Truth, Trust, and the Bottom Line: Seven Steps to Trust Based Management.

Dearborn Trade, 2001年1月12日 - 215 頁
Every manager who offers constructive, honest feedback to employees, using the seven steps, will unearth a powerful new management tool. After observing top leaders for years, author-consultants Dianc Tracy and William J Morin have codified these best practices and outline how to tell employees the truth, talk straight with them and give them the information they need about themselves to skyrocket their performance. The benefits are nearly instantaneous, often amazing - and drop directly to the bottom line. These trust-builders help managers improve team members' performances, reduce errors, cut costs, serve customers better, and make the job of managing a truly winning experience. The authors explain how to achieve world-class performance by: * Nurturing, motivating and retaining top talent * Increasing the flexibility and adaptability of the team * Coaching employees to create their own best performance Through the use of the book's Personal Application sidebars, this method can also be used to increase the effectiveness of personal relationships - with significant others, spouses, children and friends.

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Diane Tracy has more than 20 years’ experience as an internationally recognized author, speaker, and coach to executives in Fortune 500 companies and beyond. She has appeared on more than 150 radio and television talk shows and is a popular speaker to audiences worldwide on the subjects of leadership, management, creativity, change, and empowerment.