English Men of Letters, 第 9 卷

John Morley
Harper & Bros., 1894



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第 73 頁 - in my father's dwelling, So might we talk of the old familiar faces. " For some they have died, and some they have left me, And some are taken from me, all arc departed; All, all are gone, the old familiar faces.
第 73 頁 - a friend, a kinder friend has no man. Like an ingrate, I left my friend abruptly! Left him to muse on the old familiar faces. " Ghost-like I paced round the haunts of my childhood. Earth seemed a desert I was bound to traverse, Seeking to find the old familiar faces. "Friend of my bosom, thou more than a brother; Why wert not thou
第 25 頁 - I WAS born and passed the first seven years of my life in the Temple. Its church, its halls, its gardens, its fountain, its river, I had almost said—for in those young years what was this king of rivers to me but a stream that watered our pleasant places?—these are of my oldest recollections.
第 170 頁 - which he chooses to do; judging him by his conversation which I enjoyed so long, and relished so deeply; or by his books, in those places where no clouding passion intervenes, I should belie my own conscience if I said less than that I think WH to be, in his natural and
第 40 頁 - a very severe, master. He early moulded my taste to the preference of Demosthenes to Cicero, of Homer and Theocritus to Virgil, and again of Virgil to Ovid. He habituated me to compare Lucretius (in such extracts as I then read), Terence, and, above all, the chaster poems of Catullus, not only with the
第 71 頁 - was perhaps reminded of Ferdinand, in the Tempest), " This lime-tree bower my prison," in which he apostrophizes Lamb as the " gentle-hearted Charles," and addresses him as one who had " Hungered after nature, many a year In the great city pent, winning thy way With
第 92 頁 - flushed her spirit. I know not by what name beside I shall it call: if 'twas not pride, It was a joy to that allied She did inherit. " Her parents held the Quaker rule Which doth the human spirit
第 12 頁 - oftener perhaps than I could have wished, to have had for her associates, and mine, free thinkers, leaders and disciples of novel philosophies and systems; but she neither wrangles with, nor accepts their opinions. That which was good and venerable to her when she
第 126 頁 - of honour; and to give them some idea of the difference of rank and gradual rising I have made a little scale, supposing myself to receive the following various accessions of dignity from the king, who is the fountain of honour. As the first, 1, Mr. C. Lamb; 2, C. Lamb, Esq.;
第 163 頁 - who of all children has been brought up with the most scrupulous exclusion of every taint of superstition, who was never allowed to hear of goblin or apparition, or scarcely to be told of bad men, or to hear or read of any