, 455 to 458.
ESTEP'S BATTERY, at Stone River, 277.

FORT SANDERS attacked by Longstreet, 432.
EUROPEAN MEDIATION offered and declined, 484. FORTS JACKSON AND ST. PHILIP, maps of, 86; 88;
EVERETT, EDWARD, his speech at Boston, 256;

bombardınent and surrender of, 8% to 97.
at Gettysburg celebration, 457.

FORT SMITH, Ark., Gen. Thayer leaves, 552.
EWELL, GEN., checks Fremont's advance at FORTS MORGAN AND GAINES, Mobile bay, Farrar
Cross-Keys, 188: moves down the left bank of the

gut assails, 651 ; Page and Anderson surrender, 653.
Chickahominy, 160: defeated by Hooker at Bristow

FORT STEEDMAN, Va., Rebel attack on, 728.
station, 181; burns bridge, destroys railroad, and falls
back on Manassas, 181; severely wounded, 182: bis FORT SUMTER, iron-clads on service at, 466; D11-
division present at second Bull Run, 189; commands a pont's iron clads assail, 467; advance on arrested, 469;
division at Harper's Ferry, 200; is engaged at Antie the monitors repulsed- the iron-clad Keokuk sunk
tam, 206; takes Winchester, 871; at Gettysburg, 880 to near, 471; Dahlgren's luckless attack on, 481 ; Swin-
837; at Manassas Gap, 393; at the Wilderness, 567 to ton's account of the bombardment of, 467-8-9; evacuu-
671; surrenders, 741.

tion of, 702-3.
EWING, Gen. Hugh S., at Vicksburg, 311; his FORT WAGNER, Gen. Strong's assault on, a fail.
defense of Fort Davidson, and retreat, 557-8.

ure, 477; Gen. Gillmore begins a regular siege of,

478; captured by Gillmore, 481.

FORT WARREN, N. C., assailed by Rebels, 533-4.
FAGAN, GEN., attacks at Marks's Mill, 653. FOSTER, GEX. J. G., accompanies Burnside's ex-
FAIR OAKS, Va., battle of, 142 to 147.

pedition, 78; part taken by, in the attack on Newbern.

78; in command of I)epartinent of N. C., 80; organizes
FARNSWORTH, Gen., killed at Gettysburg, 388.

expedition for the capture of Goldsboro', 80, 81; returns
FARRAGUT, ADMIRAL D.G., bombards Vicksburg, to Newbern, 81; repels D. H. Hill at Washington, N.
678; at Ship Island, 83; at mouths of the Mississippi, C., 483; makes a deinonstration in behalf of Sherinan,
84-35: 86; his attack on and passage of defenses below 696; relieved in consequence of his wound, 696.
New Orleans, 88 to 94; his forces occupy the city, 95-6; FOSTER, COL., defeats Sam. Jones at Blue Springs,
his reply to Mayor Monroe, 96; at Baton Rouge, 101;

Tenn., 470.
his fleet runs by Vicksburg batteries, 101, 102; bom-
bards Donaldsonville, 102; returns to New Orleans,

FRANKLIN, GEN. WM. B., at West Point, Va., 126,
102: at the capture of Port Hudson, 832: assails Forts

bis corps in reserve at Gaines's Mill, 156; repulses thó
Morgan and Gaines, Mobile bay, 651.

enemy's attack at Golding's farm, 100; commands &

corps at Malvern Hill, 165, ordered to rzenforce Pope,
FARRAND, Cour., surrenders to Rear-Admiral

179: cominands a corps of McClellan's left wing at
Fletcher on the Tombigbee river, 754.

Crampton's Gap, 199; at Antietam, 207: his failure at
FAYETTEVILLE, N. C., taken by Sherman, 633 Sabine Pass, 839; at Fredericksburg, 844; wounded at
FAYETTEVILLE Ark., Cabell defeated at, 448.

Sabine Cross-roads, 539.
FEATHERSTON, BRIG.-GEN. W. S., wounded at

FRANKLIN, DR. BENJAMIN, on Negro soldiers, 513.
Glendale, 168.

FRANKLIN, Tenn., Hood attacks Schofield at, 681;
FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, its right to subdue re | map of battle, 681; losses in the battle of, 688.
sistance to its authority, 282.

FREDERICKSBURG, Burnside before, 343; battle
FERRERO, BRIG.-GEN. EDWARD, in attack on Ro of, 845 to 348; map of, 843; our losses at, 847; Gens.
anoke Island, 76; defends Fort Sanders, 432.

Lee und Burnside near, 849.
VOL. II.-49

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