Annual Register of World Events, 第 1 卷

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第 264 頁 - A gentleman entered the room bearing a rod, and along with him another, who had a table-cloth, which, after they had both kneeled three times with the utmost veneration, he spread upon the table, and after kneeling again they both retired. Then came two others, one with the rod again, the other with a...
第 372 頁 - His opinion was, that men had only the appearance of animal life, being really vegetables with a power of motion; and that as the boughs of an oak are dashed together by the storm, that swine may fatten upon the falling acorns, so men are by some unaccountable power driven one against another, till they lose their motion, that vultures may be fed.
第 266 頁 - London ; beheading with them is less infamous than hanging; they give the Wall as the Place of Honour ; hawking is the general Sport...
第 372 頁 - But when men have killed their prey, said the pupil, why do they not eat it ? When the wolf has killed a sheep, he suffers not the vulture to touch it till he has satisfied himself. Is not man another kind of wolf? Man...
第 490 頁 - In the after-supper, before the queen, they first delivered a well-penned speech, to move this worthy knight to leave his vain following of love, and to betake him to heavenly meditation...
第 418 頁 - Father bends his eye On the least wing that flits along the sky. To him they sing when spring renews the plain, To him they cry, in winter's pinching reign ; Nor is their music nor their plaint in vain: He hears the gay, and the distressful call; And with unsparing bounty fills them all.
第 128 頁 - For the paying of the penfions to the widows of fuch reduced officers of the land forces and marines, as died upon the eftablifhment of half-pay in Great Britain, and who were married to them before Dec. 25, 1716, for 1758 -. . __ FEBRUARY 6. _ Towards the buildings, re-buildings, and repairs of his majefty's (hips, for 1758 FEBRUARY 23. For defraying the charge...
第 263 頁 - Counsellors of State, Officers of the Crown, and Gentlemen, who waited the Queen's coming out ; which she did from her own apartment when it was time to go to prayers...
第 372 頁 - Tell us, said the young vultures, where man may be found, and how he may be known; his flesh is surely the natural food of a vulture. Why have you never brought a man in your talons to the nest ? He is too bulky, said the mother; when we find a man we can only tear away his flesh, and leave his bones upon the ground. Since man is so big...
第 265 頁 - ... fish may be kept in them, and in summer time they are very convenient for bathing; in another room for entertainment very near this, and joined to it by a little bridge, was an oval table of red marble. We were not admitted to see the apartments of this palace, there being nobody to shew it, as the family was in town attending the funeral of their lord.1 Hodsdon, a village.