Observations on the Character, Customs, and Superstitions of the Irish: And on Some of the Causes which Have Retarded the Moral and Political Improvement of Ireland

Gale and Curtis, 1812 - 345 頁


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第 63 頁 - withdraws us from ,the power of " our senses ; whatever makes the past, the *' distant, or the future, predominate over the " present, advances us in the dignity of think
第 65 頁 - young men in moral discipline, that " they themselves do more deserve to be sharply " disciplined : for they seldom use to choose " unto themselves the doings of good men for " the arguments of their poems; but whomsoever " they found to be most licentious of life, most " bold and lawless in his doings, most
第 113 頁 - that Knowledge to their eyes her ample page, Rich with the spoils of time, did ne'er unroll; Chill penury repressed their noble rage, • • • And froze the genial
第 23 頁 - robe was heavy and chill ; For his country he sighed, when at twilight repairing, To wander alone by the wind-beaten hill. ' " • «• * " Sad is my fate !" said the heart-broken stranger* . " The wild deer and wolf to a cover can flee ; " But I have no refuge from famine and danger, "A home and a country remain not to me. '" Never again in the green sunny
第 59 頁 - them, and surely they savoured of " sweet wit and good invention ; but skilled " not of the goodly ornaments of poetry: yet \. , " were they sprinkled with some pretty flowers " of their natural device, which gave good " grace and comeliness unto them.
第 65 頁 - and desperate in all parts of disobedience " and rebellious disposition : him they set up " and glorify in their rithms, him they praise " to the people, and to young men make an " example to follow."—Thus " evil things
第 58 頁 - so high regard and estimation amongst them, " that none dare displease them, for fear to run " into reproach through their offence, and to be " made infamous in the mouths of all men. For " their verses are taken up with a general
第 134 頁 - reference is made in the book of Job, where it is said, " Skin for. skin ; yea,