The Life and Times of Gen. John Graves Simcoe, Commander of the "Queen's Rangers" During the Revolutionary War, and First Governor of Upper Canada: Together with Some Account of Major André and Capt. Brant

G. Virtue, 1890 - 305页

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第224页 - American arms ; but, had it continued until the Indians, etc., were driven under the influence of the post and guns you mention, they would not have much impeded the progress of the victorious army under my command, as no such post was established at the commencement of the present war between the Indians and the United States.
第130页 - A delegation of warriors from the Delaware tribe having visited the governor of Virginia during the revolution, on matters of business, the governor \ asked them some questions relative to their country, and, among others, what they knew or had heard of the animal whose bones were found at the Saltlicks, on the Ohio. Their chief speaker immediately put himself into an attitude of oratory...
第130页 - ... of his feet, are still to be seen, and hurled his bolts among them, till the whole were slaughtered except the big bull, who, presenting his forehead to the shafts, shook them off as they fell, but, missing one, at length it wounded him...
第303页 - America," and to make further provision for the Government of the said Province...
第303页 - Britain; and that in all matters of controversy relative to property and civil rights, resort shall be had to the laws of Canada as the rule for the decision of the same...
第121页 - Nor could he account for it, unless it was that Canada having been formerly a French colony, there might be an opportunity of reviving those titles of honour the extinction of which some gentlemen so much deplored, and to revive in the west that spirit of chivalry which had fallen into disgrace in the neighbouring country.
第124页 - In a country where the principles of liberty were gaining ground, they should have a Government as agreeable to the genuine principles of freedom, as was consistent with the nature of circumstances. He did not think that the Government intended...
第20页 - This article is inadmissible in every extremity ; sooner than this army will consent to ground their arms in their encampment, they will rush on the enemy, determined to take no quarter.
第131页 - ... of his feet are still to be seen, and hurled his bolts among them till the whole were slaughtered, except the big bull, who presenting his forehead to the shafts, shook them off as they fell; but missing one at length, it wounded him in the side; whereon, springing round, he bounded over the Ohio, over the Wabash, the Illinois, and finally over the great lakes, where he is living at this day.
第85页 - He was dressed in his royal regimentals and boots, and his remains, in the same dress, were placed in an ordinary coffin, and interred at the foot of the gallows; and the spot was consecrated by the tears of thousands.