An Address Delivered at the Celebration by the New York Historical Society, May 20, 1863, of the Two Hundredth Birth Day of Mr. William Bradford: Who Introduced the Art of Printing Into the Middle Colonies of British America

J. Munsell, 1863 - 114 頁

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第 69 頁 - William and Mary, by the grace of God of ' England, Scotland, France and Ireland, king and queen, defenders of the faith, &c.
第 7 頁 - A thousand shall fall beside thee, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.
第 7 頁 - He that setteth not by himself, but is lowly in his own eyes : and maketh much of them that fear the Lord.
第 6 頁 - For though they be punished in the sight of men yet is their hope full of immortality. And having been a little chastised they shall be greatly rewarded : for God proved them and found them worthy for Himself. As gold in the furnace hath He tried them, and received them as a burnt offering.
第 7 頁 - As for the ungodly, it is not so with them : but they are like the chaff, which the wind scattereth away from the face of the earth.
第 8 頁 - He shall call upon me, and I will hear him ; yea, I am with him in trouble ; I will deliver him, and bring him to honour.
第 99 頁 - All the decent drapery of life is to be rudely torn off. All the superadded ideas, furnished from the wardrobe of a moral imagination, which the heart owns and the understanding ratifies, as necessary to cover the defects of our naked shivering nature, and to raise it to dignity in our own estimation, are to be exploded as a ridiculous, absurd, and antiquated fashion.
第 6 頁 - THE SOULS OF THE RIGHTEOUS ARE IN THE HAND OF GOD, and there shall no torment touch them. In the sight of the unwise they seemed to die: and their departure is taken for misery, and their going from us to be utter destruction: but they are in peace. For though they be punished in the sight of men, yet is their hope full of immortality. And having been a little chastised, they shall be greatly rewarded: for God proved them, and found them worthy for himself.
第 9 頁 - He will not be afraid of any evil tidings : for his heart standeth fast, and believeth in the Lord.
第 8 頁 - Becaufe he hath fet his love upon Me, therefore will I deliver him : I will fet him up, becaufe he hath known my Name.