The Memorial History of the City of New-York: From Its First Settlement to the Year 1892, 第 1 卷

James Grant Wilson
New York History Company, 1892
A directory of New York City for 1665, vol. 1, p. 338-340.


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第 440 頁 - Philadelphia, be, and shall be, for ever hereafter, persons able and capable in law, to sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, answer and be answered unto, defend and be defended...
第 424 頁 - France @ and as its reported brought two or three vessels with people to settle there which (if true) will prove not only very inconvenient to us but to the Spanish alsoe (the river running all along from our lakes by the back of Virginia...
第 553 頁 - Britain, provided that all such laws statutes and ordinances of what nature or duration soever, be within three months or sooner after the making thereof transmitted unto us under our seal of New-York for our approbation or disallowance of the same as also duplicates thereof by the next conveyance...
第 131 頁 - And the pleasant watercourses, You could trace them through the valley, By the rushing in the Spring-time, By the alders in the Summer, By the white fog in the Autumn, By the black line in the Winter; And beside them dwelt the singer, In the vale of Tawasentha, In the green and silent valley.
第 422 頁 - To whom we do acknowledge all faith and constant obedience, with all hearty and humble affection, beseeching God, by whom kings and queens do reign, to bless the royal prince George the fourth with long and happy years to reign over us.
第 437 頁 - Vice-Admiral of New York and its dependencies under his Majesty James the Second, by the grace of God, of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, supreme lord and proprietor of the colony and province of New York and its dependencies in America, etc.
第 431 頁 - King's natural-born subjects that live on Long Island and other parts of the government, I find it a hard task to make them pay their ministers.
第 492 頁 - You are not to prefer any minister to any ecclesiastical benefice in that our province without a certificate from the Right Reverend Father in God the Lord Bishop of London, of his being conformable to the doctrine and discipline of the Church of England and of a good life and conversation.
第 603 頁 - Gospel Order Revived, Being an Answer to a Book lately set forth by the Reverend Mr. Increase Mather, President of Harvard College, &c. entituled, The Order of the Gospel, 'fc. Dedicated to the Churches of Christ in New-England. By sundry Ministers of the Gospel in New-England.