Swarms of Locusts: The Jesuit Attack on the Faith

iUniverse, 2002年10月1日 - 320页
Even though the Jesuits exude vast influence and control in the areas of theology, education, recorded history and current media, it is still perplexing that virtually no literature exists exposing the Jesuit s influence on mainline Protestantism. This is what makes Swarms of Locusts such a necessary book. In this work the author uncovers forgotten history regarding the cooperative salvation theology of the Jesuits. The author then builds upon these historical truths and clearly exposes how the Jesuits have permeated all denominations of the Protestant Church. From Cain to Charles Finney, this book historically connects-the-dots and undeniably proves that modern Protestantism has abandoned the Doctrines of Grace and embraced the doctrines of cooperative salvation.

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