Roman Catholic Claims: A Full and Correct Report of the Debates in the House of Commons, on the Catholic Claims; on Thursday, Feb. 26th, Friday, Feb. 27th, Monday, March 1, and Tuesday, March 2, 1813

Gale, Curtis, and Company ... and J. Hatchard ... W. Flint, printer, 1813 - 134 頁

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第 8 頁 - The times have been That, when the brains were out, the man would die, And there an end ; but now they rise again, With twenty mortal murders on their crowns, And push us from our stools.
第 108 頁 - The right him. and learned gentleman (whose talents excited the highest admiration, and whose convincing speech could never be forgot) might easily call to his recollection, whether it was a taste for office or a sense of duty which induced the present administration some time ago to remain in power. He might also recollect, that the present was not the first administration which had been divided on this very subject: that of which the right hon. gentleman formed so distinguished a part, it was well...
第 41 頁 - Catholics might be acceded to without any difficulty or danger. He, for his own part, had endeavoured to argue the question as a real and zealous friend, and well-wisher to the interests of the whole Empire ; and if the House...
第 32 頁 - They steeped in the deepest ignorance, the wretches whom they meant to degrade and render incapable of power. We, on the contrary, have repealed all the penal laws which kept them in darkness, and yet still expect them to be the grovelling slaves of stupidity. The time for such conduct would have been, when these sons of earth were buried under the mountains which the mighty wisdom of our progenitors had heaped upon them.
第 34 頁 - But he felt confident that the case was not so ; that there was no incompatibility between the sacred principles established at the Revolution, and the present views and requests of the Catholic Petitioners. He wished to fight this part of the subject inch by inch ; mean time, let not the people of Ireland...
第 34 頁 - Providence to work out for them the means of comfort and liberty: yet before the dreadful sentence is passed upon them, — before they retire, overwhelmed by the eternal interdiction, let the alleged danger be proved by facts and arguments clear as the light of Heaven.
第 60 頁 - Treasury, and Navy ject of finance, moved the order of the day for resuming the debate on the subject of those resolutions ; remarking, at the same time, that he thought it unnecessary to enter into the general question of the finances of the country, which, indeed, had already been fully and ably discussed, but should confine himself to a few observations on the motives that had induced him to submit...
第 35 頁 - Act, it was well known, was an ebullition of excessive loyalty at the time of the Restoration; and inculcated, among other salutary provisions, the necessity of passive obedience and nonresistance. At the Revolution, this Act had been purged and maimed; and yet this mutilated fragment of a statute was one of the props of the British Constitution.
第 34 頁 - It was a mutter of no great importance, whether the apprehensions entertained at that time were, or were not, well founded : for himself, he rather thought they were. Charles was a profligate monarch, — for so he must call a man who had sold his country for foreign gold, that he might act without the...
第 32 頁 - Those men are called innovators and turbulent, who come humbly to the bar of the House, and bring with them the offer of their hearts and hands, their substance and their blood, towards the support of the constitution : and desire only to be allowed to bring also wiih them their honour and their religion, without which, they must be profligate and dangerous associates in any community.