The fathers of the Wesley family


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第 80 頁 - They that turn many to righteousness, shall shine as the stars for ever and ever.
第 36 頁 - ... a Liberty to Tender Consciences and that no man shall be disquieted or called in question for differences of opinion in matters of religion which do not disturb the peace of the kingdom...
第 80 頁 - Against revolted multitudes the cause Of truth, in word mightier than they in arms; And for the testimony of truth hast borne Universal reproach, far worse to bear Than violence : for this was all thy care, To stand approved in sight of GOD, though worlds Judged thee perverse.
第 68 頁 - I, AB, do declare that I hold that there lies no obligation upon me or any other person from the oath commonly called the Solemn League and Covenant, and that the same was in itself an unlawful oath, and imposed upon the subjects of this realm against the known laws and liberties of the kingdom.
第 62 頁 - ... unfeigned assent and consent to the use of all things in the said book contained and prescribed, in these words and no other : — " I, AB, do here declare my unfeigned assent and consent to all and everything contained and prescribed in and by the book intituled the Book of Common Prayer...
第 56 頁 - Conscience argues science, science supposes judgment, and judgment reason. What reason have you that you will not be thus ordained ? W.
第 71 頁 - ... possible for any kind of obedience to be more painful than an unrestrained liberty. Were there not true bounds of magistrates, of laws, of piety, of reason in the heart, every man would have a fool...
第 78 頁 - Our ancient Puritan Reformers were, as all Reformers that will ever much benefit this earth are always, inspired by a Heavenly Purpose. To see God's own Law, then universally acknowledged for complete as it stood in the holy Written Book, made good in this world...
第 39 頁 - Pretence of any Exercise of Religion, in other manner than is allowed by the Liturgy or Practice of the Church of England...
第 74 頁 - Colossians plainly avoucheth, that he fills up that which is behind of the afflictions of Christ in his flesh, for his body's sake, which is the church: wherein is contained the complete definition of a minister.