Obituary Addresses on the Occasion of the Death of the Hon. Henry Clay: A Senator of the United States from the State of Kentucky, Delivered in the Senate and in the House of Representatives of the United States, June 30, 1852, and the Funeral Sermon of the Rev. C.M. Butler, Chaplain of the Senate, Preached in the Senate, July 1, 1852

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第 134 頁 - So fades a summer cloud away, So sinks the gale when storms are o'er, So gently shuts the eye of day, So dies a wave along the shore.
第 10 頁 - He who ascends to mountain-tops, shall find The loftiest peaks most wrapt in clouds and snow ; He who surpasses or subdues mankind, Must look down on the hate of those below. Though high above the sun of glory glow, And far beneath the earth and ocean spread, Round him are icy rocks, and loudly blow Contending tempests on his naked head, And thus reward the toils which to those summits led.
第 119 頁 - But high she shoots through air and light, Above all low delay, Where nothing earthly bounds her flight, Nor shadow dims her way. So grant me, GOD, from every care And stain of passion free, Aloft, through Virtue's purer air, To hold my course to Thee ! No sin to cloud, no lure to stay My Soul, as home she springs ; — Thy Sunshine on her joyful way, Thy Freedom in her wings ! FALLEN IS THY THRONE.
第 115 頁 - And the king said unto his servants, Know ye not that there is a prince and a great man fallen this day in Israel?
第 54 頁 - Why weep ye then for him, who, having won The bound of man's appointed years, at last, Life's blessings all enjoyed, life's labors done, Serenely to his final rest has passed; While the soft memory of his virtues, yet, Lingers like twilight hues, when the bright sun is set...
第 57 頁 - Resolved, That as a further mark of respect to the memory of the deceased the Senate do now adjourn.
第 22 頁 - Hark ! they whisper : Angels say, Sister spirit, come away. What is this absorbs me quite? Steals my senses, shuts my sight ? Drowns my spirits, draws my breath ? Tell me, my soul, can this be death? The world recedes ; it disappears! Heaven opens on my eyes ! my ears With sounds seraphic ring : Lend, lend your wings ! I mount II fly ! O Grave ! where is thy Victory ? O Death ! where is thy Sting...
第 130 頁 - I am a member of no religious sect, and I am not a professor of religion. I regret that I am not. I wish that I was, and trust that I shall be. I have, and always have had, a profound regard for 130 Christianity, the religion of my fathers, and for its rites, its usages, and observances/' That feeling proved that the seed sown by pious parents, was not dead though stifled.
第 48 頁 - He was indeed eloquent — all the world knows that. He held the keys to the hearts of his countrymen, and he turned the wards within them with a skill attained by no other master. "But eloquence was nevertheless only an instrument, and one of many that he used. His conversation, his gestures, his very look, was magisterial, persuasive, seductive, irresistible.
第 50 頁 - Wherever that influence is felt, a desire for protection under those institutions is awakened. Expansion seems to be regulated not by any difficulties of resistance, but by the moderation which results from our own internal constitution. No one knows how rapidly that restraint may give way. Who can tell how far or how fast it ought to yield? Commerce has brought the ancient continents near to us, and created necessities for new positions — perhaps connections or colonies there...