Geschichte des Räthsels


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第77页 - I must give, That I have but three days more to live; For if I do not answer him questions three, My head will be smitten from my bodie.
第77页 - Away rode the Abbot all sad at that word, And he rode to Cambridge and Oxenford ; But never a doctor there was so wise, That could with his learning an answer devise. Then home rode the Abbot of comfort so cold, And he...
第78页 - The king he laughed, and swore by St. Jone, I did not think it could be gone so soon ! — Now from the third question thou must not shrink, But tell me here truly what I do think.
第78页 - fore our father the pope." "Now welcome, sir abbot," the king he did say, "'Tis well thou'rt come back to keep thy day; For and if thou canst answer my questions three, Thy life and thy living both saved shall be.
第76页 - How now, father abbot, I hear it of thee, Thou keepest a far better house than me ; And for thy housekeeping and high renown, I fear thou work'st treason against my crown.
第77页 - O these are hard questions for my shallow wit, Nor I cannot answer your grace as yet : But if you will give me but three weeks' space, I'll do my endeavour to answer your grace."
第76页 - I'll tell you anon Of a notable prince, that was called King John ; And he ruled England with main and with might. For he did great wrong and maintain'd little right And I'll tell you a story, a story so merry, Concerning the Abbot of Canterbury ; How for his housekeeping and high renown, They rode post for him to fair London town.
第77页 - The second, to tell him without any doubt, How soon he may ride this whole world about ; And at the third question I must not shrink, But tell him there truly what he does think...
第78页 - Four nobles a week, then, I will give thee, For this merry jest thou hast shown unto me; And tell the old abbot when thou comest home, Thou hast brought him a pardon from good King John.
第78页 - With my crown of golde so fair on my head, Among all my liege-men so noble of birthe, Tell me to one penny what I am worth.