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第 112 頁 - ... one kind of sympathy, it would call forth nothing but laughter and rotten eggs. In the same play the husband chases his wife with a drawn sword, the wife remarking at intervals "I am not gay." Now there may really be an idea in this; the idea of human misfortune coming most cruelly upon the optimism of innocence; that the lonely human heart says, like a child at a party, "I am not enjoying myself as I thought I should.
第 152 頁 - a play allegorical in structure, which has for its main object the teaching of some lesson for the guidance of life, and in which the principal characters are personified abstractions or highly universalized types.
第 74 頁 - Experiments with Poultry. Reports to the Evolution Committee of the Royal Society, II: p.
第 112 頁 - ... poised on the edge of a precipice of bathos." It is clear that works so far out of the common have to be approached from the poet's own point of view. "Let the reader move his standpoint one inch nearer the popular standpoint," thus we are warned by Mr. GK Chesterton, "and his attitude towards the poet will be harsh, hostile, unconquerable mirth." There are some works that can be appreciated for their good story, even if we fail to realize the author's moral attitude, let alone to grasp the deeper...
第 207 頁 - ... mich mit beweglichen Worten vor der spanischen Hinterlist. Ich aber hob mich in den Bügeln, reckte vor allem Volke die drei Eidfinger aus und schwur, daß es durch das Gebirge tönte : „Ich rette Bünden, so wahr mir Gott helfe! Und müßte ich Spanien und Frankreich wie zwei Rüden aneinander hetzen, bis sie sich zerfleischt haben ! . . . Und . . . Herrlichkeit ..." sagte er sich besinnend, „so werde ich tun, wenn Ihr nicht heute, nicht in dieser Stunde meinen Vertrag unterzeichnet !" Und...
第 43 頁 - Design the shunt field winding so as to have a low resistance per turn (— small). \n, I (4) Use a simple two-circuit armature winding (a = 2). (5) Make the air-gap as small as possible. (6) Select a moderate value of flux density in the air-gap and make Z correspondingly large. In other words, the armature should be magnetically powerful. It is interesting to note that for moderate speeds the cubic curve y'R of Fig.
第 135 頁 - In order to illustrate the possibility of such a result of the struggle between environment and personality, it was necessary, Maeterlinck further explained, to place the chief personages of the drama in very peculiar circumstances, and to invoke the aid of myth and symbolism. The grounds...
第 75 頁 - 77. The Morphology of the Skull. London. 219-267. Pearl, R. and Maud Dewitt Pearl. '10. Data on Variation in the Comb of Domestic Fowl. Biometrika. VI (Part IV) : 420-433 . '11. A Note Regarding Variation in the Single Combs of Fowls. The MendelJournal.
第 180 頁 - In Verzweiflung richtete sie sich auf, sah Jürg schwanken, von gedungenen Mördern umstellt, von meuchlerischen Waffen umzuckt und verwundet, rings und rettungslos umstellt. Jetzt, in traumhaftem Entschlüsse, hob sie mit beiden Händen die ihr vererbte Waffe und traf mit ganzer Kraft das teure Haupt. Jürgs Arme sanken, er blickte die hoch vor ihm Stehende mit voller Liebe an, ein düsterer Triumph flog über seine Züge, dann stürzte er schwer zusammen.
第 38 頁 - Inspection of equation (20) will suffice to show that the constant i is the controlling factor in determining the shape of curve y'n and also the points in which it intersects the axis of n. For suppose that 7 = 0, which would mean physically that there is no demagnetizing effect due to the winding element shortcircuited by brush b, or in other words, that there is no current in this short-circuited element; the numerator of (19) then reduces to r.) (23) which represents a straight line shown as...