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any difference. It is simple truth to say that such over-estimates seem to have been quite common on both sides.

I shall be personally obliged to any one, no matter on what side he served, who will furnish me with trustworthy data for the correction of any inisstatement embodied in this work. If such correction shall dictate a revision of any harsh judgment on friend or foe, it will be received and conformed to with profound gratitude. My convictions touching the origin, incitements, and character, of the War from which we have so happily emerged, are very positive, being the fruits of many years' almost exclusive devotion to National affairs; but my judgments as to occurrences and persons are lield subject to modification upon further and clearer presentments of facts. It is my purpose to revise and correct the following pages from day to day as new light shall be afforded; and I ask those who may feel aggrieved by any statement I shall herein have given to the public, to favor me with the proofs of its inaccuracy. Unwilling to be drawn into controversy, I am most anxious to render exact justice to each and all.

The subject of Reconstruction (or Restoration) is not within the purview of this work, and I have taken pains to avoid it so far as possible. The time is not yet for treating it exhaustively, or even historically; its importance, as well as its immaturity, demand for its treatment thoughtful hesitation as well as fullness of knowledge. Should I be living when the work is at length complete, I may submit a survey of its nature, progress, and results : meantime, I will only avow my undoubting faith that the same Divine Benignity which has guided our country through perils more palpable if not more formidable, will pilot her safely, even though slowly, through those which now yawn before her, and bring her at last into the haven of perfect Peace, genuine Fraternity, and everlasting Union—a Peace grounded on reciprocal esteem ; a Fraternity based on sincere, fervent love of our common country; and a Union cemented by hearty and general recognition of the truth, that the only abiding security for the cherished rights of any is to be found in a full and hearty recognition of Human Brotherhood as well as State sisterhood—-in the establishment and assured maintenance of All Rights for All.

H. G. New York, July 21, 1866.




Swamp Bridge-Rebels attack, and are repelled 1. Texas and New Mexico in 1862...... 17

with Toss at Malvern Hill-McClellan retreats to Twiggs's Trearon--Texas State Convention passes

Harrison's Bar - Hooker returns to Malvern Ordinance of Secession-Surrender of the Regular

MeClellan withdraws to Fortress Monroe, and ouTheir Loyalty and Sufferings-New Mexico re

barks his Army fur Alexandria peals Act legalizing Slavery-Canby in command VIII. Gen. Pope's Virginia Campaign......172 Prepares to hold New Mexico-Sibley BrigadeFort Craig-Sibley declines to attack-Battle of

Pope appointed to command the forces of Fremont, Valverde Heroiain and Death of McRae-Fight

Banks, and McDwell-Advances to the Rapida at Apache Pass-Rebels occupy Santa Fe-They

Banks worsted by Jacksou at Cedar Mountainabandon New Mexico.

Pope retrents across the Rappahannock-Jackson

Aanks his right-Strikes the Railroad in his rear II. Missouri and Arkansas in 1862...... 26

at Bristow --Seizes Manassas Junction-Compelled Price returns to Missouri-Guerrilla Operations

to retrent -Longstreet harrying to his rescue Rains and Stein routed ---Capture of Milford--Price

Jackson worsts King-Two Days' Battle of Gainesretreats to Arkan44Sigel's Retreat from Benton

ville and Groveton, or Second Bull Run - Pope ville-Battle of Pea Ridge-Rebels defented-The

driven back on Centerville - Jackson flanks his War among the Indians-Fight at the Cache

right, and attacks Kearny at Chantilly-Pope reGuerrilla operations-Fight at Newtonia-Hind

treats to the defenses of Washington, and gives man driven into Arkansas - Cooper routed at

place to McClellan-His Lorses McClellan's failMaysville-Battle of Prairie Grove

ure to support Pope - His Correspondence with

Lincoln, Halleck & Co. IIL Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama in

IX. Lee's Invasion of Maryland in 1862. 193 1862-Forts Henry and Donelson

McClellan crosses the Potomac, and advances to -Pittsburg Landing.............

Frederick-Address to Maryland McClellan fol

lows to Frederick-Lee's plans discovered-He is Battle of Mill Spring-Capture of Fort Henry

intent on the capture of Harper's Ferry-McClellan Naval Bombardoient of Fort Donelson--Gen. Pil.

fights and beats bis rear-guard at Turner's Gap low's Sortie-Countercbarge of Lew Wallace and

Franklin drives Howell Cobb out of Crampton's C. F. Smith-Escape of Floyd and Pillow-Surren

Gap-Miles surrenders Harper's Ferry, with 19,000 der by Backner-Retreat of Sidney Johnston from

men, to Stonewall Jackson - McClellan follows the Cuinberland across the Tennessee-Nashville

Lue to the Antietam-Battle of Antietain or Sharpsrecovered Columbus, ks-New Madrid-Island

burg-Losses-Lee retreats across the PotomacNo. 10- Fort Pillow-Meniphis - First Siege of

Porter follow-- McClellan hesitates to pursueVicksberg-Grant moves ap the Tennessee to Pitts

J. E B Stuart raids around his Arn-MeClellan barg Landing-Sidney Jobnston advances from

Inoves down to the Rappa hannock- Is relieved by
Corinth, Mias - Assails Grant's front near Shiloh

Church-Sherman and McClernand driven-Grant
borne back-Buell und Lew Wallace arrive--The

X. Tennessee-Kentucky-Mississippi-
Rebels driven--Losses-Halleck takes Corinth-

Bragg's Invasion-Corinth.......212
Mitchel repossesses Huntsville and most of North

Bragg crosses the Tennesses and Cumberland IV. Burnside's Expedition to N. Carolina. 73

Kirby Smith routs M. D. Manson and Nelson at

Richmond, Ky. - Bragg captures 4,000 men at Roanoke Island carried-Elizabeth eliy submite-.

Munfondsville-Advances to Frankfort, and inauDefenses of Newbern stormed--Newbern surren

gurates Richard Hawea as Governor of Kentuckydered - Fort Macon reduced-Fight at South Mills

Buell follows him from the Tennessee to Bardstown -Foster advances tu Kinston - Fails to carry

and Springfield-Battle of Perryville-Brags reGoldsboro

treats out of Kentucky by Cumberland Gap-Rose

crans fights Price nt luka--Price retreats tu Ripley, V. Butler's Expedition to tho Gulf-Cap

Mis-Van Dorn Assails Rosecrans At Corinth-lo ture of New Orleans............. 81

beaten off with great slaughter-Van Dorn pursued

to Ripley--Loeses Gen. B. F. Butler concentrates 16,000 men on Ship

XI. Slavery in the War-Emancipation ... 232 Island-Capt. Farragut nt the mouths of the Mis. sissippi - Aseails and passes Forts Jackson and St.

Patrick Henry on Federal Power over SlaveryPhilip-Destroys the Rebel Flotilla-Pushes on to

Edinund Randolph-John Quincy Adams-Joshua New Orleans-The Forts surrender to Capt. Porter

R. Giddings - Mr. Lincoln --Goy, Seward - Gen. --Gasconade of Mayor Monroe-New Orleans suc

Butler-Gen. Fremnt-Gen, T. W. Sherinan-Gen. cumbs - Butier convinces the Rebels that he is

Wool-Gen. Dix-Gen. Halleck-Gen. Cameronwanted there General Order No. 28-Execution

His Report revised by President Lincoln-Seward of Mumford-Farragut and Gen, Williams ascend

to McClellan-Gen. Burnside-Gen. Buell-Gen. the River to Vicksburg-BatMed there-Breckin

Hooker--Gen. Sickler-Gen, McCook-Gen. Doubleridge attacks Baton Rrage-Williams killed

day-Gen. Williams-Col. Anthony-Gen. Hunter Rebels repulsed-Ram Arkansas destroyed-Weit

-Overruled by the President-Gen. MeClellan on ze reduces the Lafourche country-Flanders and

the Negro-Horace Greeley to Lincoln-The ReHahn chosen to Congress-Butler superseded by

sponse -- Do, to the Chicago Clergymen-Lincoln's Banks-Butler's parting Address-Jett. Davis dis

First Proclamation of Freedom-The Elections of satisfied with his policy.

1862-Second Proclamation of Freedom-Edward VI. Virginia in '62- McClellan's Advance.107

Everett on its Validity.

XII. Slavery and Emancipation in Congress. 256 Obstinate DelavsThe Routes to Richmond-Battle of Kernstow 1-Raid of the Iron-elad Merrimac

F. R. Potter on Emancipation by War-Lincoln or Virginin in Hampton Ronde-MeClellan on the

for colonizing the BlacksCongress forbids MiliPeninsula Siere of Yorktown)--Battle of Williams

tary Officers returning Fugitives from Slaveryburg-Fight at West Point-Advance to the Chicka

Abolishes Slavery in the District of Columbia hominy - Recovery of Norfolk-Strength of our

Lincoln proposes, and Congress enacts, CompenArmies --MeClellan's Coinplaints - Fight at Me

kated Emancipation - Prohibits Slavery in the TerDrwell - Jackson surprises Front Royal - Banks

ritories-Confiscates the Slaves of Rebels-Opens driven through Winebester to the Potomae-Jack.

Diplomatic Intercourse with Liberia and Hayti son retreats-Fremont strikes Ewell at Croan-Keys

Requires Equality in Education and Punishment Jackson crosses the South Fork at Port Repab.

between Whites and Blacks--Right of Search on lie, and beats Tyler - Heth routed by Crook at

the African Coast conceded-Fugitive Slave Act Lewisburg.

repealed--Confinement of snspectel Slaves in FeuVII. McClellan before Richmond...

eral Jails forbidden-Coast wise Slave-Trade forond.........140

bidden-Color no Impediment to giving Testiinony. Fitz John Porter worsts Branch at Mecbanicsville

| XIII. Rosecrans's Winter Campaign, 1862–3,270 -McClellan partially across the ChickshominyBaltle of Fair Oaks or Seven Pines - McClellan

The Army of the Ohio nt Bowling Green-Réorganreenforced, but still grumbles and hesitates-Stone

ized by Raisecrans-Morgan's Raids-Surprise of wall Jackson joins Lee-A. P. Hill attacks on

Moore' at Hartaville-Our Advance from Naabright at Mechanicsville-Battle of Gaines's Min

ville Battle of Stone River, near Murfreesboro'Fitz John Porter worsted-McClellan retrertts to

Bragg retreats--Cavalry Raids on our rearInnes's the Janses. Figlat at Glendale, or White Oak

Defense of Lavergud-Losses - Forrest routed by

PAGK Sullivan at Parker's Cross-Roads-Morgan captures Elizabethtown-Gen. 1. Carter's Raid into Enst Tennessee-Wheeler raids down the Tennessee to Fort Donelson-Beaten off by Col. Harling -Van Dorn captures 1,500 Unionists at Spring Hill -Col. A. S. Hall defeats Morgan at Vaught's HII -Gordon Granger repulses Van Dorn at Franklin

Col. A. D. Streight raids into Northern Georgia

-Is overpowered and captured near Rome. XIV. Siege and Capture of Vicksburg ....286

Position and Importance of Vicksburg - Grant
moves against it from Lagrange Advances to Ox-
ford, Miss.-Van Dorn captures Holly Springs-
Murphy's Cowardice-Grant compelled to fall
back-Hovey and Washburn on the Coldwater
Gen. Wm. T. Sherman embarks 30,000 men at
Meinpbis-Debarks on the Yazoo, north of Mem-
pbis-Com. Porter's Gunboats Sherman storms
the Yazoo Bluffs-Repulsed at all points with
beavy loss--Attempts to flank by Drumgould's
Bluff-Is baffled-Superseded by Gen.MeClernand
-Who in vots and captures the post of Arkansas-
Gen. Grant assumes command-Debarks-Digring
the Canal-Proves an Abortion-Yazoo Pass Ex-
pedition--Stopped at Greenwood-Compelled to
Teturn--Grant tries the Sunflower route-Baffled
again-The Queen of the West raids np Red River

Disabled and abandoned-The Indianola cap-
tured by the Webb and Queen of the West-The
Indianola blowy up in a panic-The Webb flees up
Red River-Grant moves down the Mississippi
Com. Porter runs the Vicksburg Batteries--Grier-
son's Raid to Baton Rouge-Porter attacks the Bat-
teries at Grand Gulf-Grant erosses at Bruinsburg

Sherman seints on Haines's Bluff-Crosses the Mississippi at Hankinson's Ferry-Fight at Port Gibaon--Fight at Raymond-Fight at and capture of Jackson - Battle of Champion Hills-Fight at the Big Black-Haines's Bluit abandoned-Vieksburg invested -General Assault ropelsed-The Siege vigorously preased--Pemberton calls a parley-Surrenders--Grant drives Jo. Johnston from Jackson-Fight at Milliken's Bend-Holmes as

sails Helena, and is routeil.
XV. Texas and Louisiana in 1863—Cap-

ture of Port Hudson.. ...322
Galveston --Retaken by Com. Renshaw --Sur-
prised by Magruder, and carried-Our Fleet dis-
abled and beaten-Disaster at Sabine Pass-The
Alabama captures the Hatterns-Gen. Banks in
command xt New Orleans-Clearing the Alchofa-
laya-Fight at Carey's Bridge-Farragut passes
the Batteries at Port Hudson-Banks returns to
Berwick's Bay-- Advances to Opelousas and Alex-
andria, La.-Moves thence to Bayou Sarn, and
crosses the Mississippi --Invests Port Hudson-
Combined Allack on its Defenses-Repulsed with
a loss of 2,000-Panks presses the Siege-Second
Attack-The Rebel supplies exhausted-Gardner
surrenders-Dick Taylor surprises Brashear City
-Fighting at Donaldsonville-Franklin attacks
Sabine Pass, and is beaten off-DaDa surprised at
Morganzis-Burbridge surprised near Opelousas
-Gen, Bunk, ennbarks for the Rio Grande-De-
barks at Brazos Santiago, and takes Brownsville
-Capture of Aransas Pass and Pass Cavallo Fort
Esperanza abandoned-Indianola in our bands-

Banks returns to New Orleans.
XVI. Army of the Potomac under Burn-

side and Hooker-Fredericksburg

-Chancellorsville .............342
Gen. Burnside in command in Virginia--Crosses
the Rappabannock-Attacks Lee's Army, strongly
posted on the Southern Height Is repulsed with
bervy Jose--Récrosses the River-A fresh Ad-
vance arrested by the President-The Mud March
-Rebel Raids in Virginia-Burnside gives place
to Hooker -Stoneman's Raid on Lee's rear-
Hooker crosses the Rappahan nock, and advances
to Chancellorsville-His right wing turned and
shattered by Jackson - Pleasanton checks the
Enemy-Jackson mortally wounde-Desperate
fighting around Chancellorsville-Hooker stunned

Our Army recoils-Sedgwick storms Marye's
Height --Strikes Lee's Rear-Is driven across the
River-Hooker rècrosses also-Stoneman's Raid a
Fallure-Longstreet assails Peck at Suffolk--19

beaten off with loss,
XVII. Lee's Army on Free Soil-Gettys-
burg .........

..367 Lee silently flanks Hooker's right, and mores northward-Cavalry Fight near Fairfax-Milroy, at Winchester, surprised and driven over the Potomac, with beavy loss-Cavalry encounters along the Blue Ridge Jenkins raids to Chamhersburg-Lee crosses the Potomae-Hooker and Halleck at odds - Hooker relieved - Meade in command - Ewell at York -- Collision of vanguards at Gettysburg-Reynolds killed-UnionIsts outnumbered and driven-Howard halts on Cemetery Hill --Sickles comes up-Hancock takes command-Meade arrives-Both Armies concen

PAGE trated-Sickles driven back with loss-Rebel Ad. vance checked-Night falls-Rebel Grand Charge led by Pickett-Terribly repulsed-Lee retreatsHeavy losses-Feeble pursuit by Sedgwick--Lee halte at Williamsport-Meade hesitates-Lee gets across the Potomne-Kilpatrick routs the Rebel rear-guard-Mende crosses at Berlin, and moves down to the Rappabannock--Fight at Manassas Gap-Dix's Advance on Ricbrnond-Pleasanton crosses the Rapidan--Lee flanks Meade, wbo retreats to Centerville-Warren worsts A. P. Hill -Lee retires across the Rappahan nock-Imboden Burprises Charlestown--Gen. D. A. Russell storms Rappabannock Station, eapturing 1.500 prisonera -Meade crosses the Rapidan - Affair of Mine Run-Toland's raid to Wytheville-Averill's to

Lewisburg-Fight at Droop Mountain.
XVIII. The Chattanooga Campaign........404

Morgan's Raid through Kentucky into Indians
and Ohio-He is surrounded, routed, and captured
-His Imprisonment and Eacape-Rosecrans ad-
vances from Murfreesbito' by Shelbyville and
Tullahoma, to the Tennessee at Bridgeport
Brogg flanked out of Chattanooga --Rosecrans
eagerly pursues-Bragg concentrates at Lafayette,
and turns upon his purauers--Rosecrans concen-
trntes on the Chickamiauga-Desperate battle thera
-Rosecrans, worsted, retreats to Chattanooga
Losses-Rosecrans superseded-Pegram's raid in-
to Kentucky-Saunders's into East Tennessee
Burnside crosses the Cumberland Mountains
Knoxville libertel - Burnside retakes Cumber-
land Gap, with 2,000 prisoners--Longstreet impel.
led by Bragg against him--Wolford struck at Phil.
adelphis, Tenn.--Fight at Campbell's Station-
Burnside withdraws into Knoxville-Longstreet
besieges and assaults -- Is repulsed with loss -
Raises the Siege and retreats-Grant relieves Rose-
crans-Hooker and Slocum hurried to the Tennes-
B-Wheeler's and Roddy's raide-Grant reaches
Chattanooga -- Honker crosses the Tennessee
Fight at Waubatcbie Sherman arrives frorn
Vicksburg-Grant impels attacks on Bragg by
Granger. Hooker, and Sherman-Hooker carries
Look ut Mountain-Bragg, on Mission Ridge, at-
tacked from all sides and routed-His Bulletin
Hooker pursues to kingguld-Cleburne checks him
in a gap in White Oak Ridge-Sherman and Gran-
ger dispatched to Knoxville-Losses at Mission

XIX. The War in Missouri and Arkansas,

in 1863.

863.......................446 Marmaduke attacks Springfield, Mo.-Is repulsed - Again at Hartsville-Waring routs him at Batesville, Ark.--The Sam Guty captured-Fayettevilla Attacked by Cabell - Marmaduke assails Cape Girardean - MeNeil repels hin - Coffey assails Fort Blunt-Standwatie repulsed at Cabin Creek -Coffey repulsed by Catherwood, at Pineville, Mo. - Quantrell's Arson and Butchery at Law rence, Kansas-Gen. Steele moves on Little Rock -Fight At Bayou Meten-Davidson defents Marmaduke at Bayou Fonrche-Price abandons Little Rock to Steele-Blunt's Escort destroyed by Quadtrell-Col. Clayton defeats Marmaduke at Pino Bluff-Gen, E. B. Brown defeats Cabell and Coffey at Arrow Rock-MeNeil chases them to Clarksville-Standwatie and Quantrell repulsed by Col. Phillips at Fort Gibson-Sioux Butcheries in MinDesota-Gen. Sibley routs Little Crow at Wood Lake--500 Indians captured and tried for murder -Gen, Pope in command-Sibley and Sully pursue and drive the Savages-Gen. Conner in Utah

Defeats Sbosboboes on Bear River - Enemies

XX. The Carolinas, Georgia, and Florida

in 1862-3—Siege of Charleston. .455
Siege and Capture of Fort Pulaski by Gillmore
Sinking of Swne Fleet in Charleston Harbor
Com, Dupont swreps down the Coast to St. Au-
gustine-Union Movement nt Jacksonville-Pen-
Bacola and Jackson ville abandoned-Edisto Island
relinquished-Gen. Hunter attacks Secessionville,
and is repulsed-Gen. Brannan threatens the San
vannah Railroad -Fight at Coose whatchie-De-
struction of the Nashville-Dupont repulsed at
Fort McAllister-The Isaac Smith lost near Le-
grréville--Iron-clad Raid from Charleston-Tbe
Mercedita and Keystone State disabled - Beag.
regard and Ingrabam proclaim the Blockade of
Charleston raised-Dupont with his Iron-elada at-
tacks Fort Sumter, and is repulsed--Col. Montgom-
ery's Raid up tho Combahee-The Atlanta comes
out from Savannah -- Capt. Rogers, in the Wee-
hawken, disables and captures her-Gen. Gillmore
seizes half of Morris Island -Gen. Strong Assaults
Fort Wagner, and is bloodily repulsed-Gillmore
opens Trenches - The 'Swamp Angel' talks to
Charleston-The Rebels driven out of Fort Wagner
-Com. Stephens assaults Fort Sumter-Charles-
ton bombarded from Wagner-Foundering of the
Weehawken-D. H. Hill repelled at Newbern-
Attacks Wasbington, N. C. - Is driven out by
Foster--Fight at Gum Swamp,

[blocks in formation]

PAGE XXI. The Political History of 1863......484

Lord Lyops on Democratic Peace'Spring Elec-
tions of 1863-Conscription ordered, first by Rebel,
next by Union Congress - Judge Woodward
pronounces tbe latter unconstitutional Suspen-
sion of Habeas Corpus-Military Arrest and Con-
vietion of Vallan digbam--Democrats of Albany
thereon - President Lincoln's Response - Ohio
Democratic Convention's Resolves-Vallandig-
ham nominated for Governor-Convention de-
Inand his Release-President Lincoln's Reply
The New York Journalists on the Freedom of the
Press-Ex-President Pierce's Fourth of July Ors-
tion-Gov. Seymour's ditto-The Draft Riots in
New York--Anson, Devastation, and Murder-
Gov. Seymour's Speech-He demands A stoppage
of the Draft President Lincoln's Reply-The
Autumn Elections-The Draft adjudged valid
The Goverament sustained by the Peuple.

XXI. Negro Soldiery....

Negroes in the Revolutionary Armies--Royal AL-
tempts to win them to the British side--The War
of 1812-Gen. Jackson at New Orleans-Negro
soldiering suppressed in 1861-Gen, Hunter di-
rects a recruiting of Blacks-Gov. Wickliffe's In-
quiry-Gen, Hunter's Response--Saxton author-
sed taarin Negros-Gen. Phelps's Black recruit-
ing in Louisians-Gen, Butler thereon Jeff.
Davis on Butler and Phelps together-Congress
orders a general enrollment, regardless of Color
Dernocratie Denunciation thereof-Gov. Andrew,
of Mass., raises two Black Regimento - New York,
by her Loyal League, follows the Example-Reb.
el employment of Negroes in War-Beauregard
and Jeff, Davis on Federal arming of Blacks--The
Confederate Congress punishes it with Death
President Lincoln threatens Retaliation-Garrett
Davis, SS. Cox & Co, denounce the arming of
Blacks-Adjt-Gen. Thomas engages in the work

His Speech at Lake Providence-Gen. Banks's
Order-Negro recruiting goes ahead-Efficiency

of Black Soldiers XXIII. The War along the Coast in 1864..528

Organization of the XXXVIIIth Congress -
Lincolu's proffer of Amnesty-Gillmore and Sey-
mour in Florida Finnegan defeats Seymour at
Olustee-Rebel Salt-Works in Florida destroyed

Union Convention at Jacksonville-Union Re-
pale at Bloody Bridge, S. C. - Pickett Aseails
Newbern, N. C.- Hoke besieges Wessells in
Piymouth-The Rebel ram Albemarle disables
our Vessel-Wessells surrenders-The Alberuarie
fights our Fleet off the mouth of the Roanoko
Is beaten off by them-Blown up by Ll Cushing
-Plymouth rotaken-Wild's Raid into Caindeu

County, XXIV. The War beyond the Mississippi in 1864

...................536 Banke in New Orleans-Porter's Fleet in the Mississippi-Captures Fort De Rusey-Our Ariny and Fleet advance to Alexandria-Both inove up Red River --Banks pressed on toward Shreve. port-Col. Goding's Fight_Our Advance routed by Kirby Smith at Sabine Cross-Roads-Ernory checks the Rebel Pursuit at Pleasant Grove Fierce and indecisive Battle At Pleasant Hill Banks retreats to Grand Ecore - Porter works and fights his way down the River-Banks fights and drives Bee ni Cane River-Return of Army and Fleet to Alexandria-LL-Col. Bailey engineers our Vessels over the Rapids--Union Long of three Vessels at Dunn's Bayou-Texas Const nearly abandoned-Banks retreats to Simmsport -Fight at Mansara-Cotton Operations on Red River -Steele's Advance from Little Rock Fight at Prairie d'Anne-Steele enters Camden --Union Disaster at Marka's Milis-Steele retreats-Attacked by Kirby Smith nt Jenkins's Ferry - Rebels revulsed Steele, burning his Trains, escapes to Little Rock-Gen. Cart worsts Shelby at St. Charles--COL Brooks fights Dobbins at Big Creek-Shelby captures the 54th Illibois-Union State Convention in Arkansas Steele's Inefficiency--Rosecrans in command in Missouri - Arrests the Chiefs of the Sons of Liberty-Price's last InvasionHugh Ewing withstands bim at Pilot Knob Retreats to RollsRebel nprising--Price threatens SL Louis-Appears before Jefferson City-Gen. Mower follows hiin from Arkansas-Rebels capture Glasgow Price at Lexington Fights Blunt on the Little Blue-Fights Curtis on the Big Blue-Escapes southward, by Little Santa Fe--Pleasanton routs him on the Little Osage -- Blunt routs bim st Newtonis-Curtis chases him to Fayetteville,

XXV. Gen. Grant's Advance on Richmond.562

Grant made Lieutenant-General-His Concep-
tion of the War-Awsumes command-Army of
the Potomac reorganized-Kilpatrick's Raid to
Richmond Col. Dahlgren killed-Grant crosses
obe Rapidas--Battle of the Wilderness-Grant

PAGI pushes on to Spottsylvania C. H-Heavy, inde. cisive fighting-Hancock storins the Enemy's Lines, capturing Maj. Gen. Ed. Johnson and 3.000 Men-Sheridan's Raid to Richmond Death of J. E. B. Stuart-Butler moves against Richmond by the James--W. F. Smith fighaus D. H. Hili at Port Walthall Junction-Beauregard arrives from Charleston--Attacks Butler on the Janes--More Fighting there--Kautz's first Raid

Three Union Gunboats blown up-Grans moves by his Left to the North Anna-Habeock and Wright across -Burnside repulsed-Fighting on both Wings-Lee's Position impregnabla

Grant moves by his Left to the Chickahowiny

Roenforced by W. F. Smith from Butler's Po Rition-Bloody Repalse at Cold Harbor-Sheri. dan's Raid to Louise C. H.-Grant moves by hio Left across the James, below Richmond-Recrosses for his Overland Advance-Butler impels Gillem and Kautz against Petersburg--W. F. Smith's Corps follows--Failorer to carry itGeneral Assault repulsed-Meade's costly Ad. vance to the Weldon Railroad Wilson's and Kaute's expensive Raid to Burkesville-Butler pentoons the James--Sheridan fights on the Peninsula--Miles carries an Outpost ut Deep Bottom-Burnside's Mine - Hancock on our Left, Gregg on our Right, advance, and are both worsted-Warren seizes and holds the Weldon Railroad-Hill defeats Hancock at Reams's Strtion-Warren advances to and over the SquirTel Level Road-Butler assaults and carries Fort Harrison-Field fails to retake it--Mende adVances to Hatcher's Run-Egan route HethHancock repels Wade Hampton-Hancock re

tires--Losses of the Campaign-Criticisme. XXVI. West Virginia and North of the

Rapidan in 1864........... .598 Sam Jones captures Beers at Jonesville-Ronser takes Petersburg-Averill hits him at Springfield Sigel's defeat At Newmarket-Averill worsted at Wytheville-Crook's Fight near Dublin Station--Hunter's victory at PiedinontHe takes Stranton, and adrances to Lynchburg -Retreats across the Alleghanes-Early chases Sigel out of Virginia--Wallace beatea on the Nonocacy Early threatens Washington Wright repulsed by Earty - Avery worsted near Winchester-Early defents Croek-Channbersburg burned by MeCsusland-Col. Stough routed at Oldtown - Sberidan appointed to commandBeats Early at Opequan-Routs him at Fisher's Hill-Devastates the ValleyThe Richmond Whig on Retaliation - Early enrprises Crook at Cedar Creek - Sheridan

transforins defeut into victory--Lossen XXVII. Between Virginia and the Missis

sippi, 1863-4................615
Phillips's Raid to Grenada - MePherson ad-
Vances from Vicksberg-Forrest's Raid to Jack-
Bon-W. T. Sherusan's Advance to Meridian
Sovy Smith's Failute--Osband's Fight at Yazoo
City-Palmer's Advance to Dalton-Forrest
takes Union City-Repulsed by Hicks at Padu-
cah-Assaults and carries Fort Pillow-Butch-
ery after Surrender--Sturgis routed by Forrest
at Guntown -- A. J. Smith worsts Forrest at
Tugelo-Forrest's Raid into Memphis Fights
at 'Bean's Station, Charleston, Mossy Creek,
Dandridge, and Maryville, East Tennesse
Morgan's last Raid into Kentucky--Hobeon's
Surrender --Burbridge strikes Morgan at Me
Sterling, and routs him near Cynthians--Mor.
kan killed-Burbridge benten at Saltville, Va.

Attempt on Johusua's Island.

XXVIIL Sherman's Atlanta Campaign.....625

Strength of Sherman's and Jo Johnston's ArmiesSherman flanks Johnston out of Dalton

Hooker takes Res&cx-Jeff. c. Davis takes Rome Fight at Pumpkin-vine Creek - At Now Hope Church - At Dallas - Allatoona Pass won.-Gen. Polk killed-Rebel Repulse at Kulp House--Sherma a assaults Kenessw, and is repulsed with a loss of 8,000.-Flanks Johnston out of it-Passes the Chattahoochee Tlood relieves Johnston-Roussena defents Clanton Hood strikes our left heavily, and is tepulsed--Strikes more heavily, and is badly worsted - Stoneman's wretched Raid to Macon -He surrenders-Hood strikes our right at Proctor's Creek-Is badly beaten by Howard and Logan-Kilpatrick's Raid around Atlanta

Sherman moves by his right behind Alianta -Howard beats Hardee at Jonesboro'-. C. Davis repeats the lesson--Hood abandons Atlanta-Sherman enter-Orders it cleared of inhabitants - Pillow raids to Lafayette Wheeler to Dalton and through Southern Tennessee - Jeft. Davis at Macon Hood flanks Sherman - French Attacks Allatoons - Corse berts him off-Hood crosses Sand Mountain Thomas introsted with the defense of Tennes 100-Sherinaa turns southward

PAGE XXIX. The War on the Ocean-Mobile

Bay ........................641
The Confederate Navy -Their Torpedoes -
British-built Privateers --The Sumter - The
Alabama--The Florida--Seizure of the Chess-
peske --The Tallahassee - The Olustee-The
Chickamang--Capt, Collins seizes the Florida
in Babis HarborGoy. Sewani on Rebel bul.
ligurency-The Georgia-Fight of the Kenraaryo
and Alabama Criteisins thereon-Farragut
before Mobile-Bombards and prah Fort Mor-
gan - 'The Rebl ram Tennessee fights our
feet-lo captured-Fort Powell blown up-
Fort Gaines surrenders-Fort Morgan succumbs

-Mobile saled up.
XXX. Political Mutations and Results,

Presidential Canvass of 1864..654
State Elections reflect the varying phases of
the War - Kentucky Union am - Lineoin to
Hodges - Lincoln at Gettysburg - Fremont
nominated for Preakdent-Radierl Platform-
Union National Convention-Its Platform-Lin-
cole and Jobuo nominated-Johnson's Letter
--A Season of Gloom--The National Finances
during the War--National Dubi-Currency De-
precation - Peace Overtures at Niagara and at
Richmond Davis inflexible Chicago Demo-
crntie Convention Pence' Utterances The
Platform-MeClellan and Pendleton nominnted
--National victories stimulate popular dissent
-Gen. McClelian tries to hedge-Seward's
Critieisnis-Fremont declines-The Autumn
El ctions - Maryland free-Death of Roger B.
Tuney-Lincoln elected--The Soldiers' Vote
The 'XXXVIITh Congress - Lincoln's last
Message Slavery prohibited by Constitutional
Amendment Pench Overtures al Richnionit,
And Negotiations in Hampton Roads-Lincola's
Secon i luaugural.

PAGE barded by the Fleet The Sailors' nesult--Repulnedben. Ames assaults from the lan'l she

Desperate Fighting--The Fort carrie - sides

Explosion o Magaz ne-Gen. Schofield rives - Advances on Wilmington - Fight at Town Creek-Fort Anderson evacuated --Hoke retreats-Burns Vesses and Sures-Wilmington given up-Advance to Kinston-Upham surprised at Southwest Creek - Hke strikes outls repulsed, and retreats-S. botield eaters

XXXIII. The Rëpossession of Alabama...716

Wilson at Eastport, Miss.-Crosses the Tennes-
see, and in ves south ward-Routs Roddy at
Montevallo-Hurrira Forrest from Boyle's Creek

Charxes ove the defenses of Selma, and takes
2.700 Prisoners-Montgomery surrenders-La-
granre routs Buford--Wilson takes Columbus,
Ga., by Assult-Lagrange charges and exptures
Fort Tiler-Wilson in Macon-Cuxton cap-
tures Tuskaloosa-Zi.z-ig* to Macon-Canby
in New Orlen's--Advances on Mobile Steele
moves up from Pensacola - Routs Clanton ab
Mitchell's Creek-Sanish Fort besieged-Its
garrison driven out-Desperate assault ou
Blakely--The Works carried, with 3,000 pris-
oners Mobile evacuated-Fate of the rain w.

H. Webb.
XXXIV. Fall of Richmond - End of the



XXXI. Hood's Tennessee Campaign.....677

Forrest's last Raid--Captures Athens, Als 1s chased out of Tennessee by Rousseau --Hood presas Gordon Granger at Decatar-Crosses The Tennessee ni Florence-Thomas retires on Nashville --Hood follows --Fighting at Duck River and at Spring Hill --Sebofield makrs * stand at Franklin - Bloody drawn battleHeavy Rebel loss -- Pat, Cleburne killedThomas strong in Nashville -- Fights around Mur Tesboro-A Cold Week-Thomas assumed the Of-nsi -Stredmenstr kes on our leftAJ Smith, Johnson, and Wilson on our right

-Col. Post storms Montgomery Hill -T. J. Wood anii A. J Smith carry first line of Rebel de funees-Overton's Hill stored and taken-Rebels routed and pursued to Franklin -Their losses Hood chased across the Tennessee--Lyon's feeble Raid-Sloveman in East Tennessee Gillern outa Duke, aud then Vrughn

Wreckinridge driven into North Carolina Saltvilles captured-Thomas's Captures-Hood relievol.

XXXII. Sherman's Great March.........689

His Army in Northern Genrgia-Concentrated
at Atlanta --He moves southward -- Fight at
Lovejy's - Kilpstrick Lefore Macon - Slocar
At Miller geville --Howard at Sandersville -
Kilpatrick at Warnesboro Fights Wheeler-
Blair at Millen Hasen at Statesboro'-Fight at
tbe Okeechee-Blair crosses at Fort Argyle-
Sloeun crosses *t Louisville --She mas ape
pronches Sovannah-Hazen storm Fort McAl.
lister Sherman hears from Frister and Dahl-
gren-Starts for Hilton He-d--Hardee evacunes
Savannah-Sherinan's losses and captures in
Georgia-Correspondence with Lincoln-Dana's,
Davidson's, and Grierson's Raide-Grierson's
Victory at Egypt- Hateh worsted at Honey
Hili-Foster occupies Pocotaligo-Sherman en-
ters South Carolina--Pushes for the Edisto
Horrible Ros lo-Fight nenr Branchville--Ki-
patrick at Alken-Blair fights and wins near
Orangeburg-Fight at the Congaree--Hood's
remnant, under Chea hain, pass our left-Co-
lumbia surrendered - Grent Conflagration
Sherman's and Wade Hair ton's accounts of it
Hardee evacuates Charleston and its defenses

Pollard's account of its devastation Our
Flag raised on Furts Samter, Ripley, and Pinck-
ney-Sherman's Fo'aging-His Bammers
Fight at Williston's Station --Atkins's repulse

Sherman at Winsboro Blair at Cheraw-
Occupies Fayetteville, N. C. - Hampton sur-
prisei Kilpatrick - Is besten off-Slocuin at-
tackert by Hardee at Averysboro'-Rebels recoil
-Jo. Johnston arikes Slocum at Benton ville
Indecisive Fighting-Johnst in decarpe--Sher-
man enters Goldsborot-Butler And Weitzei's
Expedition to Fort Fisher-The Powder Ship
Porter's Bombardment-Baller returns to the
James-Grant dissatisfied Expedition sent
back under Terry-Fort Fisher invested-Boun-

Grant passive-Rebel attempt to arm Negroes

Warren's advance to the Sleberrin-Raid of the Rebel gunbonis--Fight ut Dabrey's MillOur left on Hatcher's Run--Rosser's Raid to Beverly-Capture of Kelly and Crook-Sheridan up the Valley - Annihilates Early at Waynesboro'-Captures Charlottesville-Fa ls to cross the James above Richmond-Crosses below, and reaches Grant-Gurdon surprises Fort Seedman-Is repulsed at Fort HaskeilSurrender of 2,000 Rebels--Mende counter-ssaul-Grant dhects a General Advance by our left-Griffin's Fight at the White Oak RondSherilan advances to Five Forks-Falls back to Dinwiddie C. H.-Lee strikes Warren heavily-Is successful, but finally stopped-Sheridan Again pushed back to Dinwiddie C.H.-Repels his assailante-Warren hurried to his support -Rebels recoil - She dan Aguin advances to Five Forks, and attack-Warren's corps ordered to grike Enemy's left funk-Coinbined Attack completely successful Pickett routed and driven wertward-Warren supersedel by Sheridan -Our guns reopen on Petersburg General Assault aleng our front-Foris Gregg And Alexander carried - Miles dislosiges the enemy at Sutherland's Depot-Longs reet joins Lee-Heth repulsed--A. P. Hill killed Lee notifies Davis hat Richmond must be evarusted --The Confederacy tires and quits that CityWeitzel enters i: unopposed-Captures of prisoners and arins --The news flashed over the loyal States Universal rejoicings - Connecticut Election-Petersburg abandoned-Lee concentrates at Chesterfield C. H.--Retreats westward by Arnelia C. H. Sheridan heads him off froin Danville, at Jetersville -- Davies strikes his tran at Paine's Cross- Ronda Lee bastening westward-Crook strikes bim in flank-Is repulsed-Custer strike his train nl Sailor's Creek, and destroys 400 wagons - Ewell eut off, and, after a fight, compelled to surrender -Ord strikes Lee's ran near Farmville-Israpulsed, and Gen. Read killed-Lee crosses the Appomattox At Farmville -- His Desperate Condition Grant proposes & surrender Humphreys attacks Lee, and is bloodily repulsed - Lee resumes his fight - Sheridan hends him at Appomattox C, H.- Last Charge of the Army of Virginia--Correspondence between Les and Grant--Lee Surrenders--Parting

with his Soldiers-His Army dissolved. XXXV. Death of President Lincoln-Peace.746

The President at City Point-He enters Rich-
mond Letter to Weltzel-Recruit ng stopped

Celebration at Fort Sumter--The President
Assassinated by J. Wilkes Booth-Gov, Seward
murderously assaulted by Payne Powell-Ac-
cession of Andrew Johnson to the Presidency
Oilers rewards for arrest of Jefferson Davis
and otherStoneman's Raid into North Caro-
lina-Sherman's Arrangement with Jo. John-
aton-Repudiated by the Governinent-Reasons
therefor-Jobnston surrenders-- Diek inyler
ditto-Dissolution of the Confederacy-Flight
and Capture of Davis - Kirby Smith's voice
still for War Sheridan's Expedition - The Re-
bellion's final collaps-Career of the Shenan-
donh-Grant's Parting Address to his Soldiers

-Dissolution of our Arinies. APPENDED NOTES.... ANALYTICAL INDEX...

......759 ..........765

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