Life of W. M. Thackeray


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第 16 頁 - In this same place — but not alone. A fair young form was nestled near me, A dear, dear face looked fondly up, And sweetly spoke and smiled to cheer me, — There's no one now to share my cup.
第 167 頁 - December — it is your birthday! But last year we did not drink it — no, no. My lord was cold, and my Harry was likely to die; and my brain was in a fever; and we had no wine. But now — now you are come again, bringing your sheaves with you, my dear.
第 150 頁 - I saw her first just as I rose out of an illness from which I had never thought to recover. I remember the trembling little frame, the little hand, the great honest eyes. An impetuous honesty seemed to me to characterize the woman. Twice I recollect she took me to task for what she held to be errors in doctrine. Once about Fielding we had a disputation. She spoke her mind out. She jumped too rapidly to conclusions. (I have smiled at one or two passages in the Biography...
第 126 頁 - Roumelia, then Chief Galeongee of the Porte, gave a diplomatic banquet at his summer palace at Bujukdere. I was on the left of the Galeongee, and the Russian agent, Count de Diddloff, on his dexter side. Diddloff is a dandy who would die of a rose in aromatic pain : he had tried to have me assassinated three times in the course of the negotiation ; but of course we were friends in public, and saluted each other in the most cordial and charming manner. The Galeongee is — or was, alas ! for a bowstring...
第 107 頁 - A pleasant land, not fenced with drab stucco, like Tyburnia or Belgravia; not guarded by a huge standing army of footmen; not echoing with noble chariots; not replete with polite chintz drawing-rooms and neat tea-tables; a land over which hangs an endless fog, occasioned by much tobacco; a land of chambers, billiard-rooms, supper-rooms, oysters; a land of song; a land where soda-water flows freely in the morning; a land of tin dish-covers from taverns, and frothing porter...
第 174 頁 - and fell back. It was the word we used at school, when names were called ; and lo, he, whose heart was as that of a little child, had answered to his name, and stood in the presence of The Master.
第 xvii 頁 - GHOSTS," "AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE," and "THE WILD DUCK." With an Introductory Note. VOL. III. " LADY INGER OF OSTRAT," "THE VIKINGS AT HELGELAND," "THE PRETENDERS." With an Introductory Note and Portrait of Ibsen. VOL. IV. "EMPEROR AND GALILEAN.
第 96 頁 - I printed my own sonnets, my own tragedy, my own verses (to a being who shall be nameless, but whose conduct has caused a faithful heart to bleed not a little). I...
第 xviii 頁 - To say that Mr. Lloyd Sanders, in this volume, has produced the best existing memoir of Sheridan is really to award much fainter praise than the book deserves.
第 xix 頁 - LIFE OF CRABBE. By TE Kebbel. " No English poet since Shakespeare has observed certain aspects of nature and of human life more closely."— Athenaeum. LIFE OF HEINE. By William Sharp. "An admirable monograph . . . more fully written up to the level of recent knowledge and criticism than any other English work." — Scotsman. LIFE OF MILL. By WL Courtney. " A most sympathetic and discriminating memoir.