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第260页 - your grant I will sing a holy chant, I will sing a holy chant. If the ditty sound but oddly, 'Twas a father, wise and godly, Sang it so long ago. Then sing as Martin Luther sang: " Who loves not woman, wine, and song, Remains a fool his whole life long!
第26页 - end, and to end good. He has made a rapport to de king, and de king has resolved et tout à fait en faveur du major. " Monsieur," m'a dit son Excellence, " vous comprenez bien, que tout dépend de la manière dont on fait envisager les choses au roi, et vous me connaissez.
第26页 - ce monde ; et quand il s'agit de pertes, que ce soit le roi qui en fasse, et non pas un honnête homme de nous autres. Voilà le principe dont je ne me dépars jamais." But what say madame to it? N'est
第26页 - un très-joli garçon que ce Tellheim, et ne sais-je pas que vous l'aimez? Les amis de mes amis sont aussi les miens. Il coûte un peu cher au roi ce Tellheim, mais est-ce que l'on sert les rois pour rien ? Il faut s'entr'aider
第28页 - Ric. Tant mieux, mademoiselle, tant mieux! Tous les gens d'esprit aiment le jeu a la fureur. Min. —that I am very fond of winning; that I like to trust my money to a man who—knows how to play. Are you inclined, sir, to let me join
第26页 - branche de Prens d'Or. You remain astonished to hear me from so great, great a family, qui est véritablement du sang royal. Il faut le dire: je suis sans doute le cadet le plus aventureux que la maison n'a jamais eu. I serve from my eleven year. Une affaire d'honneur make me flee. Den I serve de holy
第24页 - this gentleman expects to find Major von Tellheim here still. Ric. Oui, dat is it! Le Major de Tellheim. Juste, ma belle enfant, c'est lui que je cherche. Ou est-il? Fran. He does not lodge here any longer. Ric. Comment? Dere is four-and-twenty hour ago he did lodge here, and not lodge here any more? Where lodge he den ? Min.
第50页 - We looked round, and now found the reason why the postilion had not been able to sound his horn. His tunes were frozen up in the horn, and came out now by thawing, plain enough, and much to the credit of the driver; so that the
第50页 - great dislike to that violent kind of motion by kicking and snorting. However, I confined his hind legs by putting them into my coat-pocket. After we arrived at the inn my postilion and I refreshed ourselves. He hung his horn on a peg near the kitchen fire. I sat on the other side. Suddenly we heard a
第259页 - not his life; He has not maid nor blooming wife, Nor child has he to raise his hope— I would not wish to be the Pope. The Sultan better pleases me; His is a life of jollity; His wives are many as his will— I would the Sultan's throne then fill.