The North American Review, 第 118 卷

O. Everett, 1874

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第186页 - Suppose that all your objects in life were realized; that all the changes in institutions and opinions which you are looking forward to could be completely effected at this very instant; would this be a great joy and happiness to you?
第186页 - Memoires," and came to the passage which relates his father's death, the distressed position of the family, and the sudden inspiration by which he, then a mere boy, felt and made them feel that he would be everything to them — would supply the place of all that they had lost.
第186页 - A vivid conception of the scene and its feelings came over me, and I was moved to tears. From this moment my burden grew lighter. The oppression of the thought that all feeling was dead within me, was gone. I was no longer hopeless: I was not a stock or a stone. I had still, it seemed, some of the material out of which all worth of character, and all capacity for happiness, are made.
第185页 - I was in a dull state of nerves, such as everybody is occasionally liable to; unsusceptible to enjoyment or pleasurable excitement; one of those moods when what is pleasure at other times, becomes insipid or indifferent; the state, I should think, in which converts to Methodism usually are, when smitten by their first "conviction of sin.
第11页 - ... the efficient secret of the English Constitution may be described as the close union, the nearly complete fusion, of the executive and legislative powers.
第414页 - In the selection of our Law Professor, we must be rigorously attentive to his political principles. You will recollect that before the revolution, Coke Littleton was the universal elementary book of law students, and a sounder whig never wrote, nor of profounder learning in the orthodox doctrines of the British constitution, or in what were called English liberties. You remember also that our lawyers...
第435页 - You have been laughing at me constantly, Sydney, for the last seven years, and yet, in all that time, you never said a single thing to me that I wished unsaid.
第220页 - Again he spake of joy Eternal. At that word, that sad word, joy, Faithful and fond her bosom heav'd once more, Her head fell back...
第126页 - Cheshire : the apple-juice foamed in the presses of Herefordshire : the piles of crockery glowed in the furnaces of the Trent ; and the barrows of coal rolled fast along the timber railways of the Tyne. But when the great instrument of exchange became thoroughly deranged, all trade, all industry, were smitten as with a palsy. The evil was felt daily and hourly in almost every place and by almost every class, in the dairy and on the...
第13页 - The executive is crippled by not getting the laws it needs, and the Legislature is spoiled by having to act without responsibility: the executive becomes unfit for its name since it cannot execute what it decides on; the Legislature is demoralized by liberty, by taking decisions of which others (and not itself) will suffer the effects.